1 -Chapter 1


Chapter 1

"Ugh..... Where am I?" A young man with black hair said as he looked around and saw that he was in some kind of void.

"Where is this?" He said as he looked around.

A few seconds later the a rip in space appeared and an old man with a bald head and long white beard appeared in front of him.

"Don't be afraid my child, I am here to give you some good news that you are going to be happy about" The Old man said as he looked at the young man with a smile.

"You are the creator of the world i am guessing?" The young man said as he looked at the old man with an apathetic look as he has an idea of where this is going.

"Ho Ho it seems like you already know your situation, this will make it easier" The Old man smiled as he told our Mc.

"*Sigh* Just get to the point already" The Young man sighs as he looked at the creator indifferently.

"Alright alright, your no fun anyways. Now pick three wishes, I won't restrict any wishes" The old God said as he didn't need to restrict wishes for someone like our Mc since he doesn't desire much but just do whatever he wants. Our Mc looked at the Old God and sighs.

"Fine, my first wish is for a Gamer system mixed with the minecraft one but with infinite inventory space. My second wish is to have my own world like a Minecraft world where I can use every mod, addons from minecraft in my world. My last wish is the ability to travel into any worlds I want without any restrictions and I can pick what the time and place I go to" The young man said as he looked at the old God who smiled.

"Alright then, have fun in your journey, I'll be watching" The God said as he sent the young man to his destination.

"You better not watch when I'm doing 'That' or else once I get stronger I'll come and beat your ass and also it might be boring at the start" The young man said as he then got swallowed into a bright light.











"I'll assume that this is my own world" A Familiar looking young man said as he looked around and found himself in some kind of plains.

"Status" The Young man said as a status screen appeared in front of him.


Age - 17

Sex - Male

Job - The Minecraft Gamer Modder

Title - None

Hp - 200

Mp - 100

Str - 12

Hp- 10

Agi - 7

Int - 25

Wis - 20

Luk - 30

Skills - Gamers Mind, Gamers Body, QCQ (Lvl-3),Cooking (lvl-5), Observe (Lvl- 1),Crafting(Lvl - 1),Mana Blast (lvl-1)


Starter Kit x1, letter x1




"That Gramps sure is generous" The young man said as he smiled while looking at his stats and thankful that the God made his job a bit easier by giving him the basic ones and also some of his previous life's skills.

"Before we check our inventory, let's name ourselves first" He said as then got into a thinking pose.

"Let's go with... Yeltsa Kcir, that sounds good" Kcir said with a grin on his face.

*In the void*

In the void a certain God was rethinking if he should take back the wishes he gave to a certain someone or not.

"This damn child!" The God said with a tick mark on his forehead.

"Looks like he got you good father fufufu~" A woman who seems to be the daughter of the Old God said as she looks at a screen where our Mc is seen with a large grin on his face.

*Back to Kcir*

"Now that we have named ourself, let's check out the letter before the starter kit" Kcir said as he took the letter from his inventory and read it.

-Looks like you arrived safely, as you may have guessed I didn't add the Stat points since I know you don't like those I have made a new system where you grow more powerful if you do something that involves that Stat so good luck! And also I have given you a few gifts, they aren't that major but it's to help you start out since I have made your world a bit realistic but don't worry! Other than that I didn't touch anything and your world is infinitely expanding so enjoy your world!-

"Thanks but I still don't regret what I named myself" Kcir said as he knows that the Old God is watching him.

"*Stretch* Alright! Let's check out the kit now" He said as he took out a 1m tall and wide box from his inventory.

"Oh dang looks like he's giving me quite the start" Kcir said with a smile as he opened the box and looked at each of the items he got inside the starter kit.

[Iron sword, leather armor set, iron pickaxe, Iron axe, iron shovel, iron hoe]

"Let's get started then!" Kcir said as he took the axe and went to a few trees and started chopping them up.

*2 hours later*

"Haa!!!!" Kcir grunted out as he chopped down his 20th tree.

"Phew! I'll replant those later and make a tree farm in the future, but for now let's process our wood and make a small shelter first" Kcir said as he then got to crafting wooden planks.

A few minutes later Kcir made a few oak planks and stairs and left some logs to he can atleast make his house look a bit better.

"Wait! I need to make furnace to make glass from sand!" Kcir said as he forgot to go mining.

He decided to go mining and went into a near by cave where he mined and found cobble stone, copper, coal and iron along the way.

"Phew! alright let's head back!" Kcir said as emptied the cave of its resources in an hour.

'It seems my strength increased by a few points from mining and taking out trees' Kcir thought as he heads back to his small camp.

"Yosh! Now that I have the necessary materials let's start crafting them!" Kcir said and started making a few furnaces and added a few mods that will help him give some varietys of ways to make his house and also give him a few choices for food so he added a mod where his world has Earth's animals in his world.

'looks like need to butcher them myself, oh well I'll just have to get used to this life style then' Kcir thought as he Killed a bear by distracting it with his shovel and use his axe on the unsuspecting bears head.

"okay I think I need to improve my butchering skills" He thought out loud as he looks at the bear he killed that he tried to butcher and let's just say it didn't go well.

'I think I'll practice butchering smaller animals next time, and atleast I got butchering to level 4 when I tried to butcher the bear' Kcir thought as he cooked some bear meat and noted that it's decently sweet.

'I could go for some rice right now' Kcir thought as he then added a mod where he has more plants to eat and choose from.

'Atleast with this my cooking will grow leaps and bounds when I gather enough materials to cook with' He thought as he started to build his house.

Kcir started with the base of his house which was made up of oak planks, the base of the house was quite large but he's going to upgrade it as time goes on and expand his base and bring people from other worlds.

Kcir made the base of his house into a 20x20 meters and had finished it in 2 hours.

'Looks like this is going to take a few days to do, let's set up a small shelter first so I can sleep there tonight' Kcir thought as he knows he can't fight mobs at night right now and decided to wait till he's a bit stronger to fight them.

'I'll install the Demon slayer mod in my world but.... That would make my world more dangerous but won't the lower tier Demons are basically just zombies but stronger? If so then I have a chance but... Let's test out our theory of the zombies first' Kcir thought as he decided to raise a 3 block tall wall of dirt around his compound for now and lit up the area with torches and waited for night fall.

'Luckily gamers mind and body allows me to not have to eat and sleep so I can fight longer' Kcir thought as he calmly watches sun to fall.

'The dirt in my world is strong and extremely fertile too so I can easily farm here' Kcir thought as he knocks on the solid dirt hard dirt.

The sun is down and the moon started to rise and mobs started spawning.

"Looks like some he didn't change the AI of the mobs" Kcir said as he stared down at the mobs slowly spawning 1 by 1.

"Works for me!" Kcir said as he jumped down with the iron sword on his left hand and an Axe on his right.

Kcir then rushed towards a near by zombie and slashed its head with the sword and turned around while swinging the axe on his right hand.

"Now this is Fun!" Kcir said while smiling as he then proceeded to be head 3 more zombies. Kcir then turned around as he noticed 2 arrows flying towards him.

As he notices how slow they and dodged them by going to the side and looked at where the arrows came from.

'Skeletons huh? They'll be quite annoying to deal with' Kcir thought and rushes towards the skeletons who fired at him. He then blocked the two arrows fired at him by the two skeletons with his sword and smashed their heads with the flat side of both his sword and axe.

'I'm not that stupid to Slash at you with these' Kcir thought and saw the skeletons fall apart.

'Oh? Easy bone meal' Kcir thought but frowned as he saw that only a few of the skeletons' bones were usable to make bone meal while the others just rot away.

'Well that sucks' He thought as he looked behind him and saw 5 zombies coming at him.

"This is going to be a long night isn't it?" Kcir said to himself as he smiles and welcomes the zombies by slashing their heads off.

'I knew I was a battle junkie, but I never thought it was this much' Kcir thought as he fought off 2 zombies and a skeleton as he uses the beheaded zombie as a meat shield to block the arrows as he slams the flat side of his axe into the skeleton's head killing it.

*The next day*

Morning came and we can see Kcir's armor battered and beaten as it is beyond repair same goes for his Axe and sword as he could be seen sitting on his wall and looking up.

"Damn that was one fun night I ever had" He said smiling as he looks at his status.

[Name:Yeltsa Kcir

Age - 17

Sex - Male

Job - The Minecraft Gamer Modder

Title - None

Hp - 570

Mp - 170

Str - 38

Hp- 42

Agi - 35

Int - 53

Wis - 47

Luk - 33

Skills - Gamers Mind, Gamers Body, QCQ (Lvl-23),Cooking (lvl-9), Observe (Lvl- 23),Crafting(Lvl - 12), Mana Blast (lvl-13),Spiral Mana arrows (lvl-16),Mana Shield (lvl- 6),Rasengan (lvl - 7), Stealth (lvl-23),Body Enhancement (lvl- 10)


Bones x201, rotten flesh x402, Carrots x74, Potatoes x59, Leather armor x23, ect




"Heh! Looks like I may have over did it a bit" Kcir said as he looks at the stuff he got from killing all those Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers where one snuck up on him as he had barely dodged the explosion.

"Still remembered how it fucking hurts" He thought back as he had a flashback from last night.


Kcir was slashing Zombies and skeletons left and right as he had a big smile on his face until suddenly he heard a hissing sound from his back.



Kcir was sent flying a block or two away as he had some sort of purple sphere in cases him with it having some cracks he's alive but his armor didn't look good.

"Damn creepers!" Kcir leers at the hole where the creeper blew up. Since that time he has been weary of Creepers appearing on his back so much so as he gained a danger sense skill.

*End of Flashback*

"Damn I can still feel it" Kcir said as he rubs his chest then looks at his weapons.

"Let's repair them" Kcir said as he then repaired his armor and weapons since the zombies actually dropped some iron tools too. After repairing his stuff he heads off to his little shelter and slept for an hour or two since he doesn't need that much sleep anyways.



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