Multiverse legend of Kurumi Tokisaki

We associate many things with the word "time." When time comes we are born. With time we learn new words, we grow. Over time, we fall in love and give new life. However, when our time is up we die. I died and from among an infinite number of souls similar to me. I was given a chance to become part of something bigger. Now our words become time itself. We are the one who decides the flow of time. And now time will tell if we become what is expected of us. * the photo does not belong to me, if the original author would like the photo to be taken off, please write in the comment .This will be my first Novel fan fiction published. I don't do it for profit or anything else i do this just for fun and hope to give this joy of reading to others. I have a lot of ideas in my head and I would just like to write them on paper, in this case, on the page. My English is terrible, most of this work will be written in translators. However, I hope the storyline as long as it doesn't get too confusing will fix the language problems. Of course, all the original characters and stories in fan fiction belong to their original creators.*

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Due to my health problems , tomorrow's chapter may be delayed .