64 Source Of All Evil

Lying pointlessly would get me nowhere, I let out a sigh and replied. "You weren't imagining it, I did disappear from this world."

D smiled at my honesty and said. "I thought you'd lie to my face, but I guess you didn't, I'm so happy that you trust me!"

I wasn't sure if she's being genuine or sarcastic, however, one thing for sure is that I don't trust her, far from it.

She may help me a lot, however, those were for her amusement, everything she did is for entertainment, whether it's directly or indirectly.

"No, I don't trust you, not a bit." I bluntly replied I fear her, yes, that is true but it made me realize something. She's incredibly powerful, so if she wanted to kill me right here and now, there's nothing I could do to stop her from doing so.

Rather it's pointless acting fearfully toward her, I mean what's the point of struggling knowing that you can't do anything to her.

At least that's the case for now, but in the future who knows, still, it makes me wonder if I were to become as powerful as I would become bored as she is?

Because I definitely could see that happening.

D pouted at my blunt reply. "That's harsh! You hurt this innocent maiden's heart!"

She acted pitifully in front of me, it was seriously creepy how 'real' it looked, if it was any other guy they would immediately buy this pitiful act of hers, but unfortunately for her, I'm not buying it, because I'm sure that she's grinning internally while doing this.

Also 'innocent maiden heart'? How could she say that without feeling ashamed?

I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at her 'act', and said. "Please stop that, it's making me uncomfortable.."

"Ehhh..? I thought boys like to see girls act pitiful and play the white knight to comfort them." D said as she tilted her head.

"Where did you hear that information..?" That information sounds ridiculous even to me, also that's the first time I've heard of it.

"On the internet," D answered with hesitation.

Of course…the internet is the source of all evil, the origin of all kinky shits, the creator of memes, and the battlefield of keyboard warriors.

It makes me wonder how the internet didn't become the Beast, because clearly it's more evil than Beast VI.

"I thought you're supposed to be omniscient…I'm disappointed in you, to think you of all people use the internet Wikipedia for information..?" I look at her with a clear disappointment on my face.

"Hey, don't look at me like that! It's not like you don't use it yourself!" D protested.

"I have no shame admitting that, however unlike you, I didn't claim to be omniscient." I smiled at her mockingly.

D pouted once more and said. "You have a gall using my own words at me!"

"Yes, quite ironic isn't it?" I smiled at her.

D 'humph' perfectly, it was as if she had a rehearsal before she acted like that. "Anyway, we are getting further off-topic, since you admitted 'vanishing' in this world, tell me where were you?"

"If I don't tell you about it, you won't force me?" 

D didn't answer, however, her smile was telling all, she won't take 'no' for an answer, I could feel it within my skin.

I let out a sigh and decided to say. "I was in another world, or well an entirely different universe at that time."

"Mhm, mhm okay, but it doesn't exactly tell me anything, oh I know for a fact that you're not in our universe, because if you did I'd know." D used her fingers to hold her chin.

"Be specific." 

"Like, how did you get there in the first place? Because I know your First True Magic can't do something like that." D said.

Okay, that's reasonable and then I replied. "I have an interdimensional shop inside my soul."

There I said it, honestly I thought I'd feel more anxious after revealing it to her, however, instead I feel calm like I should have done this a while ago in the first place. 

D's eyes widened. "A shop in your soul…? T-that's…amazing! I never encountered something as unique as this! As expected I wasn't wrong about you! You are unique!"

She isn't incorrect, the shop inside me is unique, but the host isn't.

"Show me!" D demanded.

I won't say no to that, for 2 reasons, 1 is that she'd force me if I didn't want to, and 2 is that there's no reason for me to refuse her, besides bringing her to the shop would get me more profits.

It would definitely be no brainer if I'd refuse.

"Sure." I nodded and gathered my thoughts and entered the shop along with D.

The shop was the same as always, so I wasn't really surprised, however, D was.

"Woah, so this is the shop? How amazing!" D looked like a child for the first time in an amusement park.

Well, it is amazing, it's something hard to deny, however, I'm sure she wasn't talking about the architecture of the shop, but the shop itself.

"Hm..?" D frowned.

I noticed her reaction and asked. "What's up?"

Hearing that question, made her frown deepen. "I can't feel the connection between my real body…I-i never felt so weak in my entire life!"

Oh, her reaction suddenly makes sense, and also to think the shop could cut off her connection toward her real body.

"Really? How weak are you right now?" I asked curiously.

D pondered at my question and after a few seconds, she answered. "Right now I have only 0.1% of my overall power."

"And how strong is that?"

"Probably enough to destroy several planets with ease," D said casually.

I stared at her in disbelief, that was 'weak' to her? I can't imagine what is 'strong' in her book, honestly, I don't want to know.

"This is a very strange experience…is this what it felt like to be a mortal? How wonderful…" D smiled widely, her reaction of losing most of her ability was the opposite, if anyone were to suddenly lose the majority of their power for no reason, there's no doubt they're going to react negatively, however, D was different she was genuinely enjoying the feeling of being weak, after knowing what it felt to be strong all of her life.

Being almost 'powerless' is a new sensation to her.

"You know, people normally get frustrated when they suddenly lose the majority of their powers." 

"Oh, don't worry I'm not like most people as the feeling of vulnerability is something new to me, a sensation that I never thought I'd experience…!" D kept the smile on her face that honestly started to look disturbing.

"I don't think you're vulnerable…if you could still blow up several planets with ease." It was pointless to compare my common sense to hers, but regardless I tried anyway.

"To me, it is, anyway enough tell me how this shop of yours works!" D eagerly asked.

So I told her about how the shop functions, at least for the customer.

After explaining it, D nodded and said. "I see, I see so to get credits I just need to convert something I owned? Easy enough, alright convert every skill I have!"

I blinked in a couple of times and asked doubtfully. "Are you sure?"

"Yep, do it! This is just a vessel anyway, I can regain what I lost easily." 

Oh right, this isn't her real body, if that's what she wants then, there's no need to hesitate.

I need to check her status before I start converting them.

And behold the most ridiculous stats I've witnessed in the history of the shop.

[ Name: Wakaba Hiiro / D / ?#$@$#"

Sex: F / ?

Age : 1000+ (Vessel) / ∞







Innate Skills : 

Divinity : EX+

Perfect Vessel : EX+

Demon : EX

Divine Core : EX+

Immortality : EX+

Chaos : EX+

Acquired Skills :

Gamer : A+

Pleasure Expert : EX+


What the fuc-

Her acquired skills are too many to list, most of them were either A+ or EX+, and the lowest is B+, this is seriously ridiculous and to think this is just a vessel?

What about her original body? What kind of stats would it have? Probably mind-blowing.

After that, I converted every single skill in her vessel, because I converted every single skill of her, whether it's innate or not.

Her stats significantly lowered, the EX+ before turned into E's, without X, and the total credits she had is a whooping 12M, making her the richest customer presently.

"Hey, D how do you feel?" I couldn't help but ask her.

"I feel…I feel…so weak! How wonderful!" D exclaimed in glee as she felt how vulnerable she is right now.

"Most people react the opposite.." I smiled at her warily.

"Well, I'm not 'most' people!" D kept her wide smile.

"I know that already…" I let out a sigh.

"Anyway, r*pe me right here and now! Force me to submit! I'm currently vulnerable right now!" D looked in my direction with a crazed expression and was definitely very horny.

Hearing that from her, made me rethink if it was really the right decision to bring her here…

"In your dreams, no way I'd do that."

"Even if I trade all of my credits for it?"


"So what is it?" D smirked in my direction

The answer is obvious, damn this woman she really knows what motivates me.

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