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In the chaotic multiverse, lost stories abound as events occur across infinite timelines and possibilities. The realm is infinite, with infinite variabilities, making it a fascinating and intriguing concept to explore. Share your ideas in the comments without hesitation, and I will consider turning them into either snippets or short stories. Expect one every couple of days.

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Insanity?! No It's Science! 2

(David Martinez POV)

The taste of iron fills my mouth as I swallow my own blood. The fires spread across the highway we were on. The first thing I see as my eyes open is my mom on the ground outside the car. My heart beat so fast I thought it would jump out of my chest.

"Where's the damn trauma team?!" I shouted out into the fires, but the world gave no response. The seconds passed in what felt like hours. I could see my mom still breathing as blood pooled around her.

Any second now, she was going to die. I tried to rip off the seatbelt, but the material was too thick to break, and I didn't have a knife on me. But I kept trying until I heard the sounds of sirens in the distance, and my worries faded slightly as the trauma gonks showed up.

Four of them got out with guns, looking ready for a fight, but the animals that caused the wreck were either gone or passed against the road. But then, from my shaken ears, I hear one of them say, " He is not a client, and neither is she. Leave them for the meat wagons to pick them up."

"Wait! She's still alive! Shit! Shit! Shit!" My screams do nothing to sway them as they load back up into the trauma car and take off. I try to rip off the belt, but all it does is make my hands start to bleed. I see my mother's stomach stop moving, and I try to rip the belt off with my teeth, but it doesn't work.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't die on me, please…" My screams meant nothing, and I began to lose consciousness before I then heard someone yell out.

"Well, what do we have here?" In front of me, I see a guy in a lab coat looking at my mom. As he takes out a type of scanner, its light passes over her, and his smile never dims as he chuckles to himself.

"Well, today is your lucky day, cliche tragic story, Mom. I am feeling experimental today." The meaning of his words flies over my head as he stabs his chest and starts pumping his blood into my mom. He then takes out a small green bean and feeds her the bean.

"What are you doing, you psycho?! Are you so chromed that you lost your damn marbles!" My words only made him look at me as if he was just realizing I was there.

He simply waves at me as he does some kind of cutting motion with his hand, and my seatbelt is cut off, and I fall onto the car's overturned roof. I then manage to crawl my way out. This is probably one of the few times I thank my body for being so thin.

As I slowly crawled out and expected to see the guy still there, I looked back over to my mom, and he was gone. 

"Looking for someone, sandiviman?!"

Looking above me, I see the guy still smiling, but the hole in his chest is gone, and as he grips me by my arms, he lifts me up and begins to poke and prod me in the middle of the highway. I slap his hand away and go over to my mom and see her wound closed.

"I see you admire my work. It's always nice to meet a fan." I give him another serious look and grab him by the collar.

"Who the fuck are you? What did you give my mom?!" He simply smiles at me as his eyes shine in a manic green light, and he simply laughs.

"HAHAHAHAHAH! Chrome kid, if I had a dollar for any time someone asked me that question, I would be the richest scientist in the multiverse!" Phasing through my grip, he looks back to my mom and nods to himself.

"Her vitals are holding, and my blood infusion is not being rejected well. Yes, so much data is to be had. But I wonder how her implants will react to my blood and how much time will it take to happen?" Well, this, the scientist, is definitely gonked out of his mind as he rambles on and on about theory and chems.

"Look, what did you do? You some kind of ripper doc?"

He actually shows some disgust at that question as he says, " Those back alley murderers?! Kid, don't be fucking stupid comparing them to me is like comparing your dog shit to gold! I simply did as a doctor should and healed the patient. You following me trigger protag?"

"David! My name is David!"

"Right, Mr. Yellow Drip Jacket. Anyway, your mom is fine, but if you want, I have a clinic close to here, and I assume you want to make sure my experiment- I mean, the procedure went well, right?" The look in his eyes does not bring me any comfort, but the blood loss from all the cuts gets to me, and I begin to see double.

"Ah yes, you were also caught in the crash and are now falling unconscious due to blood loss. Don't worry, Mr. Cyber Kid. You're in good hands." I fucking hate this guy.

My eyes close, and I feel nothing.

(Peter Parker POV)

'So this is the place?" Mary Jane asked if we went to the address after getting Aunt May to a safe house I had outside the city.

But the address led us to a blue phone box in the center of an empty lot.

"Well, MJ, maybe it's some kind of illusion or cloaking tech? Or it's a Dr. Strange thing where it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside." MJ shakes her head in amusement as I first walk into the phone box.

As I do so, I look at a phone or at least where it should have been. Instead, I find one button labeled with a double-headed eagle symbol and press it. As I did, a scanner appeared from the phone and washed us both with light, and a voice said in a robotic tone.

[DNA scan complete. Welcome Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. Please do not freak out.]

The bottom of the phone box then begins to descend, and the sudden movement makes MJ lean against me in surprise. Suddenly, I find no issue with this.

The Descent itself doesn't really make sense scientifically as the city would definitely notice something this deep, but we couldn't see outside the door. We waited as what I believe to be the theme song for Bakugan Battle Brawlers started to play.

Sadly the song is unable to finish as the descent ends and the door opens revealing what was somehow a space station?!

"Pete, how are we in space?" For the first time in my life, I do not have an answer to that scientific question. 

The silence is interrupted by the AI from before saying : [ The Doctor will welcome you too shortly. He is currently busy with a patient.]

Wait, patient? Hes taking care of someone else already?

"Who is the patient?" MJ asks as I wonder the same thing.

[I apologize, Miss Watson, but that goes against doctor-patient confidentiality. The Doctor may reveal it if he desires to.]

That is actually the most logical thing I have heard about this guy. He can make tech that manipulates reality but believes in Doctor and patient confidentiality. Okay then.

The pathway is then lit up in front of us as I then ask " I assume you have some kind of designation."

[Yes, I am referred to as the genetic life form and disc operating system, or to your more fleshy ears, I am GLaDOS.]

[ You are currently being taken to the guest area, and I advise you not to leave the moving track, but knowing my previous experience with humans, they are a very curious species. But I must warn you, if you go against the Creator's privacy, I shall have to take violent measures, so please be curious.]

Okay, I am getting Ultron vibes here, but seeing the advanced tech, I am not about to take my chances. Besides, I don't think Shield or even the Avengers exist anymore at this point. The moving track then ends as we enter a room covered in chairs and various games.

The moving track then disappears as I see what I assume is the operating room's light lit up. But after a few minutes, the light dims, and he comes out with that same smile on his face.

"Horny Spider and Red Head. I welcome you all to the TARDIS space station. I apologize for not being able to meet you too when you got here, but as I assume you heard from my AI, I was busy dealing with another patient. I won't reveal their names, but they were in a pretty bad car accident." His then-blooded clothes are self-cleaning, and I wish my suit had that feature.

"Are they okay Doc?" I ask as he sits down near us.

" Of course, they're fine. I'm the one who healed them after all. By the way, Mr. Web of Life, how is your Aunt doing?" He then takes out what looks like a floating data pad as he views what I assume are their vitals.

"She's doing okay. We moved her to a safe house we had outside of the city, but I got to ask Doc how the heck you set this up?" He simply smirked and zipped his lips as my inner nerd felt challenged while MJ sighed in exasperation.

But then the room begins to shake, and the entire station goes dark. A red demon appears from the darkness.

"YOU, A MORTAL, DARE INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS! I SHALL HAVE YOUR SOUL FOR THIS!" Mephisto, the king of hell, points toward the doctor, and as I am about to jump in, the doctor starts laughing.



" No, Lucifer, wannabe. I have not gone insane. Did you not know that I like to plan for any possible contingency? For example, a certain devil manipulating fate to wear a certain spider would have to make a deal with you. Honestly, if our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was more mystically inclined, he would have been able to notice he was being manipulated. Still, being the good Doctor that I am, I have to help a patient in need after all." Mephisto then fumes as he grows in size.

"I AM THE LORD OF HELL YOU INSOLENT PEST! I WILL NOT BE DENIED!" The Doctor yawns, completely unfazed, as his stare becomes empty for the first time.

"Now I'm going to say this in a way that a single brain cell that demon could understand you have been played, and you don't even know it yet. Try to attack me." He then stands completely still as he spreads his arms out in a T-stand-type motion.

Mephisto then yells in anger as he attempts to blast the man with hellfire, and I find that I can't move, but before I can yell for the Doctor to move, the flame just dissipates before it hits him.

Over and over, Mephisto tries to attack, and nothing lands. 

The flames that were there before then recede as the Doctor simply stands there and says, " You know, when I first started my journey, I was afraid of being like you and that I wouldn't be able to save everyone from being like you, but then eventually, after a while I just realized that it was just pointless to be afraid. As all of my fears, I conquered with my technology and the time I have lived, I wasn't born with this much power; I fucking earned it."

Mephisto then begins to shrink as the Doctor walks towards him and says, " You're going to notice your power diminishing, and as your fear begins to rise, you'll notice that you're no longer connected to your hellscape and by and large, you are about his mortal as any other demon."

He then pulls out a large, green, and very sharp polearm and lifts it above his head. In one swift motion, he swings downward and cuts the demon in half. Then he swipes the weapon again and again, with each swing getting faster and faster. Eventually, he stops, as in front of him is nothing but air.

He then dismantles the weapon into light, looks at us with a smile, and asks, " So either of you is hungry?"

Parker luck, don't fail me now!

Essences Used: Mad Doctor, Spark, Boltgun, and Dimensional Shop