8 Chapter 8

AN: Any recommendation where i could isekai the MC to? Doesn't have to be anime, any type of fiction would do.

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Now here I am. Sitting in the class, looking outside the window, trying to process the information I just got.

That I am in the world of Highschool of the dead. The soon-to-be land of the walking corpses and tits moving at the speed of light.

Though, not going to lie, even though this world is one of the fucked up ones, for some reason, I'm getting pretty excited.

Well, zombies were one of my most adored fantasies back then. Even though it's only good on paper and it's actually one of the worst scenarios to happen in reality, I can't help myself but be excited about the fact that in the near future, I will be able to smash some zombie heads.

But as much as I want to do nothing but smash some zombies, planning for my next course of action and preparing the necessary things is much more important.

Cause if I don't, just like before, I'll just die before I could even smash some zombies... with my hard, long, bat.

That's why right now, I'm already trying to think how I should plan things out. Cause as simple as it may look, this world is actually a pretty complicated world, and many things must be carefully put into consideration before anything else.

Though, there's one thing that I'm not quite sure about

'I wonder if it's 3 months again.'

Considering that in my past Isekai experience, when it took me 3 months before the canon kicked off, I could only assume the same thing here.

Well, if that's the case, then that is actually a good thing.

The things I wanted to plan and prepare beforehand are not easy tasks and will require a lot of time to get done.

And three months seems to be more than enough just for that... if that's truly the case that is.


Cause as I was looking out at the window, basking in the peaceful scenery of the trees outside, something caught my attention.

"A fire?" I muttered to myself

The room I was in, just like before, is probably on the highest floor of this building. But the building I'm in is really not that high in the first place so we really cannot see what's happening outside since it's getting blocked.

But from a far distance, looking at the sky, a cloud of smoke seems to be rising up. It's pretty vague and I could hardly see it but i know it's there.

And judging from how widespread it is, that smoke is surely not coming from a single burning building.


Now that I think about it, there's also some constant police siren going on and on for a while now. Just like the smoke, it's pretty vague and it can barely be heard, so no one can really blame anyone here for not noticing it.

Even I only noticed it cause I became pretty much aware of my surroundings after I saw the smoke.

'— there's no way right?'

My body became tensed and my facial expression hardened after realizing what might be the cause for all these happenings.

I'm literally planning my courses of action if all these things happened just now so upon making aware of it, I obviously, immediately, made out the most possible reason.

That today might actually be the start of the canon.

'Yeeah~ there's no way. It's too early for that to happen.'

Obviously, I had to give the benefit of the doubt. Playing the devil's advocate.

In the very first place, I have no solid way to know that what I'm thinking about is actually the case...

[ *Chiishk!* Attention, all students! ]

But of course, as if the world itself heard me and said "I gotchu dawg!", the speakers in our school turned on and a familiar announcement rang in my ear.

[—violence has broken out on the campus! ]

Finally confirming that what I had in mind is actually true.

[ Students should evacuate the campus according to their teachers' instructions. ]

[ I repeat. Violence— ]

Obviously, once this announcement was made, the people around, both the students and the teachers, are doing nothing but listening to the announcement like a bunch of idiots. Even though the announcer clearly said that everyone needs to evacuate already.

As for me though...

"Oi! Where do you think you're goi-"

I already blasted off and is currently running across the hallways.

I'm so fast that before anyone could even react, or the announcement to even be finished, I'm already running out of the room. I just grabbed my bag, that's all. About the others, I could hardly give a flying fuck about any of them.

Besides, almost all the people here are pretty stupid. So much so that in the Anime, they did not move their asses off, and only did so after the announcer got literally eaten alive by the zombies on speakers.

Why in the world would i associate myself with such people then?

Also, once the announcement is done and the announcer is done in, chaos will ensue everywhere.

Being in the middle of that is the last thing i would want.

The fact that the pacing of the zombies in the anime, if my memory serves me right, is quite questionable too.

One moment, it's normal, then all of sudden, zombies are everywhere. It's so weird that even they themselves are aware of it.

In the first episode, the moment the MC of this world saw the first bite in the gate, to him grabbing thot 1 and her soon to be dead boyfriend out of their class, shouldn't have taken at least 5 minutes to happen.

But for some reason, in that short amount of time, zombies are already everywhere across the school as if they just spawned out of nowhere.

The fact that the bite wounds takes so much time before fully transforming a person into a zombie makes everything even more questionable.

In any case, overall, the infection that happened in this school had spread alarmingly fast.

More reason for me to make haste.

But of course, there's no way i could have done that so smoothly can I.


Cause even the main characters of this world still encountered a lot of zombies along the way, even though they literally ran off before the announcement about the violence even happened.


That's why no matter how fast i reacted about the announcement, I really wouldn't make much difference.

Obstacle is inevitable.


That's why right now, ahead of me, three zombies are standing in the way. Walking towards my direction slowly but surely.

And as if this situation couldn't get any worse...

[ NO! HELP ME!— ]

[ .... GYAAAAAA!!!! ]

The announcer was finally done, in life.

And since that is the case, as if on cue... all hell finally breaks loose.


Screams reverberated across the entire school as chaos among students ensued.

Now, since screams are equal noises... and given how noises are pretty much a steroid for the zombies here, they became much more active as they already are.

Making my life here, even more greaat. What a time to be alive.



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