626 The revelations that everyone was waiting for! (2)

"Yes." John said as he turned around and looked at everyone. Each and everyone had confusion on their faces. Most of them were his friends here and some of them were close enough to know the friend circle of John. In fact the friend circle of John revolved around the Avengers.

For this reason the people from John's Avengers were confused about the arrival of this new person. They had never seen him before. They had curiosity more than confusion on their faces. What kind of person was this who had made John freeze on his spot.

"Guys, this is OAA. Or as we call him. One Above All. The creator of the multiverse in a pure sense and the embodiment of the entire multiverse."

John spoke those words very carefully and steadily. He wanted each and every word to be heard by all and let them understand the gravity of the situation and the person who was now standing in the bartending booth. All the other people who heard the words of John were dumbfounded.

They never expected such an introduction by John. They thought that the person was some kind of ultimate boss. Maybe someone who came to take John and others away for the crimes they committed, but none of them ever thought this person, who was supposed to be the creator, was standing in front of them.

Everyone here has been throwing the term 'God' here casually. Even Wanda could be termed a God because of her reality bending powers but in the end she was not the Creator. But this person was the supposed Creator!!! They didn't know how to react to this.

"Are you kidding me?" Tony asked as he looked at John with serious eyes.

"No. He is the guy who took away Thanos from us." John replied. Tony hearing those words didn't even pause for a second. The nanoparticles crawled in his hands and he pointed both of his thrusters at OAA.

Seeing such a move from Tony, all the others followed suit and pointed their weapons and powers at OAA. They didn't know why Tony did it, but all the others trusting the move of Tony followed him like ants and were ready for war!!

Only Bruce Wayne looked at OAA with trepidation.

"Don't embarrass yourself. Put your weapons down. No matter how powerful you are, we won't survive a snap of his." John shouted as he felt the environment was too intense and he needed to calm the room down.

"Embarrass myself? Are you serious? He took away Thanos from us. I will never trust any words coming from his mouth." Tony said. John didn't know how to answer those words of Tony as he too didn't know why Thanos was taken away.

"It was not my intention to take away Thanos but the situation that we are facing is delicate and we needed a person who had a strong power and will. We needed an informer. So Thanos at that time was the perfect person and we took him away as the guinea pig."

It was OAA who replied that. He smiled and answered that question. He didn't mind the hostility he was facing from everyone.

"Who is 'we' here?" Wayne asked.

"We will come to that point later. But for now can we lower the hostility? I will answer all your questions. Don't worry. I am not here to take away John or the others for the death of Darkness. We have more problems to worry about than the death of an abstract being."

The others looked at John. He was the de-facto leader here in this whole situation and they would follow his lead.

"Lower your weapons. Even if we want to fight we can never win." John said. His words still had a little hostility in the tone. This small tone suggested that he didn't trust OAA completely. It was because John didn't know if his system was known to OAA. If it was, then he was in huge trouble. That tone of hostility in his voice was because of his thinking.

His thinking that his greatest secret was out was what terrified him the most and he wasn't sure how he would handle it if it ever went out.

The others did so at the order of John but they didn't lower their guard. Though it was mentioned that he was the Creator, they didn't want to go down without a fight. OAA came out of the bartending platform and took a seat on the sofa. All the others were just giving him 'looks' as he slowly sat at the sofa. His way of walking really suggested that he was an old guy who had pain in his legs.

"So where was I? Ahh yes!! The 'we'... Tell me Mr. Jameson. What do you know of the Wall?"


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