6 Chapter 6

At some point, I'm surrounded by nothing but darkness.

Can't see anything but black.

But then, when a certain time passed, something in me clicked. A familiar feeling bounced through my entire being.

The feeling of existence. The air that is being inhaled in my lungs. The moving vision inside my eye. The sound that comes from outside. The clothes wrapped around my body. Basically how it feels to exist.

So, knowing that I'm actually existing, and not just floating in wherever I'm floating a few moments ago, I unknowingly opened my eyes... and what greeted me, is a ceiling.

A normal and unsuspicious-looking ceiling.

What did I do after that?

Obviously, I hurriedly tried to find out the state of my current situation.

Well, who would blame me when my most recent memory is literally me being decapitated by a guy wearing a mask?

So upon opening my eyes, I instinctively wiggled some of my limbs.

Just to see if I still have a body down there or not... and thankfully, I got a response in the form of sensation. Meaning, I still have a movable body.

So, I got up and then hurriedly check myself.

First, I touched my neck... It's intact.

Second, my clothes... It's fresh and different from what I wore before. Which is pretty weird but I couldn't care less about it for now, cause I'm about to check the most important part of my body.

My PP. Which is also still there. Same as before, cute and humble.

Overall, my body is feeling fine.

So, finding out that I'm pretty much intact, It's my surroundings' turn... so I looked around, scanning the current place I'm in.

A bedroom. Most likely, my own bedroom. Well, I know myself better than anyone, so... Even though the entire layout is different, I know my bedroom once I see it.

After scanning the room, I immediately stand up, goes to the nearest window then look outside.

Discreetly of course... my recent experience made me like that.

Upon looking outside, I saw some normal-looking houses everywhere. Also, the setting is pretty peaceful.

More importantly, there are people. Normal, regular, not murder-seeking, unmasked, kind of people.

Only after finding all those facts, I finally decided to let my guard down and then sighed in relief.

With this, I can finally conclude the results of this whole short investigation.

I've been isekai'd... Again.


I'm currently sitting on my bed, massaging my hair while mindlessly staring at the floor.

A habit of mine that I unconsciously do whenever I'm under such great stress.

Well, for me, I just died a few moments ago, and now for some reason, I'm alive again.

It did not hit me at first but as moments passes by, bit by bit, my brain started coping with everything.

It's like... Ooh, I just died. And unlike the first time, I was literally murdered... And I felt all that down to my very bones.

And even for me, who's a guy that is pretty much okay with almost anything that I experienced so far, that is no easy thing. That's why right now, I'm here, digesting everything one at a time.

Cause there's so much thing to process...

First of all that, is me dying.

I know I died, I felt it happening down to my very bones.

So when I opened my eyes earlier, I know that everything that happened is no wet dream of mine. All that happen, happened for real. Hundred thousand percent.

Moving on to the second point. Me waking up.

Since It's already given that I already died, why did I wake up just now then? Simple. I've been Isekai'd. Again.

Well, to be fair, It's pretty obvious. It's not like I need a PHD to know this kind of stuff.

Me dying, then waking up in another place? That's one of the most generic plots for an Isekai. Besides, this is not my first rodeo. I've been isekai'd for literally the third time now.

Now given with all these facts, a question popped up in my mind. A pretty wild question at that.

"... Do I get Isekai whenever I die?"

Cause it's pretty obvious that I'm not in the same world as I'm in before.

This world is not my original world. It's pretty identical but no. Just no.

This is also not the High Rise Invasion's world. Yeah, don't ask me how I know the title now. I just do for some reason. Probably an enlightenment or some sort back then before I died.

Just like the saying... Your life flashes in front of you before you die.

Going back to the topic.

So, this whole thing only makes my assumptions that I did not dream everything, more reasonable. Cause if I did, I would have just woken up in one of those worlds, but no. I woke up in a new one.

In short, again... Isekai. And since this happened for the third time, what would happen if I die again?

"... Do I wake up in another place again?"

If I do...

"... What world would it be?"


"... Does anything correlate to how I died?"


"... Do I need to die naturally?"

If so...

"... Do suicide not count?"

If that's the case...

"... How about I kill myself now to test it ou-"


"... Aah~ that f*cking hurts." I slapped myself just now.

Over time, my thoughts are getting crazier. I... am pretty much aware of this.

This is not the first time this happened. This always happens whenever stress builds up in me.

The reason why I'm some sort of weeb in the first place... despite my very contradicting background.

I do some weeby stuff as a distraction. To distract me from these crazy inner thoughts of mine.

Honestly, this probably came out now since I've been through a lot today.

"... I should probably sleep for now," I said as I slumped my body back into bed. "... Let the me tomorrow deal with all this sh*t."

I already saw what was outside earlier, and it looks pretty peaceful. At least that's how peaceful looks like to me. That's why I decided to sleep now without any worries.


New day, new me.

Obviously, upon waking up this morning, I immediately did the most obvious thing to do after being Isekai'd.

Knowing the me of this world. Which, is pretty anti-climactic.

Just like before, in this world, I am me. I am also parentless, yada yada.

Other than the school I go to and the house that I lived in, nothing changed much really.

I'm still a high school student, living alone, and have some questionable amount of money.

Well, actually, other than that, there's something more...

I found it earlier this morning when I'm searching my bedroom for more information about me.

It's in my closet.

There, I found a familiar-looking bag.

Inside that bag were some cool-looking clothes, some consumables, a screwdriver, a ragged rope, a sharpened metal, and... a good ol' silenced pistol that has one bullet in it.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah, that's because this is the same bag, same outfit, and same items, that I had in the High Rise Invasion world before I died.

I don't know how they got Isekai'd as well, but I like to think that my stuff got here because of the works of... Imagination.

Yeah, that'll do for now. Well, I don't really want to think hard about it really.

I decided to not ask the questions that I know I won't get answers to anyway. It'll just make my head hurt if I started thinking about this kind of stuff again.

Besides, right now, what's important is that I got reunited with my boys. Nothing more nothing less.

Whatever world I am currently in, as long as I am with my ass-kicking buddies, it doesn't really matter. Actually, jokes aside. I do need to know what world I'm currently in.

It's good that I have something to rely on right off the bat, but getting caught off guard like before is not really good. After experiencing it, I don't plan to sign up for another one again.

Though that doesn't mean I'm running away. No, in fact, I'll run into it head-first if needed.

But this time, unlike before, I will be prepared. No matter what I dived into, won't surprise me anymore. Cause whatever this world throws at me, I will accept it with open arms.

I might die but... it doesn't really matter at this point.

I mean, what's the worse thing that could happen to me at this point right?


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