628 The revelations that everyone was waiting for! (4)

"So two big guys in the same room? Aren't you both supposed to fight for the supremacy of the multiverse or something?" Tony said as he still didn't let go of him making fun of others. It was fortunate that OAA and Presence haven't killed him yet. Just for his words alone any of the Chinese Novel Gods would have killed him with one word.

John didn't want that to happen to one of his good friends so he went forward and put his hand on his shoulder to warn him to calm down. his words might just rub the two in the wrong way. OAA and Presence have been almost non-existent in the comics. Presence more so as he hardly ever showed himself.

"No. As opposed to the movies and series that John Jameson makes here, we don't fight for supremacy or to see who is more powerful. That is absurd and not required." OAA said with a bright smile on his face. He didn't mind the slight of Tony.

"How are you here if you don't belong here? If you came here won't it break the wall?" Wayne finally pointed out the main problem about the appearance of Presence here. They didn't know exactly how they had arrived here as John never gave them those memories. They wanted to know the reason for their appearance in this world, and Presence might just have the answer.

"I am not physically here. You can say it's a clone of mine. I have always been able to do that. The Wall was never able to stop me. My friend here is able to do that. This is not a big deal for us. Though we can't show our powers in another multiverse, we can travel in both of the multiverses freely. But you, my children, is what I call a curious case. We had no control nor any knowledge of how you appeared here and your emergence didn't even affect the Wall in the first place." Presence said.

"So we are not culprits of the breakage of your so-called Wall?" Diana asked as they thought that their emergence had been responsible for the crack in the Wall or as they called it. But Presence 's words didn't imply any of that.

"If we are not responsible and you are not here for the death of Darkness, what is the reason for this sudden knock on our door?" John asked. He first thought that the death of Darkness triggered them, then they spoke about the theory of Wall break and now they were saying that neither of it was the reason.

So why the hell are they here?

Both Presence and OAA shook their heads.

"Then why are you here?" Clark asked.

"We are here because the Wall has a crack and the people who had been trapped in the Wall since the start of time might just break from their chains and cause havoc in the multiverse. And that includes both the multiverses. The previous cracks had only been on the side of us. But after the death of Darkness, there is a crack on your side of the multiverse too. In this war, we can't insert our hands as we need to look after all of creation. So we are here to ask for your help and help us defend the multiverse."

All of the people present were surprised by the words of Presence. They never expected that a God would come down and ask for their help. This was a first.

In normal situations they would have been very happy but from the tone of these two it seemed like for 'defending' the multiverse it would take more than just a small fight.

"Wait? People from the Wall? What are you both talking about?" John asked as he was confused.

"Yes. The Wall is huge but it also houses many criminals and entities that had been sealed away, almost from the dawn of time. The Wall is what keeps them sealed away, never to see the light of the day. But after the crack in the Wall, we fear that it would cause them to be free."

"The Wall that you have been speaking about? Is it the Source Wall?" John asked this question with a quivering voice. This was his speculation. The origin of the Source Wall was never explained totally in the comics. All it was said was that it was a prison and it protected the Source or the multiverse.

"Yes. Mr. Jameson. The Wall here is the Source Wall"

"Shit... Shit.. Shit... Shit.. Fuck..." John blurted out without any kind of decorum that he had been maintaining until. The break of the Source Wall had serious implications and since this supposed Source Wall was on their side too, their multiverse too to bear the brunt of it!!

He had read about the prisoners that were struck in the Wall and if any one of them did get out, all it would cause would be a huge damage in the multiverse if not its destruction.


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