Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC)

[ Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) ] Austin Evans accidentally crossed over into the wasteland universe in the Marvel Multiverse. In this world, everything was so hopeless. After being bitten by a spider, Peter Parker did not become Spiderman, but was infected with a disease and died in the streets! Other nascent heroes met similar ends, their destinies perverted into tragedy. In this bleak universe, he found himself in, there were no heroes left to save the day. The familiar origins that once birthed legendary heroes had instead become harbingers of their doom. As Austin explored this wasteland, he unearthed clues about its fallen heroes and villains. A newspaper told of the Avengers, branded extremists, wiped out by missiles. A gifted archer named Hawkeye was gunned down in the streets. Millionaire inventor Tony Stark turned terrorist mastermind, was executed for his rebellion. After barely escaping this universe, Austin was horrified to discover that the multiverse had long since collapsed into ruin. What awaited him would be one apocalyptic universe after another... This world was an inverted mirror, distorting everything Austin knew about the grand mythology he once loved. How had such a corruption come to pass? What led the multiverse itself down this dark path of destruction? Austin was now a wanderer in infinity, his duty to chronicle the downfall of all worlds. If these apocalypses were gravestones, he would be the gravedigger to bury them. Their forgotten stories would live on through him alone. --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. Author: 御笔画眉 Translator & Editor: RedX43 ---

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Chapter 62 The Tragedy of Zod

The madness in General Zod's eyes gradually faded, replaced by a look of bewilderment.

Suddenly, flames ignited on Kara's body beneath him. They were green, like fireflies, but with a deep, eerie hue.

It wasn't just Kara. All across the battlefield, wherever General Zod's gaze fell, ghostly green flames began to flicker into existence, like lanterns being lit one by one, continuously emerging and spreading.

In Zod's disbelieving eyes, the entire world began to transform. The chaotic battlefield twisted and spun, like a reflection in water disturbed by the wind. The shimmering waves caused the illusions of the world to come alive.

Light and shadow intermingled from all directions, not only disrupting Zod's vision but also muddling his mind, making it hard to distinguish reality from illusion.

Looking down, General Zod was horrified to find that Kara had somehow transformed into Faora. Her eyes, wide open in death, still held the confusion and pain she experienced in her final moments.

From the vast sky, green mist descended slowly, carrying unknown particles, resembling a bizarre snowfall. General Zod knelt silently on the ground, holding Faora's lifeless body, motionless.

It all felt like a dream, yet also a segmented reality.

From where the dust settled, the ghostly green flames surged higher. A dark figure emerged from the blurry flames, striding out from the person-high fire. The first thing to touch the ground was the tip of a black umbrella.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk."

The figure in black spoke.

"You don't really think we're capable enough to spread poison gas across the entire battlefield, do you?"

General Zod had no idea what was happening and dared not think about what he had just experienced. He simply lowered his head, staring at Faora's lifeless body in his arms.

"We needed a considerable amount of time to develop the poison gas, which is not something a speedster could assist with. So, how could we possibly produce such a large quantity of poison in one night, let alone several large missiles? But we didn't need to. It was enough to poison you alone."

"Don't be surprised; this was prepared specifically for you. Kryptonians are indeed powerful, but fortunately, I have some special items to weaken your resistance to the gas. Although your resistance and adaptability to toxins are strong, there's always a first time for everything."

"You must be feeling this sensation for the first time. This poison gas was originally called Fear Toxin, but now I've decided to rename it to 'Mad Apostle.'"

The figure in the bird-like mask walked elegantly towards General Zod. The glass lenses of the mask reflected Zod's current miserable state, almost mocking him. After a pause, Austin continued speaking.

"I'm truly amazed by your power. At your full strength, you single-handedly defeated the entire Kryptonian army," the figure remarked.

General Zod's vision slowly cleared. Before him, the humans had vanished without a trace, leaving behind countless Kryptonian soldiers' corpses strewn across the battlefield. Among them lay one particularly large Kryptonian soldier, his heart brutally ripped out.

"I haven't decided on a codename yet, but my bat friend gave me a lovely one—Raven."

Austin tightened his grip on the umbrella handle and slowly drew a jet-black short blade from it. Embedded with several green gems, the blade had an eerie, yet beautiful, aesthetic.

"Of course, you can also call me—Deathbird."

As his words echoed, Austin swung the blade fiercely, aiming straight for General Zod's head.

Sensing the impending attack, Zod's ears twitched.

In an instant, he reacted. With a sudden burst of speed, Zod leaped up, but to everyone's surprise, he didn't move to counter Austin or even glance at the approaching blade. Instead, he turned and grabbed at the air.


In the blink of an eye, the sensation of touching something solid transmitted through General Zod's hand.

Simultaneously, a sound of shattering glass reverberated through the air.

Zod clutched his hand tightly, feeling the tangible object within his grasp. Though he couldn't see it, he knew he had successfully blocked the attack.

Indeed, as Zod had guessed, the moment he clenched his fist in the air, the black blade slashing towards his head passed right through him. The masked figure holding the blade froze mid-swing.

In Zod's hand, a black blade materialized from the shifting light and shadow, revealing itself. The blade, hilt, and hand holding it gradually emerged from the continuously warping light, becoming visible to Zod.

Only then did Zod focus on the figure before him. To his astonishment, his X-ray vision couldn't penetrate the bird-like mask the man wore.

"Impressive, General Zod," a slightly raspy voice came from beneath the mask, tinged with frustration.

But Zod wasn't interested in talking. Clutching the blade tightly, feeling the weak resistance of the opponent's strength, his fury finally erupted.

If anything could anger him more than seeing his deputy Faora decapitated, it was discovering it had all been a lie. And while he had believed he was avenging Faora, he had, in reality, killed her himself.

Zod didn't dare to recall the recent events. He couldn't imagine how Faora and the other Kryptonians would perceive him in his killing frenzy.

Despite being a battle-hardened warrior, for the first time, he felt a shiver of fear at the memory.

But now, Zod forced those thoughts down. He knew what needed to be done. As he had always proclaimed, everything was for the revival of Krypton, no matter the sacrifices.

Now, having distinguished reality from illusion, it was time to make the instigator of all this suffer.

With this realization, the killing intent in Zod's eyes became unmistakable.

"I've got you," he growled.

Facing Zod's threat, killing intent, and overwhelming presence, Austin showed no sign of panic.

From beneath the mask, a mocking voice replied.

"No, it's I who have caught you."

(End of Chapter)


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