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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? [DxD - Now!] ... Waking up in a mysterious world, August finds himself grappling with the dilemma of whether he can survive in a seemingly beautiful yet deeply dark world. Fortunately, leveraging the luck of his nine generations, he manages to obtain the Gate of Babylon belonging to a certain goldenman... With the Gate of Babylon in his pocket, August decides to amass all the treasures available in the world. However, once again, he faces a dilemma... Are girls also treasures? Can he keep them in his Gate of Babylon?

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[182] Falling!

Soon, Rias used healing potions to heal Akeno, Koneko, and Kiba.

August didn't harm them further; it was just a casual attack.

After the three recovered, looking at Rias, they all understood, Rias lost, and she even lost possession of her body.

Tread~ Tread~ Tread~

August walked over, watching the four with a slowly growing wicked smile.

Rias, facing the prospect of giving herself to this man for the first time, felt heavy-hearted. Her body would no longer be pure, but she did not have much objection to it.

For devils, the strong were respected, that was a law ingrained in their bones.

August was stronger than her, so taking her was not an issue. Even her brother, Satan Lucifer, seized the satan throne based on strength, snatching it from the hands of the old satan faction.

She was well aware of the cruelty of this world. It was a world of survival of the fittest, where the weak had no say.

Hence, she wanted powerful peerages, not just to escape arranged marriages in the family but also to prove herself.

She didn't want to be known as 'Rias Gremory from Gremory family' wherever she went. She wanted people's first reaction to be about her, and then about the Gremory family.

Hum~ Hum~ Hum~

Just as August was about to say something to Rias, a buzzing sound echoed.

Instinctively, August took out his phone from his pocket, finding an unknown number. He was puzzled since only Sona and Hilda knew his number.

Answering the call, a familiar voice resonated.

"August, how's your time in the human world?"

Hearing this voice, August wanted to slap himself, he had unintentionally activated the speaker.

"Whose voice is this..."

Rias found the voice familiar but couldn't be certain due to the distance and the phone.

"Why aren't you speaking? Did you go to see Rias?"

Another sentence, and August was speechless. The three beside him, including Rias, widened their eyes.


Rias exclaimed in surprise. Yes, the one calling was Satan Sirzechs Lucifer, her big brother.

"Oh~, Rias, are you with August?"

"Nii-san, do you know August?"

Rias asked, feeling she had fallen into a trap because of this call.

"Didn't August tell you? He is the one I often mention, the only descendant of demon in demon clan."

"The only descendant of demon? The Demon Duke?"

"Yeah, didn't he tell you?"

Rias immediately looked at August, staring at him intently.

August held his phone, instantly feeling want to kill Sirzechs. He just finished messing with your sister, and you're here to spoil the fun? You really live up to being the ultimate siscon.

"Alright, I have something here, so I'll hang up in advance."

After saying that, August directly hung up the call, feeling quite unpleasant.

However, the bad mood wasn't exclusive to August alone, Rias, who was beside him, felt even worse.

Even if she was foolish, she realized that the man in front of her was playing her.

He was the only descendant of demon clan, also a duke in the Underworld, holding the same title as her father. Although titles didn't represent strength, she had heard her brother mention him many times.

As the reluctant descendant of a Demon God, naturally born with control over the power of darkness, he had surpassed many others in strength many years ago and was now at least at the highest level.

This person, dressed as a human, dared to make a bet with her, and the stakes were her first night.

"Lord August, don't you plan to give me an explanation?"

After learning that he wasn't an enemy but a friend of her brother, Rias lost all her reservations.

"Well, I was just joking."

"Joking? Joking about a friend's sister's first time?"

"I just said it casually, wanted to tease you a bit, didn't actually plan to do anything to you."

"Well, thank you very much."

Although she had a smile on her face, at this moment, a burst of dark energy emanated from Rias.

This seemed like the rhythm of her turning dark, and August felt that he was losing control of the situation.

Akeno and the others, who had just been healed by the healing potions, looked at August with strange eyes.

Especially Koneko, although no longer hostile, her gaze changed from anger to annoyance and dissatisfaction. Who would be happy after being played like this?

Especially the attack just now, which directly knocked her down, made her doubt her strength even more.

"Well, Rias, calm down a bit. I admit I was wrong, I apologize to you."

"Let it go."

Just as August thought that Rias would take advantage of the situation and propose some conditions, Rias's attitude suddenly changed.

"Huh? Aren't you angry anymore?"

"I am."

"Then how-"

"But I also want to thank you. You made me realize that I am still very weak."

Rias glanced at August and said, thinking back to her battle with him. She now realized that she had been played from the beginning.

August hadn't used any real abilities on her from the start to finish. It was like a cat playing with a mouse, just teasing her.

But because of this, she understood that she was too weak now.

"Well, I was a bit too much this time. Consider this my apology gift."

Then, ten scrolls appeared in front of Rias and the others, precisely the remaining five Wild Scrolls and five Speed Scrolls.

"These are Wild Scrolls and Speed Scrolls. After use, they can increase everyone's attack and speed by 25%. However, they are only effective against intermediate devils and below. Consider it an apology gift."

Rias took these ten scrolls, looking at August with some surprise.

This was indeed the descendant of demon clan. He casually took out so many good things.

Each scroll represented a group strength increase. For Rias, who wanted to change her engagement through ranking games, these were excellent items.

August's actions instantly reduced Rias's anger. Akeno and Kiba were more or less the same.

As for Koneko, she still harbored dissatisfaction towards August for her humiliating defeat just now.

However, if Rias knew that August had given Sona a welcome gift similar to hers, and even forty more potions, she might feel differently.


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