51 Celestine Lucross

Cleaning her was particularly easy. I carried her through magic because I absolutely refuse to touch her at the moment, especially when she's covered with that familiar white sticky object, not to mention the smell…

She doesn't need just normal cleaning, but a full-blown cleansing, well let's start washing her body.

It took a while, but she's good as new and I'm pretty proud of it, and this is probably something I'll never say out loud but I enjoyed washing her because I get to enjoy the show.

And admit that she got a better body than D, as her body is divine literally, and speaking of divine, I didn't know that I had this ability, I could sense something faint, and it's divine.

Maybe because I'm now a magician, I can sense things that I normally don't know. It's the only logical explanation I could come up with right now, as obtaining the [ First True Magic ] didn't come with a manual you know?

I wish it did, but I'll have to get creative using it, because imagination is the limit of my ability.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check her stats and was honestly surprised.

"No wonder she's so familiar.."

[ Name: Celestine Lucross

Sex: F

Age : 800+




MANA: A+++


NP: Dea lucis

Innate Skills :

Divinity: B+

Blessings Giver : C+

Saintess : A-

Divine Core : D+

Immorality : D

Future Insight : D-

Acquired Skills :

Sage : B-

Riding : C+

Seductress : D+

Pleasure Expert : B-


"Celestine Lucross, a character that I know from Kuroinu, right now I'm looking at her in real life, unlike the show, she's actually more beautiful, the hentai simply doesn't do her any justice…" I muttered as I looked at Celestine's naked form.

Judging from her current state, I assume that the events of the hentai already happened, not to mention the acquired skills that she has [ Pleasure Expert ] I can only guess how she obtained it.

It must not be a pleasant experience, imagining being forced to participate in those disgusting orgies.

Now that she's a real breathing person, I could only pity her harsh experiences, but to be fair, she should have seen this coming. It makes me wonder why I couldn't have prevented it.

Anyway, I wasn't here to point out her mistakes in life, I'm here to help her recover and convince her to convert her [ Divinity ].

I can't imagine how many points that would be, it must've been at least tens of thousands of points. I can't wait to find out.

Besides, I don't think I needed to convince her anyway, knowing her personality if the hentai was proven to be accurate of her attitude, then there's no doubt she'd sacrifice her [ Divinity ] for the salvation of her people, she did the same thing with her purity because she hoped that they would get spared.

Which is a bad move considering what happened after, dying was probably better than the fate they suffered.

If this was Celestine after the events of Kuroinu, then half of the princess knights are probably broken mentally.

Now, considering that she's now in my shop, this is probably some sort of fate, with the shop's assistance, her country, and her people would be saved. Of course, she played her cards right because after all in the shop, everything is possible with enough money.

"I should probably get her dressed, no matter how good-looking her body is, I can't let her remain naked." With that, I snapped my fingers and used my [ Denial Of Nothingness ] or First True Magic and now Celestine isn't naked.

All I have to do is wait for her to wake up.

-Celestine Lucross-

Celestine opened her eyes, and at first, there was confusion in her beautiful face as she noticed that she's in an unfamiliar place, however, she also realized that her body never felt better.

Ever since her country fell, she had been emotionally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, and remembering her experiences made her shudder and wanted to puke everything out of her stomach.

However, she didn't because it would make her look weak, for her people she would act strong, because one day, she hoped that she along with her people would be saved from the clutches of the Black Dogs.

Shaking her head, she was now paying attention to her surroundings and noticed that her once-naked self was fully dressed in a strange attire.

An oversized white shirt with the sign 'I LOVE AKIHABARA', though she had no idea what it meant, then she lifted the odd shirt and saw that she was also wearing short blue pants.

No wonder, she didn't feel windy down there, however, this caused her to think. 'Who was the person that changed my clothes?'

Whoever this person is, she's sure that they aren't part of the Black Dogs, because if they were they wouldn't bother clothing her and let her stay naked.

She was curious about who this person was, hoping that she would see this 'kind' person who clothed her and her wish was immediately granted as she saw them, or rather 'he'.

Despite being constantly abused by men, on a daily basis, she actually does hate all men in general, the Black Dogs and those who are part of them are just bad eggs.

However, it didn't mean she wasn't wary of them, it was her body reacting, that's why she couldn't help but flinch at the sight of the man in front of her, despite knowing that he is probably not part of the Black Dogs.

The man definitely noticed her action, however despite that he didn't point it out and said. "You're awake, that's good."

"A-ah, yes indeed I am…are you the one who clothed me?" Although the answer is already obvious, since this man is the only person in this place, she just wanted to make sure that he's indeed the person who helped her.

"That's right, it's me, however, it's quite surprising to see a beautiful elf woman named suddenly appearing naked in front of my shop." The man said with amusement.

Hearing that Celestine blinked and asked. "This is a shop?"

He nodded and answered. "That's right."

Celestine started looking around and couldn't find which part of the place was a 'shop' since she couldn't see one, instead, this place looked like a tavern rather than a shop.

The man chuckled and said. "I know that look, you must think that this place doesn't look like a shop doesn't it?"

Celestine blushed a bit after being found out and nodded as her nature doesn't allow her to lie, she's way too nice to do that. "Yes, forgive me for thinking about that to your establishment.."

"It's not a problem, honestly I don't blame you for thinking that, my previous customers said something similar, so don't feel bad about it." The man just waved it off as nothing.

Which made her sigh in relief to see that she wasn't offended and said. "So, which part of Ken is this shop of yours located in? As far as I know, there isn't a shop near the palace…perhaps it was just built?"

Celestine tried to recall the shops around her kingdom and couldn't find this particular shop in her memory.

Suddenly she snapped out of her musing as the man suddenly started to laugh and Celestine wondered if she said something funny.

"Sorry, sorry you thought this shop is a part of whatever this 'Ken' place is? Unfortunately, it's not." The man answered.

Celestine looked confused at the man's words, as everyone knows about 'Ken' as it's one of the biggest kingdoms in Eostia.

Another thing, if this wasn't part of Ken, there's no way she would be able to get here because Vault and his Black Dogs wouldn't allow her to escape.

However, the man in front of her doesn't seem to be lying at all, as she didn't strike him as a liar, not to mention there's a weird feeling inside her that couldn't help but trust this man unconditionally, no matter how suspicious it may be.

After all, if he's part of the Black Dogs, what's the point of him lying? She's powerless to stop them.

Celestine then started to recall her experiences before she arrived in this place, it was blurry at most because she was exhausted after participating in that loathsome orgy with Vault.

And the incomplete puzzle memories inside her mind started to become complete and eventually, she could vividly remember what happened.

Celestine was exhausted beyond belief at that time, because of the 'exercise' she participated in with Vault and his men, after that they let her go so that she could rest and clean herself.

But at that moment, she was half awake and didn't realize that there was a door made out of pure light in front of the hall. She didn't find it suspicious as she was too tired to be aware of her surroundings and she went inside and opened the door thinking that it's her door.

Thus she collapsed because her body reached the limit and fell asleep, and that's how she got here.

"Oh…" Celestine finally realized what happened.

"Judging from your look, you remembered what happened before you fainted." He said while looking her in the eyes.

"Ah, yes I do…if this isn't Ken then where…where is this?" Celestine hesitantly asked.

Hearing that question, the man smiled and opened the curtains near her. "Outside your universe, definitely."

And that very moment Celestine saw a sight that she wouldn't forget for the rest of her immortal life.


Celestine saw the stars, the galaxy closer than she could ever imagine.

"Well, Celestine Lucross, once again I welcome you to the shop." The man announced.

All of a sudden this place became a lot more mysterious than before.

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