627 The revelations that everyone was waiting for! (3)

/* Many theories from here are not in the comics and this part of the story will have elements which have never happened in the comics or things that I just made up. Until now I have been faithful to the comics but from here it will change */

"The Wall.. Wall ... What is this? Why am I hearing so many mentions of this Wall?" Clark asked as he was visibly annoyed. During the fight against Knull, they heard it so many times. Now again this Wall has popped up.

"Every multiverse has a wall. A wall that separates every multiverse. A wall that had remained since time immemorial. This wall encompasses every multiverse or single universe that exists out there. For some there are Gods and for some they are left on their own. In this multiverse I am the controller. " OAA said slowly as all were listening to what this old guy had to say. They had been hearing a lot about Wall from Knull and now finally there were revelations.

John who was hearing this was also surprised. There was never a mention of the Wall in the Marvel Comics. This was totally new information for them.

"So we have a Wall? What of it? Knull mentioned that he wanted to cross the Wall." Wayne said.

"Mr. Wayne, you all have also come across the Wall. Aren't you not? Knull wanted to cross over and conquer all the multiverse out there. That was his plan from the start. Sad that his journey came to an abrupt stop."

John who heard this now finally understood why Knull was agitated. He thought that the summons and his watch came from the other side.

"Wait!! Do my summons and items really come from the other side of the Wall? System, is it true what OAA is saying?" John asked the system but he never received a reply. This silence meant that whatever OAA was saying was probably true. Then that meant his summons came from other multiverses and was not made up by the system.

This theory itself was enough to turn his world upside down. This meant the system was kind of a power that could transport people from other multiverses to here and had enough power to control them. The system was not as powerful as he thought it was.

The people who had arrived from the multiverse finally got to know that they had crossed to this multiverse after crossing the Wall.

"How did we cross the Wall if it separates us?" Clark asked.

"That's what I wanted to talk about. There has been a breach on the Wall or should I say a crack on the Wall on your side of the multiverse. I believe it is for this reason that you all can come from other multiverses."

"So does that mean there has been a breach on multiple multiverses and the Wall is breaking apart, because we have people coming from other multiverses too."

"That I don't know." OAA said, shaking his head. "I have no idea about that. The only multiverse I have contact with is the one Mr. Wayne, Mr. Kent and others like him hail from." OAA said.

"Whom did you contact to know about them?" John finally opened his mouth as he too needed to ask some questions. Since OAA said that he had contact with another multiverse he must have met someone from that place. He had a feeling who that person might be but he still wanted to know.

"It was me from where he got to know us." came a voice from a dark location at the Hall. And from the dark place emerged a man who seemed like a person who was stuck in early ages. He wore an old fashioned suit with a hat on his head. The person too seemed old with a white moustache which was properly groomed. He wore a black hat too, just like a person who came from 1930's

John instantly knew that his speculation was right.

It was Presence. Just like OAA he was the Creator, the Source as they called it, was the person OAA was in contact with. John's face changed a bit seeing this. If OAA was not enough, now it was Presence.

He was now sweating internally. He felt all of his secrets would come with two creator level existence that appeared in front of him. All he could do was put up a brave face and tackle the situation.

"I am Presence. The Creator of the multiverse that Wayne and others hail from. It's nice to finally meet you all." Presence said as he introduced himself to others. His voice, too like OAA, seemed like it came from an old guy.

The other people were having a hard time digesting all of this. If one God wasn't enough, there was another one now. Two beings who held the ultimate power.

Are Gods growing like money from the pockets of Tony?


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