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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? [DxD - Now!] ... Waking up in a mysterious world, August finds himself grappling with the dilemma of whether he can survive in a seemingly beautiful yet deeply dark world. Fortunately, leveraging the luck of his nine generations, he manages to obtain the Gate of Babylon belonging to a certain goldenman... With the Gate of Babylon in his pocket, August decides to amass all the treasures available in the world. However, once again, he faces a dilemma... Are girls also treasures? Can he keep them in his Gate of Babylon?

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[181] A Crushing Victory with No Suspense!

Watching Rias rushing towards him, August smiled.

A noble young lady engaging in close combat with an adventurer who fought daily in dungeon battles? August decided to save a bit of her pride. He swiftly descended and landed on the ground, and Rias also turned and landed.

In the moment of landing, Rias charged towards August.

August wasted no words, power of darkness coiled around his hands. Without using any other abilities, he directly confronted Rias.


With just one exchange, Rias was instantly knocked back over ten meters.

As a demon, August's body was incredibly tough, coupled with combat experience gained in true dungeon battles. Compared to August, Rias was a novice.

For someone with the power of destruction, no one would choose to train in physical skills. Everyone focused on power of destruction to enhance their magical abilities.

Suppressing her astonishment, Rias noticed a black magical force on the power of destruction.

Her own power of destruction was unexpectedly inferior to his magical force. Not only did it fail to harm him, but it also got her injured by his magical force.

Rias had no intention of defeating him in close combat. She wanted to defeat August with the power of destruction at an ultra-close range, a distance where the ability demonstrated earlier wouldn't work effectively.

"Is this all you've got? That's disappointing, Rias Gremory."

"In the name of Gremory, I will definitely defeat you."

"Then show me."

"Watch closely."

Being ineffective in close combat and having her power of destruction restrained, Rias was at a loss.

"President, continue."


A flaming magic sword appeared in front of her.


Rias glanced at Kiba in the distance and then looked back at August.

"Feel free, like I said, you can all attack together."

Hearing August's words, Rias picked up the magic sword and infused it with the power of destruction.

Originally a sword created by sacred gear, after being infused with the power of destruction, the burning flames turned directly into scattered destructive power.

Rias realized that this magic sword couldn't hold on for long. It might soon shatter due to the dominance of the power of destruction.

Therefore, Rias didn't want to waste time and immediately took action.

August didn't use a sword but instead unleashed his shadow magic, causing a shadow blade to rise flatly.


The collision between the magic sword and the shadow blade, the powerful force counterattacked, almost causing Rias to lose her grip on the sword.

After all, she was not a swordsman and knew nothing about swords. All she could do was swing the sword.

Controlled by August, the shadow blade effortlessly blocked all of Rias's attacks.

"You really disappoint me, Rias."


The shadow blade exerted force, and its powerful strength instantly shattered the magic sword.

Rias found the situation extremely tricky. The opponent's strength was too overwhelming, and she had no knowledge of his abilities.

Watching the approaching shadow blade, Rias directly used the power of destruction against it.

Then, the originally gleaming shadow blade was directly destroyed. Rias was stunned for a moment, then looked at August with a glint in her eyes.

"It seems your counter ability has limitations."

"Yeah, I need to wield a weapon for counter. It can only be used in this situation."

"In that case, your other abilities can be destroyed by my power of destruction."

"Huh? Destroy my abilities?"

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The next moment, behind August, twelve shadow blades directly condensed.

This left Rias speechless. Such an ability, he could actually create twelve of them?

"Do you want to try? You can destroy a few of my shadow blades, but can you avoid being dismembered by the rest?"

Facing the cold-gleaming shadow blades surrounding her front, back, left, and right, Rias could be attacked instantly with just a thought from August.


From childhood to adulthood, Rias had never felt so powerless.




The three in the distance all moved, launching attacks towards August. At this moment, Rias was extremely dangerous, enveloped by so many attacks.

"Don't cause trouble!"

August glanced at them, his mood turning unpleasant.

He gave them the chance to attack together, but they didn't take it. Now, in the middle of the fight, they attempted a sneak attack?


A shadow blade directly descended towards the three. A pitch-black crescent moon swiftly shot through the air.

"Holy Lightning!"

"Sword Birth!"


All three used their abilities, wanting to rush over to help Rias.

However, the idea was full, but reality was cruel.

In front of the pitch-black crescent moon, the attacks of the three were as fragile as butter. They were torn apart directly, and the remaining shockwaves sent them flying, severely injuring them.

"Akeno! Koneko! Yuuto!"

Seeing the three in an uncertain life or death situation, Rias was full of worry.

"Sorry, I didn't control my power well. Be more careful next time."


Rias wanted to angrily roar, but now she was like a fish on a chopping board. All of this originated from her attempt to reclaim the opponent.

Thinking of what August said just now, she instantly regretted it.

"I surrender."

"Huh? What did you say?"

"I said I surrender, you win."

"Rias, you should know that the cost of surrendering is quite high."

"I know."

Watching Rias, whose sharpness disappeared and whose spirit became low, August regarded her with a higher opinion.

Daring and straightforward, although her actions were foolish to bet like this without knowing the strength of both sides, she dared not bring up the family or her brother's intention to renege on the debt after losing, which impressed August.

August dispelled all the shadow blades, looking at Rias in front of him without saying a word.


Three bottles of red potions fell in front of Rias.

"These are healing potions, they can help them recover from their injuries."


Rias was surprised and lifted her head. She was amazed that August was willing to heal Akeno and the others.

"What are you looking at? Hurry up and go."

This sentence instantly shattered all of Rias's moved feelings. She truly had gone mad, actually thinking he was a good person.


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