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----------------- Welcome! Hi, I am Felix Shin! I was just a person who lived among you guys on Earth. This wasn't my name on that planet. Hmm...I don't remember my original name. Is that weird? Anyway, welcome to my story where you will see me do a lot of crazy things. I was just a normal person losing my mind in total darkness. See, such a normal thing to do on your holidays... Also, did I mention that when you die you lose your mind in the void and then dissolve into nothingness? Looks like our fate isn't just flowers and unicorns. A being came and transmigrated me to do what I want in different worlds. Basically, mess up the canon in these different parallel earths which contain fictional stories. Easy, right? Oh, how wrong was I..... ----------------- Worlds ------------ 1. Weak Hero 2. Wind Breaker and The Boxer 3. ??????? 4. ??????? Disclaimer- 1. English is not my first language. Don't expect top-tier English but my story won't have any major grammatical errors. 2. 7 Ch/Week 3. No romance in the first world. Maybe later. 4. The property herein is not stated to be the original documentation, nor is it to be reproduced or sold in any capacity. Original characters owned by the author; full rights to the author. The cover also belongs to its original artist. In no way, I am profiting from the work as well as the cover; full rights to the artist for the cover of the book. ------------ Join my Discord server - https://discord.gg/UTstwuZY8S Check out my other fanfiction : Multiverse of Sword and Magic

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Felix Shin and his gifts

'_____': Thoughts

"____": Speaking

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(1st Person POV)

The state of my mind is serene. I find myself at peace sleeping calmly in my bed. My consciousness is in a very tranquil state.

Suddenly, a very irritating sound of an alarm clock rings through the whole apartment.

I forced myself up and slammed my hand on the alarm clock. Then, I snuggled back into my duvet once again going back to the world of dreams.

'Wait, an Alarm Clock????'

I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings.

'Where am I?'

For a few moments, I am completely blank and I can't even make head and tails of my situation.

Some information and a huge amount of memories enter my head which makes me feel like someone is splitting my cranium open with bare hands.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!", I screamed loudly due to the severe pain. After some time, when the pain in my head subsides.

I felt pure relief and took a deep breath. I analyzed my situation properly.

'Hmm... Looks like that person wasn't bluffing about sending me to another world. Seems like I transmigrated. All the time I spent in that void not wanting to lose my mind has finally paid off. I never really expected to escape that torturous place. I guess patience and willpower do pay off.'

I registered all the information in my head regarding the person I have transmigrated into.

'So, the name of this body is Felix Shin. He is 15 years old. Lives alone in an apartment left by his parents. No current relatives and lives on the money left by his parents. Lives in the area of Noryangjin, Korea. So basically an orphan...'

I tried to understand my situation and remember all the minute details regarding this body.

I guess... my body.

I should now realize and accept that I am now a person who is living in Korea and an orphan. I shouldn't dilly-dally and get a proper hold on my situation.


A paper materialised in front of me with a sound of a spark. It floats and settles in my lap.

I get a bit startled at the sudden interruption in the flow of my thoughts. However, I calmed my heart, picked up the paper and started reading it.


To Mr Felix Shin

Hello mortal. It seems you have gained awareness about the situation regarding your body.

If it pricks your conscience that you are inhabiting the body of someone else and the soul originally residing in that body may have possibly died. Then you don't have to worry at all. This body and the situation regarding this body are made in this world at the cost of my divinity. Interfering in the original timeline and planting an anomaly is a very exhausting action even for a being like me.

Now, that you have successfully transmigrated I will be giving you a couple of gifts that can help you in combat.

The first gift you will be getting is - Inhuman Temporal Perception / Supreme Kinetic Vision. This is an ability that will allow you to easily react to strikes and evade them with minimal effort. You can also follow the trajectory of the opponent's hits and parry them with relative ease.

You can activate this power when you will it yourself and this power will also be activated on its own when you are in danger and your body can sense it.

(A/N - Power of Yu from The Boxer webtoon.)

The second gift you will be receiving is enhanced elasticity and flexibility of your body. This will aid you with your first gift. You can dodge the strikes of your opponent at inhuman angles and can fold your body in awkward positions. You can use both of these gifts together.

(A/N - Power of Ryu Baeksan from The Boxer webtoon.)

These gifts are in a raw shape and they will evolve the way you try to mould them. You should first try these abilities on your own instead of using these in a fight directly. The first gift might have severe aftermath after you use it but soon you will be able to use it at a moment's notice and can keep it up for a long period.

Now all the small details regarding your ID Card and all the other legal details have been taken care of. Today you will be transferring into a school. All the details regarding that have also been taken care of.

Also if you are wondering why you aren't having a backlash due to the time you have spent in that void, then due to my blessing you can keep your mind in check properly. You will also be able to easily speak and read Korean.

All the best to you mortal and hope you entertain my lord with your actions.

Signing Off,



I didn't realize that I was reading this letter which was written in Korean.

Writing and reading Korean seems like second nature to me.

I jump up from the bed and see around this body... No, my home.

It was not a very lavish or big apartment or house.

Just a humble home with 2 rooms (bedroom and study room), a kitchen and a bathroom. Looks like that being just gave me a bare minimum regarding my shelter. A TV, a radio, a computer and several books for studying.

I step into the bathroom to wash my face and see myself for the first time in the mirror.

My face is pretty attractive but not one which will make people just gasp at first sight but an above-average one with lush brown hair, onyx eyes and bronzed skin.

I also just have a lean figure but without muscles. My body is not fit at all.

'Not a bad appearance.'

After washing up, I go back to my room to try out the gifts given to me.

I will myself and focus my eyes in front of the wall and try to activate the ability.

Instantly, it feels like the flow of time has stopped and I can see everything in slow motion. I can even see a housefly glide in front of me but it feels so slow that I can just grab it easily. I reached out towards it and grabbed it. It feels like I am the sovereign of this space. I feel unstoppable.

Suddenly this ability stops and I start gasping for air. So, I now know that this ability will make me feel fatigued and take out my stamina.

I tried this ability again and then did the calculation regarding the details around it.

It took me 6 seconds to activate this ability and I could only keep it up for at most a minute for one time. Using this ability approximately takes 10% of my Max stamina.

It is a very powerful ability that can potentially make me very strong. I should train it as hard as I can.

Now to my second ability, I try to bend different parts of my body. It seems like I just don't have any bones and I am an incarnation of a rubber human.

I tried to imagine an opponent striking at me and I am dodging those imaginary punches. I feel so light and fast. If I can just do this, then I can potentially escape any difficult attacks. My second gift is in a much more powerful state than the first gift. My Supreme Kinetic Vision has more potential but enhanced flexibility has much more usage at an initial stage.

I feel extremely pumped up and excited about using these abilities and experiencing different fights.

Also, I have to make sure to check up on the power level of the antagonists in this world. So that I don't chew more than I can swallow. I will be prudent regarding them and won't charge blindly.

After testing my abilities as much as I can, I got ready for my school. Seems like my mind already has the information on how to reach my school.

After my bath, I opened my wardrobe to take out my uniform.

It has a black blazer, a black tie and a white shirt. Pretty standard...

My name 'Felix Shin' is written just below the blazer pocket along with the logo of the school.

I changed into the uniform of the school, but all the books are in my bag and then lock my apartment.

Onward to Byuksan Middle School...


Okay, so I am pretty sure most of you people reading would have thought 'How Original!' when I mentioned the orphan part.

Please excuse my bad writing. I was just not confident enough to have parents in the story and not let them come as only 2D.

Also sorry for the long monologue by the MC, this was a necessary step towards making my MC 3 dimensional.

Were you able to guess will my MC will be. going to Byuksan Middle School??

*Note - Byuksan Middle School is the middle school from where Gray Yeon studied along with Stephen Ahn.