67 Employment Offer

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Looking at them having a conversation, I could tell that Archer was uncomfortable with this, his body language says so, however despite that he still manages to have a conversation with the dark elf queen, quite well despite having a different vocabulary and speech pattern.

They hit well, or at least in the perspective of Olga Discordia, she was giggling in amusement as she was having a conversation with him.

On the sidelines, I was looking at the Archer with awe, well I mean I witnessed this plenty of times with my brother-in-law but it didn't make it less amazing.

How could they make a cold woman melt like it was nothing? Not to mention unintentionally raising affection level with the opposite gender so fast like a low-level player grinding in a high-level area and succeeding.

Either way, this is such a mystery. Must one be natural to do this? Or can you master this skill?

As expected of a ranked EX Eroge Protagonist.

While they two were having a 'great' conversation, Chloe unsurprisingly became a third wheel.

I pity her, however, there's no way I'd help or strike up a conversation with her. You might think that it's a bad move considering I'm a merchant that seeks more profit, as communication is the key.

But honestly, I couldn't be bothered entertaining her, since Chloe left a negative impression toward me.

I still could remember how rude she was after I helped her regain her purity and dignity, forgive me for being petty but I'm only human and I would naturally hold a grudge.

I'm no saint, nor am I interested in becoming one, so if she apologizes for that particular moment, I will forgive her. I'm not that stingy.

But since she didn't, I would continue to ignore her and treat her as if she doesn't exist.

For a mere contract, it surely made a lot. It got converted into 10,000 credits, there's a lot of things that EMIYA could buy with that amount of credits.

Not to mention, he probably wouldn't spend too much, knowing him he'll probably buy something kitchen related.

And I don't think he's going to buy power-ups either, since technically he gave up being an Ally Of Justice, his obsession was no more now that he's free from Alaya and his broken ideals.

After talking with Archer, Olga finally stated her intention, while it was obvious she came to buy something in the shop, however this time she didn't convert her skills, but some precious artifact that she owned.

While it may be precious and considered powerful in her world, but in the shop is not worth mentioning so she only received a few hundred points.

At least it's better than nothing, let's not forget about Summer who sold hers and only got 20.

As Olga was looking at the catalog for useful items or skills for her 'magic', I approached Archer and said. "So, did it finally sink into you that you're now free?"

The red counter guardian nodded. "Yeah…but it still feels unbelievable."

Well, I may not know how he feels about this matter, however as for the 'unbelievable' part, I have a lot of experience with that particular subject.

"Believe it! (Dattebayo)," I gave him a thumbs up and he answered with a slight smile.

Then I decided to ask him. "What are you going to do now?"

I saw him pause for a bit, before shaking his head and replying. "I don't know…I never really considered what to do after being freed from Alaya's influence, since I thought it was impossible aside from erasing yourself from existence."

Okay, that's fair.

I thought for a bit and made a decision. "Since you have no idea what to do, then why not work for me?"

Archer blinked, as he didn't expect for me to offer him a job, his eyes narrowed suddenly. "What's your game here?"

I was confused as to why he was acting defensively like that, however, it didn't take me long to understand why.

The reason why he's suddenly like that is his previous 'job' has caused him trauma beyond anyone could imagine, and now after 'retiring' from his old job, suddenly someone barged into his door and made a suspicious job offer that he knew nothing about.

It clicked in my mind and thought. 'Ah, of course, it would be natural to be defensive when a suspicious individual suddenly asks him for a job offer.'

While I may be his benefactor, it doesn't mean we're magically close with each other, to him there's still too many unknown variables that he doesn't know.

"No, no don't misunderstand, I have no 'game' here, but if you consider gacha a game, then I do, anyway I'm offering you an honest job, one that doesn't need any contract or sort." I waved my hands at him.

Archer was still looking at me narrowly with his eyes, and after a minute he finally released and said. "Fine, before I decided to even accept your job offer. I would like to know the details, however, if it has something to do with 'cleaning' then don't think about me accepting it, because I'm done with being a 'janitor',"

Oh Alaya, you messed him up real bad.

I nodded at him and started telling him the details about his job.

If you're wondering what job position I offered him?

Well, simple it's being the shop clerk.

It wasn't long before I obtained my first shop clerk, although unexpectedly I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.

After hiring Archer, he received the shop uniform, it's quite similar to mine, but there's a slight difference, it doesn't have a vest and instead of a long tie like mine, Archer's uniform has a bow tie.

Along with the uniform, he also received a unique card, called the [ Staff Card ]; it could let the owner of the card enter the shop at any time of the day.

Since I'm not Alaya, naturally I give my employee a break, once a week he would have a 2 days holiday, Friday and Sunday.

Also, he has a shift of 8 hours a day, it's a pretty standard working shift internationally.

Naturally, since it's a job, not like a scam like Alaya's, he would receive payment. I pay him 5 credits per hour.

Trust me, it's hard to imagine how many items you could buy with that amount of money?

A lot.

I guided Archer a bit about how to be a clerk, and unsurprisingly, he was pretty natural with it. I expected him to, if he's anything remotely similar to my brother-in-law, it means he's good at any job, literally.

Now that it's done, finally, I could leave Olga for him to entertain, while I need to go back to my own reality, but before that, I have to buy Ai something.

I went to the shop catalog and immediately found the perfect gift for her.

"This would do."

I looked at the necklace in my hand and smiled. "An Aquamarine and Ruby mixed together in a necklace, talk about meaningful gifts."

I let out a chuckle and went back to my own reality along with the Eevee and Alola Vulpix who are now inside Pokeballs.


"Here you go." I gave Ai the necklace I bought from the shop.

Ai was surprised, as she didn't expect a gift from me. Honestly, she doesn't know how to react right now. Refusing it would be quite rude, especially when she's in the watchful eyes of my sister.

She accepted it with a bashful look and said. "T-thank you…"

I smiled at her and answered. "You're welcome, why don't you try it?"

Ai did as she was told, she wore it into her neck and immediately noticed the effect. "What's this…?"

I smiled and explained. "It's a Mystic Code, not an ordinary necklace, it would amplify your strength, vitality, speed, and endurance tenfold, how does it feel?"

Ai was honestly stunned at that information, she didn't expect me to give her this kind of gift, however, she quickly snapped out of it and replied. "I never felt so powerful in my life…"

Then she looked at me hesitantly and said, "A-are you really giving this to me?"

"Of course, I wouldn't give it to you otherwise."

"B-but this necklace is probably important!"

No, not really but I won't tell her that, instead I answered. "So what? You're more important than a piece of fancy item."

Ai's eyes widened and started blushing and started stuttering. "I-i-i-important..?!"

Lorelei raised a brow at the sight, while Shirou flashed me an awkward smile.

I blinked a couple of times and thought about my previous words and realized my words could be interpreted as me trying to flirt my way into her.

I wasn't even trying to do that! I was just reminding her that she's way more important than a piece of jewelry that has some slight enhancement, as she's the woman who sired my children.

Naturally, her value is more significant than a piece of magical jewelry that I could buy and probably make at any time.

But she didn't know that. However, before I could explain suddenly, Lorelei, my dearest sister, suddenly interrupted. "Enough of this, as amusing as the trinket is, there's a more important issue that we have to solve immediately."

"There is?/What is it?" Both Shirou and I answered at the same time.

"Fools, it's bluntly obvious what the issue is, how did you not see it?" Lorelei coldly stared at both of us, while still confused about what kind of important issue that we needed to solve immediately.

Then Lorelei pointed at Ai and the twins with a displeased expression, not toward them but to their clothes. "There would be no Barthomeloi that would look like a peasant under my watch."

And so we went shopping.

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