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It was very amusing to see my sister's reaction when I answered 'no', either way, I have my reasons why I won't accept that rank because frankly, that rank would give me more trouble than being an advantage.

However, despite refusing that rank. Lorelei stated that it wasn't my choice, but that's bullshit, it is my choice.

That's why Lorelei and I fought with words.

In the end, I ended up receiving the title, but not without conditions. First and the most important part of why I accepted the title is that Lorelei promised me that the mage association can't force me to comply with whatever demand they have for me in the future.

And second, no one should bother me, unless it's truly important, third that no one would try to do something 'funny' to my family, which I doubt anyone would try considering I'm a Barthomeloi and also a magician, anyone with a working brain wouldn't try something stupid, however just in case if some nutcase tries something.

Because I know firsthand how stupid humanity could be.

Anyway, after that talk with Lorelei, she decided to take a small nap, because it was mentally exhausting for her, not that I blamed her for it, as I casually world-shattering bombs at her.

That also means that she would be sleeping in the house, it wasn't that I'm against it…

It's just that before she slept, she told me that I should live in a bigger house than this 'cabin' I called a house. I wasn't even insulted, because frankly, she was right.

The reason why I'm living in this house is because what the heck would I do with a mansion? 

It would be empty since I'm the only person who is going to be living in that place, that's why I settled for this average japanese house where it isn't too small or too big.

Just alright by my standards, however now that I have a family living with me, it made me think maybe it's better for me to buy a mansion now.

Suddenly I snapped out of my musing as I heard Ai's voice behind me.

"Penny for thoughts?" I shifted my gaze toward Ai who was smiling at me.

I blinked and replied. "No, it's nothing important."

Ai looked a bit skeptical at that. "Really…?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking maybe I should buy a mansion since this house is a bit too small for us to live in." I decided to tell her about my thoughts.

Suddenly Ai sweats, and replies. "I think the word 'important to you' is different from mine because buying a mansion is definitely important to me…"

Oh yeah, right for a non-magi a mansion is kind of a big deal, but truly for those who are part of the moonlit world, it's nothing.

Waver Velvet is a special exception….

"It is..?" I hated how I sounded surprised, being part of the moonlit world, or being a Barthomeloi skewered my common sense.

"Yes." Ai nodded.

"Lorelei must've rubbed off me…" Definitely, it simply isn't a question but the answer.

"Wait, is this because Lorelei called this house a 'cabin'?" Ai asked surprised as she realized something.

I don't need to say anything, my silence was telling already.

"I can't believe it's because of that…." Ai said in astonishment and continued. "Your house isn't a cabin okay?! If it's a cabin then what should I call the apartment that me and the twins are living in before a tent?!"

I couldn't stop myself from pointing it out. "The twins and I."


"No, It's kind of important…" It is because you'll find yourself being corrected by grammar nazi.

After that Ai suddenly asked something quietly. "Is it really true that there's an alien that is capable of wiping humanity anytime..?"

Ah…so this is the reason why she wanted to talk to me, I should have seen this coming, anyway how should I break this news to her…

The fact that there isn't just 'one' alien who is capable of doing that…let's not forget to mention The Evils Of Humanity or simply Beasts.

"Yes, well in fact there's multiple of them." I couldn't help but wince as I realized how blunt I sounded.

As I broke the news to her, I wasn't surprised by her reaction, it was pure shock, yes exactly my reaction when I realized I reincarnated into this world.

"T-there's multiple of them?!" Ai tried to suppress her voice but failed.

"Yep, however, you don't have to worry about them, because those beings are either inactive or aren't interested in human affairs," I said to assure her that it's fine, however, what did I expect for her to calm down?

She didn't instead she became more worried.

I look at her worried form, and her reaction really reminds me of myself.

"Ai, listen, think about them won't do anything good for your health, I know it's hard to accept but it is what it is, there's simply nothing you could do about it." Harsh, but it's the reality she's too weak to actually do something if those kinds of beings would try to exterminate humanity.

Ai paused and bit her lips, and then after a full minute, she let out a sigh and replied. "Y-you're probably right…"

"The tone you're using doesn't really help you convince me you know..?" I give her a wary look.

"What do you expect me to do..? Just accept this as normal?" 

I narrowed my eyes at her and replied without hesitation. "Yes, because at the end of the day, the safety of humanity has nothing to do with you."

Ai didn't say anything, however, I could tell that she understands my statement, however understanding my statement also has nothing to do with the fact that she disliked it.

"Fine, I'll try to act like this is 'normal'," It was clear that she's dissatisfied with this, however, there's little that she could actually do.

"Look I know you aren't worried about the wellbeing of the rest of humanity aside from our children, the reason why you're afraid is because if those beings wanted to wipe out humanity, it would also include the twins, isn't that right?" I looked at her directly in the eyes as she was looking at mine surprised.

It wasn't hard to guess what she's thinking, a mother that is worried about her children, is pretty common, it's just her maternal instinct.

I closed my eyes and continued. "I know I just met the twins yesterday and my bond with them isn't as strong as yours, but trust me, I will do anything to protect them as they are mine, so you don't have to worry about them dying or being harmed, not in my watch."

I stared at her with conviction, not realizing the effects of my words.

Ai's face became a bit red from my speech about protecting our children.

Slowly she averted her gaze away from mine and replied. "I-i'll hold on to those words…"

I blinked as I saw her reaction and thought. 'Wait, did I just flirt my way to her?'

It is a known fact that the easiest way to attract a single mother is through her children.

And I went. I just did that.

It wasn't my intention though, when I was about to say something, Ai suddenly spoke. "I-it's already late at night…I'll see you tomorrow!"

Quickly she went upstairs without looking back in my direction, I looked at her disappearing away from my sight. "That just happened…"

I scratched the back of my head and thought. 'She's right, it's indeed late, maybe I should sleep right now.'

I went upstairs and was about to go to my room to rest, however, before I could I heard noises from the twin's room, normally I wouldn't have bothered as it's just a baby thing, however, due to having Roger's template, my senses including my hearing increased greatly, that it's almost inhuman.

And no, I definitely wasn't imagining the fact that those two toddlers are having a very serious conversation with words and proper sentences, it isn't normal, there are no toddlers that could communicate like that.

I approached their room and both children didn't realize I was watching them engaging in a conversation with each other.

"The world could end at any moment right now! How do you expect me to react?!"

Now, that sounds a bit familiar didn't Ai just say something similar a while ago? 

Ruby looked agitated with her baby face, while her brother, Aqua tried to say. "Relax, panicking won't do anything good-"

However, his sister interrupted him and said, "Shut up! Shut up! I-i don't want to die again!"

Aqua couldn't help but wince at his twin's reaction.

Finally, I decided to join the conversation. "No one is dying, especially not under my watch."

Hearing my words, immediately the twin's attention shifted to my direction, who smiled at their shocked faces.

Honestly, they look amusing and adorable at the same time, what a powerful combination.

I could see Ruby and Aqua panicking as they looked at each other's eyes, I could tell that they were communicating even though they weren't verbally saying it.

A few seconds later, Aqua suddenly tried to act like a normal toddler, and Ruby followed along. If I were a normal person I would probably buy it but, nope there's no way I'd believe this farce when it's too obvious.

"Nope, I'm definitely not buying that act, you know that my family and I are mage? Kids, I've seen weirder things, a reincarnated pair of babies isn't going to faze me, so are you going to continue to act or not?" I was certain that they wouldn't because they're smart and it would have been pointless to continue acting anyway.

Aqua after a full minute, let out a sigh, the toddler asked. "Does that mean we aren't unique?" 

"Nope," I confirmed it for them.

"Then, you know another reincarnator like us?" Aqua hoping that I do, hearing that specific question I couldn't help but laugh.

I don't just know another reincarnator, you're looking at him!

I looked at Ruby who was also curious about my answer, and I decided to tell them something that I'll probably never say to my sister and the rest, the only reason why I'm admitting this is that I feel kindred toward them. "That's right, and you're looking at him."

Aqua and Ruby looked confused for a moment but after processing the information they heard they screamed at the top of their little lungs. "EHHHHHHHHHH?!"

A/N: Another reveal! Is this going to stop anytime soon?! Nope! 

I realized that being a reincarnator is nothing compared to being a magician or an owner of a multi-dimensional shop.

In fact, being a reincarnator is pretty weak compared to the rest if you ask me.

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