619 Nexus Event

Dylan visibly looked annoyed by the fact he could not attend the war. He had known that he had powers and the powers that would be a huge boost in the war but he was still denied to even get close to the battlefield.

This annoyed him a lot but he also understood that after losing his mother, Eddie had become too protective of his only family left in the world. He didn't want anything to happen to his son.

"It's good that you are fine. How will you remove the last remnant of Knull?" Eddie asked.

"You will not like how I will do it but this is the only way." Yhwach said.

"Will it be painful?"

"A little bit, but it will be a successful one and you will get your son back in full health."

"Can I trust you on this?"

"You can trust the Light Force inside of me. I might not have any pillars of trust in this place but at least the God that is inside me can be trusted." Yhwach said as he already knew that nobody trusted him. This was the only thing that made the people here trust him. Eddie nodded his head and after a minute of contemplation he finally nodded to him.

Yhwach bent down to the height of Dylan and without any warning he shot his hand at the chest of Dylan. Nobody expected that move but what surprised them later was that his hand went through his body and in a sec his hand came out, with a black slime-y and sticky thing.

Nobody was even able to react when this happened. Dylan let out a cough when Yhwach hit him but after he brought out the remnant of Knull, he fell on his knees while coughing a bit. Knull went forward and helped him stand up.

When Yhwach made that move, he thought he was going to kill his son, but it seemed like it was not the case. The black thing that was in the hand of Yhwach decimated as he crushed it with his palm. With this the legend of Knull had come to an end.

An entity that existed for a long time finally met his demise. Never to be born again and cause havoc in the multiverse. There was a sense of joy and everybody had smiles on their faces. They had finally won against an enemy which they had no idea of. They were able to face this being united and defeat its minions.

Such an enemy they had never faced before. A being which millions of minions under him and if help hadn't arrived from before maybe they would have lost many personnels in the war. Fortunately, nothing of that sort happened. Even Deadpool who is known for facing near death situations every time didn't even get a scratch in all of this.

"Brother, why are you here?" Thor asked Loki as he saw his brother back from TVA. He had met quite a few times after he went to TVA but it was only for small talk with him and his mother. But never in any war. This was a new one for him.

"I am here because your friend here has committed a crime and according to the laws of TVA I should have arrested him and the other two."



"What do you mean?" There was a huge murmur in the whole Hall as they didn't understand the words of Loki but some of them do know the existence of TVA, but were still confused why Loki brought up the matter of TVA.

"We committed a mistake. It was an accident. But what we have done might change the multiverse forever." It was Clark who opened his mouth. He could see the confusion in the eyes of everyone so they needed to come out clean.

"What did you do?" 616-Tony asked.

"We accidentally killed Darkness along with Knull."

"Eh? Darkness? You mean the abstract being that gave power of Light? So what of it? He is dead. We should rejoice more. There is one less headache for all of us. There won't be another Knull." Johnny said (brother of Susan, the Invisible Girl)

"No. This isn't simple. Killing an abstract being has consequences as far as I know." Reed said.

"Yes. We went through a Nexus Event, an Event from which we can't go back. Like Light, the multiverse must have Darkness. It keeps the balance of the multiverse. Yhwach used his own sword to kill Knull. What we didn't expect was that the power of Yhwach obliterated the soul of Darkness. Darkness in itself is weak, just like Light. Now for that small mistake we might have to suffer." It was John who answered this.


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