632 Source Wall (2)

Presence was a little stumped by the words of John. He didn't expect John to know of the story of Batman and the Omega beam being used by him and even the story of this.

"The Wall had been broken for sometime and this thing has no relation with the 10th metal or the death of Batman."

"Shit... Changes in the story of that multiverse too. Is there any anomaly in that multiverse?" John asked.

"Not that I know of. At least I haven't felt any anomalies."

"But he did die after Darkseid used the omega beam on him." Presence continued.

"Mr. Presence, I will ask this. Are you losing your control over your multiverse?" John now asked with a serious tone. He was confused by the word Presence because according to the story, after being hit by the Omega beam of Darkseid, Batman survived. It was a very weird way that he did it, but in the end he did survive. This was essentially the start of a chain of events which changed their multiverse forever. For better or worse!

Presence looked at John with squinted eyes for a few seconds. He didn't understand what John had meant by these words at first but looking at John's face he had an idea of something had gone wrong somewhere. He closed his eyes for a few seconds before finally opening it. He had a surprised look.

"How did this happen? Something like this happened and I don't know about it?" Presence's eyebrows creased for the first time. He seemed agitated.

"He travelled back in time. Didn't he?" John asked. Presence nodded his head. This meant that the wheels had already turned but he had no idea how it would proceed, but it was surprising that Presence had no idea that this had happened with Batman and he specifically had to go through many things to understand the situation with Batman.

Presence might be losing his powers in his multiverse. If that was true, then OAA might also lose his powers over their own multiverse. This notion alone scared John. This meant there wouldn't be multiversal God over their head and they would be left with their own tools to deal with problems.

"Am I losing my hold of the multiverse?" Presence murmured. He already knew that there was a lapse of knowledge. This had never happened before. This in itself was absurd and shouldn't have happened. Not in a billion years, but here they were. Presence losing his nigh omnipotence.

This was a first.

Presence didn't speak another word and just vanished while holding his glass. He didn't even say goodbye. But none of the people present thought it was rude. He was an embodiment, the Supreme Being of a multiverse. If one day out of nowhere that belief was taken away from him, that person would be rattled.

"That was that. It seems we can't hold any hopes on higher beings. We are on our own." Banner said as he started walking to the lab. He didn't want to waste any more time.

"I will go and see if I have lost control of my own multiverse. We will pay a visit to you once again to understand what the future might hold if the Wall is broken. It seems like you know a lot about this Wall." OAA said.

"I do know something about it but it seems like the break of the Source Wall might impact differently than I initially thought. I will have to see the Wall with my own eyes then we can discuss further."

"You can ask for anything you like. The Living Tribunal and Galactus would also help you in this regard. Galactus is unique so he will be help us in many ways in defense."

"I understand. I will contact Oblivion to take us to the Wall when we are ready." John said.

OAA nodded his head and after saying his 'bye' he too vanished just like his friend Presence. He was in a hurry as he needed to tour the multiverse and if there was an anomaly. John on the other hand called up GAIA.

"GAIA, go through every database and search for a person named Owen Reese. If anything is being weird, red flag it. Bruce and Matt will help you in this. I want you to be very serious in this investigation." John said to Wayne and Matt Murdock of Earth 616. The Daredevil of this world. Here too he was a criminal lawyer and he would be able to help them in any kind of investigation and search.

Owen Reese or otherwise known as the Molecule Man, was a weapon. And if the weapon was present on Earth then one of his speculations would be correct, though he prayed that was wrong.

Or else they would be in more deep shit than they were now.


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