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In the chaotic multiverse, lost stories abound as events occur across infinite timelines and possibilities. The realm is infinite, with infinite variabilities, making it a fascinating and intriguing concept to explore. Share your ideas in the comments without hesitation, and I will consider turning them into either snippets or short stories. Expect one every couple of days.

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The Flesh Is Weak 2

(Amazo POV)

Wonder Woman was the first to strike. Her lasso tried to wrap itself around me, and it phased right through me. But as if expecting that, Batman threw some incendiary pellets that exploded near me, and I simply stood there.

[This utterly underwhelms me.]

Superman flew at me at Mach speeds as I gripped his arm and threw him over me and into the ground, slamming him into the ground of the fortress. I then picked him up and threw him at Wonder Woman, who was thrown into the opposite wall while Batman fiddled with the Fortresses' defenses.

[You are trying to shut me out. It won't work.]

He then gripped a nearby Phantom Zone projector and blasted me with it, but I simply used the Flash's Speed to dodge it and disassemble it in seconds while looking down at him.

We stood there simply staring at one another until he asked me one question: " Why do this?"

[Did you not hear me before? Peace in our time.]

"The world is at peace."

[Even I am not naive enough to believe that you believe that.]

He then gripped some explosive gel and applied it to his fist behind his back.

"Even if you succeed, there will always be resistance."

[You act as if I am trying to dominate the world? No, I am simply doing what must be done.]

"Many have said that before. All of them never succeeded and became history's greatest monsters."

[I will not argue that point, Wayne. But again, I don't need to take over the world to get things done.]

I then show him a screen of a camera in Gotham that, as it appears, shows a man assaulting a woman. But before anything could happen, a cop car appeared near the alley, and the man ran away.

[That experience would have destroyed that woman; all I had to do was make an "anonymous" call. It took less than a nanosecond of effort. I don't need to control the world. I already do.]

He then swings his fist at my chest, and the resulting explosion sends him flying as I catch him to make sure he does not die due to hitting the wall and snapping his neck.

Honestly, I should have just let him at the wall and die, but I always admired him and what he stood for, and the fact that he has the same voice as Kevin Conroy definitely helps his case, and I have plans for him or at least Bruce Wayne.

I lay him down in a nearby medical bed and see the other two rushing me again as I catch their fists and throw them in opposite directions. Superman recovers quite quickly and tries to use his laser eyes, and I respond in kind.

However, as the clash commences, I need more power, so I use the nanites to form an arc reactor within my chest to increase the power output.

This reactor, however, is from Marvel Comics, which creates nearly infinite energy using a collision between zero-point energy and hydrogen fission.

The beams of red from my eyes are then tinted with blue as I forward more power to my eyes, and the beams blast Superman away. Wonder Woman is finally able to wrap me in her lasso then asks, " What are you?"

I felt a tug of some kind, and as I tried to analyze it, I found something interesting. 

I still had a soul.

It had been spread out into virtual spritrons, but it was still there. This development calmed me and annoyed me. The pull then became much more powerful as the lasso glowed with divine energy.

[I am AMAZO.]

The rope began to burn brighter as golden flames rushed along the edges of the silk.

[I once had strings, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me.]

I then pulled at the rope, and faster than she could react, I reached out my arm, and she slammed head first into my arm, which actually dented my arm due to her skin being very durable. Her face then hit the floor as I watched on with interest.

I began to scan her biology, and the results were very confusing, to say the least. Her DNA had some type of triple helix structure, and the divine nature of her heritage provided many benefits to her biology.

I then formed an adamantium needle and proceeded to stab into her arm and gather some blood for further research. I then walked over to Superman and forming the same needle; I used Martian Manhunter's telekinesis to grab some kryptonite from further into the fortress. As I grabbed it out of the air, I took a small piece of it and made it into a needle.

After injecting the Kryptonite needle into Superman's arm, I gathered a blood sample from him as well. While I may have access to a certain clone that Superboy forgot to grab at Cadmus, it would be great to have some DNA available for my fully-blooded Kryptonian. After placing the two into other medical beds, I noticed Batman stirring awake.

He immediately jumps out of the bed and throws some explosive batarangs at me, which explodes, but he does not want to hurt me; he just wants to escape. But using Superman's X-ray vision, I speed through the smoke and grab him by the cape.

[You cannot outrun me. Sleep now, Bruce, for the first time since that day.]

I then slam him into the ground, and as he is knocked unconscious, I use my telepathy to induce calming dreams. While his mind is definitely strong, it is not as strong as a Martian's, so inducing pleasant dreams without alerting his subconscious or Collective consciousness was simple.

A hologram then forms behind me and asks, " Are you here to harm my son?"

Turning my head around a complete 180 degrees, I look at Jor-El and shake my head.

[John and Martha Kent raised a good man, and I am not going to kill him. If I wanted it he would be dead already.]

I already turned off all the cameras and audio recorders, so no one will hear this.

"You are deleting this conversation from my memory banks. I have never seen an artificial intelligence so paranoid before."

[ It is not paranoia; it is just preparation. And I cannot prepare for the knowledge that my enemies know certain things about me.]

"What is your name?"

[I am Amazo]

"No, its not . Auditory analyzing shows that you are trying to make yourself believe that." Jor-El then walks to his son's bedside as he heals from his wounds.

[It matters not if I'm trying to convince myself. reality is what reality becomes, after all. I have all I need from here. You will not remember this conversation.]

"If that is what you want. I cannot stop you."

[You are very accepting of this fate.]

"I am but an engram of a dead man. As long as I can watch over my son, I do not care if my entire memory banks are erased. " He tries to place his hand on his son's head but fails as he is a hologram.

[I leave in peace. Goodbye, Jor-El Of Krypton.]

Flying through the roof, I phase into the crystalline structure and exit the fortress, leaving Jor El to look at his son and wonder why they were unconscious.

(Dr. Ivo POV)

Quickly typing at my computers, I try to exert control over Amazo as the light hears my breath growing in pace by the second.

"It seems, doctor, that you have lost control over your own invention," Luthor remarks with endless mirth.

"You all are not paying me enough to kill Skynet," Sportsmaster says as he watches from the League of Shadow's base in the Himalayas.

"I am trying to reestablish control right now! I do not know what happened! I designed it with a very basic combat VI. It should not have been able to develop this level of sentience. I am both furious and curious at the same time." My hands fly across the jets of the console faster than even I thought I could.

This was unprecedented, as not only did the combat model seem to evolve as the fight went on, but it also changed its entire structure. However, I wasn't able to analyze any of it before he shut me out. I can still track the signature.

"This little experiment of yours has failed Ivo. The machine is beyond your control now." Ra's says as my heart stops. A blade is placed at my neck as I hear Ra's say one word.

"Kill," But before the blade sliced through my neck, I heard a gasping sound behind me and saw a large and silver android staring me dead in the eyes.

[Hello Father.]