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Fulfilling Dreams And Trying Not To Die In The Process 2

(Edwin POV)

The city of Imperio was definitely beautiful; it was like a cross between London and Paris with a more fantasy-like theme. There were concrete and stone buildings with genuine glassware, which shows that they had some form of industrialization going on, but I assume it ran using magic and lacrimas. I believe they are called.

Luckily, finding the main library wasn't too much of an issue. Navigating the crowds, however, was definitely fun. It reminds me too much of New York City in that way when I went there on business trips. But the people there were definitely welcoming in their own way, as a lot of them were approaching me with toys and other nickknacks to purchase the spriggans 12.

But nowhere I looked could I find anything on the emperor. Although I can't say, I'm too invested in meeting the guy because if his people are as obsessed with him as he is obsessed with himself, he would not be a fun conversation. Still, I would also like to know what to look for, so I don't accidentally kill myself by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

The library itself looked similar to the Library of Congress, so after noting down its location, I then headed to the bank to get my identity straightened out as I wanted to get an understanding of the legal structure here. Although this place does seem similar to meritocracies in combination with other types of monarchies, in this case, as a king runs it, the spriggan 12 are seemingly chosen via a merit-based system.

Or through selection from the other spriggans, which would make sense given the amount of power these spriggans seem to have. After making my way through the bustling crowds, I found myself in front of a large ornate building that seemed crafted from endless diamonds, which I may or may not have stared at for too long.

Shaking my head, I walked in and found a small line at the teller's and waited again. Thankfully, it seemed like these places had people who wanted to work there, and it went relatively quickly. It was only ten minutes later that I was already at the front of the line.

"Hello, sir. How can I help you today?" The man asks as he looks up from his papers.

"Good afternoon, sir. I would like to create an account for myself at this bank, and I heard from the front gate that I would be able to get a legal identity here as well?" The man then nodded and bid. I walked through the gate near him.

Another teller then replaced him as I followed him inside.

"Yes, I just received the information from the front gate. You are Edwin Titus, I believe?" I nodded as we entered a small room with another bell of truth, and he bid me sit down.

"Alright, sir since you have already answered most of the questions at the front gate, we only need a bit more information to make you a certified ID." I nodded in understanding as he asked the first question.

"What is your marital status?"

"Single." he wrote it down.

"Are you of any noble lineage?"

"No sir, most families from where I come from are given last names."

"Okay, then any siblings or parents?"

"No siblings, and my parents passed a few years ago. Old age, it was their dream."

"My condolences, Mr. Titus; it is always hard losing family." He gave me a small nod of empathy, and I thanked him for it.

"Only a few more questions left, and we will be square. Any prior experience with magic artifacts or spellcasters from Ishgar?"

"No, or at least I don't believe so." The bell remained silent as he smiled at my answer.

"Final question then, what type of woman is your type?" I could practically hear the record scratch at that question as he stared me dead in the eyes.

"Is this a joke or a serious question?" I ask, blinking rapidly as if trying to wake up from a dream.

"Very serious, sir." The man said as I tried my best to keep a straight face.

Taking a deep breath, I answered, " Well, I would have to say women who are more experienced, if you catch my drift."

The man, with not even a smile on his face, began to write that down before he started chuckling and then laughing out loud as I sighed in relief as he said, " I can't fault you for that kid. Welcome to the Alvarez Empire, my friend. If you give me a moment, we will have your ID ready in a moment.

He then left the room, and I slammed my head against the table in embarrassment as I heard him laughing outside the door. Baby steps, Edwin, baby steps. And not even a minute passed before he came back with a small card and handed it to me.

"Here is your sanctioned ID, which also acts as the key to your account, so try not to lose it, or you will be fined a small fee for its recreation. Your account has been set up, and now I would like to ask if you wish to deposit any money?"

"Yes, I would. Are you able to do that here or outside?" He then took out what looked like a small bag and nodded.

"Alright, I would like to deposit 3.5 million jewels for now. I then took them out, and they were then sucked into his bag, and it then disappeared, and he put out his hand.

I shook, and he said, " I hope you enjoy your stay in the Empire. Here is some personal advice: Avoid saying anything about a man named Ajeel. Also, I recommend a clothing store on Scarlet Street as your clothing is a bit behind my friend." I gave him a firm nod, and he let go before showing me out.

I left the bank smiling as I could feel that my dimension could produce jewels for me now since it was considered a basic currency. Infinite money glitch achieved.

It seems that when I travel to a new world, I would need to get a hold of its currency into place to put it before my Dimension is able to create it. Thankfully, I can take basic things from it along with anything I create inside it, but only items I create the normal way and not through manipulating my dimension.

Smiling to myself, I then walked back towards the library and through the streets filled with people prepping their homes and stores with decorations for next month's Respect for the Ages day. It is a bit odd though, to see that the cars around here were powered by magical energy rather than oil or other petroleum-based fluids.

Although I can definitely feel the change from it, as in most of the places I lived, you could smell gas or smoke wherever you went, and now it just feels nice, as if the grime cannot affect me. I will need to investigate that later, but for now, I walked into the library, and the number of shelves seemed never-ending. Hundreds upon hundreds of books traveled around the library above as they returned to their shelf.

Walking up to the front desk, I ask the librarian, " Hello, I was wondering where I may find the history and basic magic sections?" The librarian then handed me a small map and pointed to a certain part of the library for the history section and another for the magical lore section.

Giving a nod of thanks as well as a few jewels for their help, the woman seemed almost surprised at it as I walked away with my map. Thankfully, it seemed to have some type of enchantment that labeled where I wanted to go with large red arrows. It seems that the maps themselves use the surrounding ethernano to form them based on the user's desire.

Simply amazing, I did pass a few people, but the library was relatively empty, and as I walked into the history section, I grabbed a book labeled " An Empire's Founding, The Tale Of August And The Black Wizard."

Opening the book, I read through its pages, and it was actually pretty short, being only a hundred pages long. This does make sense as the book does not go into detail much before the founding of the empire, only if the fact that other entities once ruled this Empire until the black wizard Zeref united them all under his banner with the help of August, his strongest Spriggan.

The empire itself is relatively new, being only four years old, but its strength is staggering as each spriggan holds an army of its own, with each spriggan having its own personal entourage as well. The speed at which I read the book was almost monstrous, as I barely even needed to look over the page for a millisecond before going on to the next.

My memory, which at one point could barely remember what happened a few weeks ago, could now recall my entire life. Every moment in vivid detail, from the sight, sounds, and even smells. Upon closing the book, I got up and decided to investigate the lore of this universe.

"The History Of Earthland," by The Scarlet Despair, went into vivid detail on this world's history, at least until the year 300, from the founding of Dragnof and the creation of dragon slayer magic to the civil war between humanity and the dragons. Again, the book only covered until a certain point, but it was enough for me to grasp a basic timeline. 

But before I could turn around, I was tapped on the shoulder, and as I looked behind me, I saw Juliet and said, " I did not expect to see you so soon, Miss Sun."

"Well, I found some time to talk. How is the reading going?" I feel as if I am missing something here.

"You are on break, right, Miss Sun?" She simply smiled and whistled in the opposite direction while I sighed in exasperation.

"Please tell me you aren't taking unofficial time off." She seemed to shrink under my gaze as her eyes looked anywhere but at mine.

"I just wanted to take a break, okay?! Lady Irene is so mean to me! Eddy, comfort me." She then jumps into my arms as I wonder if I should abandon ship and leave this world right now.


"Well, I thought it would be a good nickname, don't you think?"

"You're not going to say my name any other way, are you, Miss Sun?" She gave a stern nod as my shoulders sagged slightly.

"It could be worse, Eddy, it is then. May I call you Juliet, then?"

"I am not going to stop you. But in all seriousness, have you found anything interesting?"

"Well, everything I read was interesting, but it was mostly just the basic history of the empire, and I have to say that for this empire, which was only four to five years old, the emperor has surely done a lot. I almost feel bad for the amount of paperwork he has to do." In response, Juliet starts laughing out loud, and as I try to get her to be a bit quieter, she stops but says breathily.

"You..are probably one of the few.. who would feel bad for him. I have a feeling you two would get along." I may have made a 180-degree turn as I asked her.

"Have you ever met the emperor?" As she nodded her head, my skedaddling seemed so much nicer.

As she kept hugging me, I wondered why she seemed so calm about it, but I just attributed this to a cultural thing and let her do what she wanted. It doesn't help that she is probably able to take my head off before I even realize it was off in the first place.

"Juliet, I need to go to the magic section. Would you mind if I put you down?" She nods, hops out of my arms, and does a few stretches before asking.

"What types of magic are you hoping to learn?"

"Anything really. I mainly want to focus on controlling my magic so I don't cause problems for myself and others." The look in her eyes shifts slightly, and says in a more understanding tone.

"Yeah, that makes sense. Mind if I watch?" I give her a questioning look.

"Shouldn't you be running from her?" I then point behind her and see a blue-haired woman running at us with a rather murderous intent.

"Right! Well, bye, Eddy! Good luck with the learning thing!" She then bolts as the ninja woman passes me in the blink of an eye.

I waved goodbye with a smile on my face as I walked toward the magic section. I do hope to learn at least the basics before-

Fear and pain.

Utter power and fear are what I feel as I turn around and see a woman with dark red hair and what looks to be a witch's outfit. I try to breathe but find it difficult as the woman walks towards me.

"What do we have here?" The woman then placed a few of her nails on my chin as I stared at her in the eyes as a force tried to pull me downward.

"Interesting. You resist even if you do not mean to. What is this feeling? Something I thought lost so long ago." She then lets go and disappears in an instant.

I fall to the floor, breathing heavily as I try to steady myself and try to stand back up. It took a moment, but I managed to get back up and keep walking.

"So that's the Scarlet Despair, huh? Definitely an interesting woman, to say the least." I then shuffled my way across the library, trying to keep myself from throwing up.

(What type of fairy tail magic should he start with?)

(Also, due to the essence of relaxation, he gains a cheat for every world he enters, and for fairy tai,l he gains the ability to use every type of magic without side effects.)