Multiversal: The Shop

In the shop, we have everything when we say everything, means everything but of course are you willing to pay the price for receiving them? There's nothing free, everything has a price. --- Alexander Barthomeloi, previous name [Unknown] before reincarnating as Alexander, he was nothing more than a poor average human in earth with nothing special, that was until 'God' a mistake and killing him by accident. Thus 'God' offered to compensate him for his mistake, it was to go to heaven or be reincarnated in another. And he choose the latter choice with the condition being born in a rich family and nothing more, however 'God' felt like was lacking for his compensation. So, 'God' decided to give him an extra blessing which is 'The Shop'. [ Warning! ] The story is a first person POV for Alexander. While the others are 3rd POV. Current Crossovers - Nasuverse Tada-kun wa koi wo shinai! Bocchi the Rock! Kumo ga nani desu ka? Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement (There would be more in the future) Support me on P@.treon, even if it's just for a month I'd be really grateful. P@.treon/charlottes143 There's currently 10 advanced chapters there. Update 1 Chapter Daily. The cover isn't mine, credits to the original artist.

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A/N: Before I start, unlike my OC I'm actually fine with any girl's height as long as they like me, it doesn't matter for me. (As pathetic as it sounds)

I'd like you to know that I'm making Alexander flawed, not a perfect adonis because he is more human that way, his preference would change as the story goes on, I mean who wouldn't want to date someone like Yamato?!

Also…is not dating someone taller than you makes you insecure? Is that how it works? I honestly have no idea.

After they left, it was time for me to buy something for myself. Without hesitation, I went to the catalog. I need an escape item that would guarantee my safety if anything goes wrong with my trip with D meeting with the Root.

It's not that I don't trust [ Path To Victory ], It's just that meeting a multiversal entity is very dangerous, so there's nothing wrong with a bit of caution.

That's why I bought an authority similar to [ Return By Death ] but better because I can actually save points at will.

Meaning I can simply return but whenever I want, without dying. It's like having unlimited access to returning to the past.

Even if I die, I could simply return before the moment I died. It's a ridiculously useful power that makes me a pseudo-immortal.

Since technically I could die by old age but could return if I willed it, someone might hate this kind of power, but definitely not for me as I'm going to use it to my advantage.

With this I won't fear death, it almost drained all of my credits, but it's worth it. I was only able to afford it because of my perk as the owner, a massive discount.

It's actually more expensive than the [ Authority Of Vainglory ] although, only for a bit but still more expensive.

Now I only have a thousand credits left, I wasn't sure what to buy these leftovers, an item or another kind of power?

After thinking for a moment, I decided to buy a template of a character, it's like a bundle of skills that are perfectly combined with each other.

However, there's a lot of choices, almost an infinite amount of them.

But amongst them, there's one thing that stood out the most in my eyes. It's Gol D. Roger's template.

It was something I could afford right now, thanks to my perks, after hesitating for a moment. I decided to buy it.

As I did, my eyesight immediately started to go black, as if I became a blind person, but it's actually far from the truth, as right now my mind is gathering a massive amount of information that should have exploded my brain but didn't.

It took me a few minutes to stabilize myself, which was a terrifying experience, after calming down my breaths.

I inhaled a mouthful amount of air and released everything in one go. "Damn, that was usually a terrifying experience, seriously every time I buy a template would it have a side effect like that?"

I don't want to experience something like that if possible, but that is just my wishful thinking, however, compared to what I got after a few seconds of temporary blindness. It was nothing.

Now that Roger's template has been installed. I now have his combat skills and other abilities, such as.

Observation Haki.

Armament Haki.

Conqueror's Haki.

And it also includes, [ The Voice Of All Things ] however, I can't use it due to the fact I'm not in the world of one piece as it's only limited there apparently.

Anyway, it wasn't such a massive loss to me, as the most important thing is that I have these 3 types of Haki, not to mention it's the strongest in their verse.

Then I tried using Armament Haki and my entire right arm was coated in metallic black along with a red substance.

"This is so similar to Luffy…" 

Despite that I couldn't help but smile, this is going to be useful in the long run. I know it's going to be, though I'm not sure if I need the Observation Haki.

Since [ Path To Victory ] is vastly superior to the Observation Haki that Roger possessed, either way, it's not useless as it could come in handy in the future if someone tries to surprise attack me.

As for the Conqueror's Haki, this one I can't wait to use, this to make people faint, it's always been my dream to do something like this at least once.

I'll definitely use this that's for sure, anyway for now I'm getting out of the shop.

It's been an hour since I left the shop, and now I'm looking at D who was dragging an unconscious Mitsuha like she's some sort of garbage…

I looked at D, then to Mitsuha and D again, and this time I couldn't help but ask. "What the hell happened?"

"It's a long story," D replied with a shrug.

"Oh, I bet it is." I sarcastically answered.

"What's with that tone?" D pouted.

"Nothing, anyway what happened?" My eyes narrowed in her direction.

"Don't look at me suspiciously like that! I'm an innocent girl!" D tried to act cute, which she is by the way, however, I wasn't having it.

"You are suspicious, and definitely not innocent by all means, how could you say something like that with a straight face?" I gave her the look, the look of someone who doesn't believe her bullshit.

D finally stopped acting cute and let out a sigh. "Come on, you're no fun~"

"Not in the mood." 

"I can see that, anyway I didn't do anything to her aside from talking to her and sealing her abilities for a bit, she was so scared that she passed out literally! Can you believe that someone is scared of me?" D complained.

"Yes, I can definitely believe that someone is scared of you, because I am scared of you too, I'm not even going to bother lying about it," I said as I approached Mitsuha's unconscious body.

"Hm? You are? You sure don't act like it." D smirked as she stared at my face.

I couldn't stop rolling my eyes and thinking. 'Of course, I won't act like that since it's going to be pointless anyway, someone like her could end my life with a thought.'

But she didn't, because she finds me entertaining. She acts like someone who found a new toy to play with, and before the day she eventually gets bored of me, I'll reach her level as soon as possible.

Either way, after getting [ Return By Death ] my fear of her has significantly lessened, because I know I can revive if she ever tries to kill me.

I didn't answer her question and took Mitsuha away from her grasp, then I carried her inside my house hoping that she'll wake up soon.

-Yamano Mitsuha-

Her eyes slowly opened and as soon as she did, confusion was apparent on her face, however, it didn't take long for her to remember what happened before she fainted.

Immediately she stood up from the couch she was sleeping on, panic was evident on her face. "Where I am-"

Before she could finish her sentence, someone beside her spoke, not to mention that voice sounds very familiar. "Oh, you're finally awake, that's good."

Her eyes shifted to the person and saw that it was Alexander. "A-alex?!"

Her jaw dropped from her mouth, she couldn't believe this was happening. 'How?! How is he alive?!'

Alex smiles at her and says. "I know what you're thinking, you're wondering how I am alive?"

Mitsuha couldn't stop herself from nodding dumbly.

"To answer your question, I got lucky." He said while he touched his chin and continued. "You know if I were a normal person I would have asked the same thing: how did you survive?"

Mitsuha gulped and hesitated to answer that question, to her surprise, however, she didn't need to.

"Don't worry about it, I know how you did it. More like Wakaba told me." He admitted with a sigh.

Mitsuha's body immediately stiffed as soon as she heard him mention 'Wakaba', he noticed her reaction and said. "What the heck did she do to you anyway? She told me that you only talked but your reaction says it more than just talking."

Alex let out a displeased scoff at mentioning Wakaba.

"Y-you know about her?" Mitsuha asked with a bit of a trembling tone.

Knowing what exactly she meant, he replied. "You mean her abilities and false personality?"

Mitsuha nodded. Alex replied easily. "Well, I found out about it by accident."

Oh, she didn't know what she was expecting but hearing that made her release the breath that she didn't know that she was holding until now.

"S-so you're not the same as her?"

That question apparently made Alex laugh for a bit. "Same as her? As if! There's no way we're similar, someone like her is just different from a human being, in the first place she's not." 

She had a suspicion that Wakaba wasn't entirely human, but to confirm that she isn't a human is another matter entirely.

"T-then do you know what she is?" Mitsuha couldn't help but ask, hoping to get some answer.

Her question made him ponder as if he was thinking of a suitable answer, and after a minute he replied. "That's a complicated question, the simplest term that I could describe her is that she's an alien, a being that isn't from Earth, but saying that she is just an alien isn't impactful at all, for you to understand her capabilities I'd call her a Primordial Being, a being that existed before concept such as time begins. A Primordial Goddess that's what she is, does it satisfy your question?"

Yes, it did, however, it didn't make her feel safe at all, instead it only made Wakaba more terrifying in her mind.

After that revelation, she couldn't stop herself from fainting once more.

"Ah, maybe I shouldn't have revealed such information without proper preparations…"

This was the last thing she heard before losing consciousness.

A/N: Sometimes, it's okay not to reveal specific information about someone's mental health.

It's not good to be stressed.

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