Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC)

[ Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) ] Austin Evans accidentally crossed over into the wasteland universe in the Marvel Multiverse. In this world, everything was so hopeless. After being bitten by a spider, Peter Parker did not become Spiderman, but was infected with a disease and died in the streets! Other nascent heroes met similar ends, their destinies perverted into tragedy. In this bleak universe, he found himself in, there were no heroes left to save the day. The familiar origins that once birthed legendary heroes had instead become harbingers of their doom. As Austin explored this wasteland, he unearthed clues about its fallen heroes and villains. A newspaper told of the Avengers, branded extremists, wiped out by missiles. A gifted archer named Hawkeye was gunned down in the streets. Millionaire inventor Tony Stark turned terrorist mastermind, was executed for his rebellion. After barely escaping this universe, Austin was horrified to discover that the multiverse had long since collapsed into ruin. What awaited him would be one apocalyptic universe after another... This world was an inverted mirror, distorting everything Austin knew about the grand mythology he once loved. How had such a corruption come to pass? What led the multiverse itself down this dark path of destruction? Austin was now a wanderer in infinity, his duty to chronicle the downfall of all worlds. If these apocalypses were gravestones, he would be the gravedigger to bury them. Their forgotten stories would live on through him alone. --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. Author: 御笔画眉 Translator & Editor: RedX43 ---

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Chapter 63 The Struggle of a Cornered Beast

"No, it's I who have caught you."

Before the words fell, a purple light instantly erupted underneath the two's feet, finally forming a rectangular plane. It appeared without warning, with no preparation, everything was so sudden.

General Zod had no time to react. The next moment, he felt a violent sense of weightlessness and falling. His grip loosened, and he disappeared into the purple light.

In another world, high above the surface of a distant planet, a purple plane tore open mid-air, and two figures plummeted through it.

Startled by the abrupt change, General Zod felt as if he were still trapped in an illusion. He couldn't understand how he had suddenly found himself high in the sky.

But the air currents that came to his face constantly reminded General Zod that he had to do something about it.

Instinctively, General Zod attempted to activate his bio-field, a powerful ability he had awakened after arriving on Earth. The bio-field not only mitigated all energy attacks but also enabled him to fly.

But to his horror, the bio-field failed. Despite his frantic attempts to activate it, it was as if he were throwing a stone into an abyss with no response, no ripple—nothing. It was as though he had never possessed the bio-field at all.

Unlike Kara, General Zod, a renowned general of Krypton, was well-versed in the secrets of their race, including the enhancements provided by the yellow sun and the stories of the Kryptonian gods.

These powerful abilities were encoded in their genes, immutable and everlasting.

Yet now, these abilities had been erased—not taken or restricted but erased entirely, as if they had never existed.

This realization made General Zod's skin crawl. He even wondered if he was still under the influence of hallucinogenic gas, unable to believe the reality of his current situation.

But reality allowed no time for further contemplation.


With a thunderous crash, General Zod's body struck the rocky ground, creating a deep crater in the stony wasteland.

Meanwhile, a figure holding a black umbrella descended gracefully with the aid of a propeller, landing elegantly beside the crater.

"To break free from the Fear Toxin's illusion and even locate my true position—Kryptonians are indeed terrifying creatures," Austin murmured as he closed his umbrella, gazing into the crater.

The Fear Toxin's illusion, enhanced by Batman, had become "controllable" and "immensely powerful," yet there remained a connection between the illusion and reality.

After General Zod succumbed to the effects of the illusion, Austin had immediately retreated from the battlefield. In his frenzied state, Zod was extraordinarily dangerous, attacking everyone around him indiscriminately and with lethal force.

General Zod in this state is almost unstoppable, not to mention Kara, even the Kryptonians who tried to stop General Zod were unable to block the punch of Zod in his rage.

However, this situation provided Austin and his team with an excellent opportunity to retreat. As planned, both Barry Allens, young and old, along with Pietro, immediately set to work, evacuating all human soldiers from the battlefield. This was no longer a fight they could participate in; staying would only lead to certain death.

The group had initially worried about being attacked by the Kryptonians during their retreat, but fortunately, General Zod had captured the attention of most of the Kryptonian soldiers. Even Faora was too preoccupied to bother with the humans escaping the battlefield.

The outcome was perfect—at least from the human perspective. The crazed General Zod slaughtered all the Kryptonian soldiers, including Faora, who couldn't stop his rampage and ultimately fell by his hand as well.

As the effects of the Fear Toxin gradually waned, Austin had no choice but to re-enter the battlefield at great personal risk. The portal could only be opened in Austin's vicinity, so to transport General Zod away, he had to get close to him.

In the illusion, the phantoms constantly taunted General Zod, diverting his attention and attacking his psyche to break his will.

In reality, Austin sprinted through the battlefield, taking considerable time to finally approach Zod from behind.

Even though General Zod, despite being mentally influenced by the illusion, managed to thwart Austin's sneak attack due to his warrior's instincts, Austin's plan succeeded. At the moment Zod touched Austin, Miss Minute opened the portal to the "Zod's Tomb."

Watching General Zod gradually crawl out of the crater, a smile spread across Austin's face beneath his mask. From this moment, General Zod was a trapped beast with no chance of escape.

Indeed, Zod's current state was as dismal as Austin had anticipated. His body was covered in wounds of varying sizes, and even his once formidable armor was in tatters. It was hard to believe this wretched figure was the feared Kryptonian General.

Under the influence of the red sun, Zod's body had grown exceedingly weak. Additionally, crashing to the ground from such a height without any means of slowing his fall had inflicted tremendous damage.

Covered in blood as he clawed his way out of the pit, Zod resembled a demon from the depths of hell, inspiring a primal fear in those who beheld him.

"What have you done?" General Zod gritted his teeth, glaring at Austin with a murderous intensity that suggested he wanted to tear him apart.

Under such a gaze, even Austin felt a slight discomfort. A cornered beast still fights back, and although Zod was far from his former strength, his presence felt even more dangerous.

"You've seen it, haven't you? This is the tomb I've selected just for you—a planet illuminated by a sun identical to Krypton's. Do you like it?" Austin looked down at General Zod from above, speaking with a cold, detached tone.

"This can't be. It's impossible..."

"It's real. The effects of the Fear Toxin have long since worn off, and after falling from such a height, you should be able to distinguish reality by now."

General Zod didn't respond immediately. He stared at Austin, his heart filled with immense unwillingness.

There was no need for further proof; the environment and his current state confirmed his situation. He had indeed been transported to an alien planet, one not observed by Krypton.

Clenching his fists, General Zod slowly rose to his feet.

"If this is reality, then as long as I kill you, I can return to Earth and resume my plans."

"The World Engine? Sorry to disappoint you, but while you were busy slaughtering Kryptonian soldiers, I had Kara destroy it." Austin raised his wrist to check his watch. "By now, it should be nothing but space debris."

Hearing this, General Zod's mind went blank.

Then, a surge of uncontrollable rage erupted from him.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

General Zod, like a wounded beast, having lost everything, now only wanted to kill the insect before him who had destroyed all he held dear.

Even though he no longer possessed his world-destroying power.

Even though he no longer had his formidable biological field.

Even though he no longer had his invincible steel body.

As a warrior, he believed that even without those things, he could still tear the insect before him to pieces!

"Don't get me wrong."

Seeing the murderous intent in General Zod's eyes, Austin chuckled and waved his hand dismissively.

"Kryptonian combat prowess is indeed impressive, especially for someone like you who was born for battle. I'm just an ordinary person without your immense strength and combat experience. So, your opponent isn't me."

A cold glint flashed across the lenses of Austin's bird-beak mask. He tilted his head toward the direction behind General Zod and sneered.

"It's him."

General Zod hesitated for a moment before turning his head in the direction Austin indicated.

Standing atop a massive rock, five or six meters high, was a black figure facing the wind. No one knew how long he had been standing there; his form seemed almost melded with the environment.

His black cloak fluttered like the wings of death. Just looking at him invoked a primal fear, as he exuded an almost imperceptible killing intent.

Like a bloodthirsty bat!

(End of Chapter)


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