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[A Multiverse Ghost Rider Fanfiction] ---------------------------------------- Jon Vinson, a towering figure with a pallor that contrasted starkly against his raven-black hair, was a mere 22 years old when he found himself on the verge of death on a train. In an unexpected twist of fate, he became the latest incarnation of the Ghost Rider, awakening the Penalty System within his mind. From that moment on, he will be committed to a path of retribution, meting out justice to the wicked across the multiverse of Hollywood's cinematic creations. His primary domain is the Marvel Universe, but his journey would extend to other cinematic universes, including: 1. Harry Potter. 2. Marvel: The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. 3. Men in Black. 4. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 5. American Horror Stories 6. The Boys. 7. ....... --------------------------------------------------------------- Expect 2 chapters a day, 14 chapters a week. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own pretty much anything in this Fanfic, nor the cover photo I put here. ------------------------------------------------- PATREON LINK: patreon.com/TheMightyZeus ------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share your thoughts, theories, and fan art here. Let's come together and delve deeper into the captivating world of our Multiverse's Ghost Rider. Enjoy your time on the Discord page! https://discord.gg/BK8zdjeT

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Chapter 170: New World: The Boys

Jon was on his way out when Alessa's mother called after him from behind.


"My daughter, where is she?!" she asked gently, a trace of memory returning about this man's earlier threat to her daughter's life.


"Don't worry, I haven't harmed her. Instead, I plan to take her away from here, to ensure she can't hurt any innocent people anymore," Jon said calmly. "Moreover, Silent Hill's mist will clear, and its darkness will retreat. From this day forward, Silent Hill will be just an ordinary, deserted town."


With those words, Jon walked away.


At the same time, outside, the world began to look like it once did. The fog, just as Jon promised, started to lift, and the sky was clear of ash. Everything seemed to be returning to normal.


Suddenly, Alessa reappeared at Jon's side.


"What's the problem?" Jon inquired.


"Not all of the churchgoers are gone," Alessa stated coldly.


Jon paused, then realization dawned, "Ah, you're talking about the Order's heretics? Well, let's handle them."


"No need for that," Alessa replied flatly.


With a wave of her hand, a massive cloud of black fog appeared. From it emerged a tall, daunting figure: Pyramid Head.


Alessa's command was icy, "Go, eliminate Claudia and her followers."


With Alessa's command, Pyramid Head, carrying his heavy blade, set off on his mission.


Now under Jon's guidance, Alessa and the beings she summoned, like Pyramid Head, possessed the power of hellfire, making the church's supposed sanctuary powerless against them.


After ensuring her will was carried out, Alessa merged back into Jon, saying, "Let's leave this place for good!"


Jon sensed, perhaps just a figment of his imagination, that Alessa too was eager to leave. It could be that Silent Hill held nothing for her but painful memories, and departing was a form of escape.


Reaching the outskirts of Silent Hill, Jon called forth his sports car with a simple gesture, ready to head back to the Exorcist Office.


Settling into the driver's seat and firing up the engine, Jon took the opportunity to lay down some ground rules for Alessa, now that she was his companion.


"Firstly, you're not to show yourself to anyone unless I say so, and indiscriminate killing is off the table. That said, there will be times you'll need to take action. Plus, you mustn't stray more than two hundred meters from me unless I allow it, and remember, ordinary folks shouldn't be able to see you."


Mid-explanation, Jon caught a glimpse of Alessa in the rearview mirror, lounging on the back seat in a pose that resembled a cat's leisurely stretch. Jon did a double-take. Was this relaxed figure really Alessa, the same individual known for her deadly prowess?


It then dawned on Jon that in the movies, Sharon always adopted such a posture in her mother's car. Perhaps, in some way, Alessa envied Sharon?


Contemplating further, Jon recognized the stark differences in their upbringing. While Alessa was betrayed and subjected to agony by her own mother, the alternative version of herself, Sharon, had a mother who braved the horrors of Silent Hill in search for her. The envy was understandable.


Nonetheless, Jon commented, "You know, lounging there like a house cat doesn't really seem to match the terror you're known for."


"leave me alone!" Alessa snapped back, her tone as frosty as ever.


Jon simply shrugged, responding, "Alright, as long as it makes you happy~!"


After making their way back to the Exorcist Office, Jon briefly shared the adventures he'd had with Nancy, before settling into the plan of staying in this world for a month.


He knew from his knowledge of the Marvel Universe that the Battle of New York was approaching. The aftermath of the battle would usher in a period of chaos and danger. Coupled with a warning from Doctor Strange, Jon couldn't shake off the feeling of impending doom. He aimed to amass as much strength as possible during his stay.


The unique nature of his time here is equal only for a few minutes to pass in the Marvel Universe, no matter how long he spent in this world. This time discrepancy offered Jon the perfect opportunity to complete missions and rapidly enhance his power.


As the end of the month neared, Jon found himself with an abundance of free time, leaving the operational aspects of the Exorcist Office to Nancy and becoming somewhat of a recluse.


During this period, Alessa grew noticeably restless.


"Is this the excitement you promised if I followed you?" she questioned with cold eyes.


At this moment, Jon was lounging on the couch, engrossed in video games, surrounded by an assortment of snacks and beverages.


"Come on~! This is the dream life for everyone~!" Jon defended.


Alessa remained silent, unimpressed.


"Okay, okay! The excitement is coming, just wait a little," Jon assured her.


They were set to embark on a new mission world in just a few days. Even if nothing thrilling occurred in their current setting, the imminent Battle of New York upon their return to the Marvel Universe promised to deliver the excitement Jon had spoken of.


When a month finally elapsed, Jon patiently awaited the system's prompt.


[Ding! The gate to travel across worlds is ready. Would you like to open the gate? Yes/No.]


Jon was taken aback by the possibility of inter-world travel from their current location and promptly selected "Yes" without a second thought.


[Ding! The Countdown initiated, three, two, one.]




As light enveloped Jon, and he found himself amidst streets adorned with superhero posters, he realized he had entered a world where heroes and ordinary people coexisted. Here, superheroes like Homelander, Starlight, Queen Maeve, Stormfront, and A-Train were part of Vought Corporation, a giant that collaborated with the government in battling crime, while also capitalizing on the heroes' status for profit.


The omnipresent billboards and merchandise dedicated to the Super Seven made it evident to Jon which world he had arrived in.


"This? Is this the 'excitement' you talked about?" Alessa's voice emerged from within Jon, her tone laced with skepticism at their new, morally complex environment.


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