68 Privilege Of The Rich

-Gotō Hitori-

"No one is here..?" Bocchi was disappointed that no one was technically in her boyfriend's house; she even brought a lunch box for them to eat.

As she was about to leave the house, suddenly someone she didn't expect arrived.


"Gotō-san?" Mitsuha was also surprised to see her here.

No one asked why they were there, as it was already obvious who they came here for.

"Y-you're looking for Alex right?" Bocchi tried not to sound nervous but failed. She's an extreme introvert and you don't expect her to suddenly become fluent in communicating with other species that are capable of communicating such as 'normies' and in her mind, Mitsuha is a definition of real lifers.

Mitsuha nodded and replied. "That's right, judging from your situation I assume that no one is in the house."

Bocchi nodded slightly. "Y-yes…"

"Oh, too bad then I was about to talk to him about something.." Mitsuha was a bit disappointed with the fact that the person she was looking for wasn't present, Bocchi too could understand especially when that said person is in a relationship with her.

Even now, she can't believe she's dating someone. She thought that it was impossible for someone like her to be in a relationship with another human being, but life has proven her wrong.

To have a boyfriend as handsome, and kind as Alex, was nothing but a miracle for her. Even though she's sharing him with another woman, she finds herself not caring much.

"T-then I w-will go now…" Bocchi tried to get away from this place as soon as possible, as she didn't want to make things awkward between them, the only time she talked to Mitsuha is when Alex was around, now that he isn't available, there's no way she'd be able to have a proper conversation with a normie like Yamano-san.

"Wait!" Bocchi stopped in her tracks and shifted her attention once more in Mitsuha's direction.


Mitsuha smiled for a bit and said, "Why don't we hang out for a bit? I haven't had a proper conversation with you, no? Now is a perfect chance, would you accept my invitation?"

What else could Bocchi do?

Naturally, she accepted. "O-okay!"

She was a massive pushover, she doesn't know how to say 'no' to someone, more like she's afraid to.

However, in this case, she doesn't really mind talking with Mitsuha as she was no stranger, at the same time she wasn't a friend either.

Maybe this was finally her chance of gaining a friend?!

Hopefully, she wouldn't screw this up.

She did.

Lorelei says, "We're going low-key."

It would be ideal, she said, but what the fuck is her definition of low-key?!

Dozens of bodyguards were circling their group, and it wasn't surprising that they gathered almost anyone's attention in the mall.

After all, it's not every day someone is circled with professional guards.

Some even tried to take pictures of them, but failed because one of their bodyguards saw this and stopped their attempts.

However, not all were unsuccessful with the attempts, or at least taking pictures close-up.

"Hey Lorelei, I think you need to change your definition of 'low-key', because this definitely isn't being low-key at all," I said with a sigh as I looked at my eldest sister.

Lorelei frowned at my words and answered. "I don't understand why isn't this being low-key? I'm not even wearing my usual clothes."

That's right, my dearest sister wore something besides her aristocrat outfit as she claimed that it was, anyway.

I recognize some of the clothes she's wearing and all of them were branded, if a normal person were to know the price of each of the pieces she's wearing they would definitely wince, as the cheapest she was wearing is at least a half-million dollars.

Lorelei might as well be wearing a 24k carat gold in a form of high-quality fabric, and to think this is one of her 'cheapest' outfits.

Even Shirou wasn't spared, he was forced to wear an unreasonably expensive set of branded outfits.

Capitalism all the way, but that's just how the world works, anyway I could definitely see Ai and my twins look uncomfortable beside me.

I look at them with a wary look, it's partially my fault this happened if I only refused which I didn't because I did find my sister's words reasonable.

I saw their clothes and it wasn't a lot if it was up to me, I'll also bring to shop for dozens of outfits because it is only reasonable, however now that my sister is in charge of this trip.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration that she would buy half of the branded clothes in the mall for them, maybe even more.

I kind of pity the bodyguards right now as they are going to be the ones who are doing the holding, but they're professional so I think they're going to be fine.

"That's not the point…" I replied with a tired sigh at my sister's words, it's like I'm talking to a child that is ignorant of the world, which was technically correct, she is ignorant of the world of common people.

She never understood them, nor she tried to, why bother? It isn't necessary in her line of work.

Deciding that it was pointless to argue with her about this matter, I let it be and let Shirou handle it.

'Sorry brother-in-law but that's your problem now.'

Then we arrived at a luxurious-looking clothes shop, before they could even step in, they were greeted warmly by the staff and manager of the shop.

Perks of being rich, we get privileges like this, it wasn't surprising at all, as I've experienced this kind of situation before, and eventually got used to them.

However, Ai and the twins certainly did not, as this was something entirely new to them, either way, it's best if they get used to this as they would experience this kind of treatment more often than they expect.

"Madam and sirs, what can we do for you?" The manager with a mustache said with a polite smile on his face as he faced them.

Naturally, Lorelei took the role of the leader and immediately said with a demanding tone. "You, get this girl and the twins your best clothes and outfit, money isn't a problem but know that if you disappoint me there would be consequences."

Lorelei was unconsciously releasing a bit of her prana toward the manager, making him tremble under her gaze.

"O-of could ma'am! I won't disappoint you!" Hurried, he ordered the staff to get the best they have for Ai and the twin.

I looked at Ai, who was looking at me with an uncomfortable face, I smiled at her and said. "Good luck, you need it."

Before she could even reply, she was immediately dragged by the shop clerk inside the store.

I prayed for her soul. 'So as I pray unlimite- ahem wrong prayer, bless thy soul.'

The manager indeed kept his word, as Ai was now wearing clothes that were absolutely perfect for her, I wasn't afraid to admit that she looks even more attractive.

I approached her and smiled. "You look wonderful."

Ai smiled back and replied. "Thank you."

"So, how was it? Your first experience of being treated like royalty, give me your honest answer." My smile turns to a smirk as I'm expecting an amusing answer.

"Shocking, surprising, nerve-racking, tiring, and also annoying!" Ai let out a pout as she answered.

I let out a small laugh and definitely understood that statement. A long time ago that was also my feeling for this kind of treatment, but I eventually got used to it.

"I understand, that's definitely normal, however the sooner you get used to it the better, because it would certainly be handy next time." I give her a bit of advice.

Ai looked surprised and replied. "Eh? There's next time?!"

"Of course, what do you expect?"

"That this is a one-time experience?" Ai answered.

"Nope, expect something like this to happen at least thrice a year." Or maybe more, if Lorelei is visiting often which she would no doubt, now that there's another family member of hers in Japan.

Honestly, it is surprising that she didn't suggest bringing them back to Britain.

But let's not mention that as she might get some ideas.

"What?! Thrice a year?! B-but the outfit that Lorelei bought could last at least a decade!" Ai pointed at the enormous amount of clothes piling in front of her.

"Oh that is only for spring," I replied and immediately received Ai's disbelief.

However, before she could say anything, suddenly the twins arrived with a new set of clothes, and they looked stylish, at least for toddlers.

Without a warning, their mother Ai, started squealing and took out her smartphone from who knows where and started taking a lot of pictures of the twins.

"Oh! You two are so adorable!" Ai started tapping the capture button of the camera rapidly so that it might break because of how fast she tapped the screen.

But honestly, I can't blame her for acting like that, as they indeed look adorable.

Then my ego was speaking. 'As expected, they are my children after all.'

Lorelei was also satisfied and said. "It's adequate, but at least now you two look like someone who is part of our great family."

Unfortunately, the shopping just started.

There's much more to buy.

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