630 The revelations that everyone was waiting for! (6)

Everybody had a weird impression on their faces but they didn't say anything. A section of the people here had no idea who Thanos was but from the tone of Tony it was apparent that he was a very 'big bad' and Tony particularly was obsessed with him.

"How can we trust Thanos?" Tony asked.

"We don't. When he comes back we can go through his memories. If he comes back. There is a man sized if in this whole mission." Presence said.

"Good. I can't wait to fuck him up for good for the last time." Tony said. They established the problem of Thanos, as many here thought that OAA was funding Thanos for doing terrorism.

"Why did you mention that I am a special one?" John finally asked the question that was burdening him for some time. The subsequent answer will decide his future with his friends.

"Your powers or as you like to call it dream powers come from the Wall. The Wall is a part of the multiverse so it has chosen you as its champion in order to put everything in order. I called you a special one because your powers, your dreams and even those special items of yours come from the Wall. You are more special than you think. You are the savior that the multiverse had been searching for." OAA said.

Hearing those words of OAA, John felt like he was struck by lightning. He had been trying to find out the source of his system for such a long time. And the answer came to him out of the least expected person. But the words of OAA made him realise a crucial point of this whole power swap thing.

"So I will die if the Wall breaks apart?" John asked.

"This I can't answer as we have no idea of how your power works. We only know that you get your powers from Wall as we have seen the flow of the source but we don't know to what extend its affecting you. All we know that you are special."

"So if I understand it right, my time is limited. The breaking of the Wall will be my end and I will have to do everything possible to not let it happen." John said. The Wall was his life force and he needed to stop it from breaking and make sure that the enemies coming from the Wall were stopped.

He had to work double.

Such words of John made the people of the room feel very heavy. Everybody here knew that a multiversal Wall would be very hard to repair and they had enemies who would be trying to poke more holes in it.

"We will repair the cracks using all the technology that we have and make sure we keep the enemies at bay." Reed said to give assurance to John. None of the people here wanted to see the death of a person who had been shielding them from problems.

"Yes. We have the brightest minds of the multiverse. I am sure we will find a way to repair the Wall."

"We will leave for the Wall with all our equipment and start working on it."

Those words were said by many of the brightest minds of the room like Beast, 616-Tony, Banner and others.

"It's fine. I have always said nothing is eternal. If one day death comes, I will accept it with no hesitation. I just don't want my death to be meaningless. And repairing the Wall? I have seen a future where the Wall had cracks and that didn't end well. Don't put all your money on that. I would rather ask all of you to prepare for war than give your mind to repairing the Wall. I am sure the people on the other side of the multiverse are trying the same thing and they are losing. So you all better start making war preparations and put the whole planet on high alert."

Clark came forward and without any warning he slapped John. The people who were murmuring about the power of John and how to face the enemies, instantly went silent. John put his hands on his face, as he felt the slap. This was a full blown slap of a Kryptonian. If John was a normal person he would have been dead.

"We don't give up on our teammates, our friends. We will do everything possible to repair the Wall and if we are successful in it, we will send the information to the other side. I think Mr. Presence here will be happy to help us in this regard. As Steve had one said, we don't trade lives."

The words of Clark put a smile on the faces of others. None of them would give up just because there is a very minute chance of winning. And all of them expected others to do the same for them. This time John has been put to the trial of death and others will have to bail him out.


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