2 Chapter 2

Another three months passed, and I still failed to find any clue about where the hell am I. In those other three months, No System awakening has happened, and No Isekai goddess or any spirits have come to me, not that it matters anyway since I already gave up on that idea.

Not that I mind if that still happens.

And since that is the case, what can I do but just keep going at it and live my life... But, I'm getting bored.

I need something to spice up my life. I need more genre in it. And that's why I'm in my current situation.

I'm currently on the backside of our school. And In front of me is a Girl. But not just any Girl though, cause this girl right here is one of the most popular girls in our school.

The infamous "Queen" of our school.

Anyone can probably guess already what is happening here.

"... I— I'm sorry but I don't plan to date someone else right now. I'm really sorry!"

The girl said as she walks away.

Yes, I made a love confession and... just got rejected.

"*sigh* Another Failure." I muttered as I too left the area and go towards the nearest vending machine.

As you can see, I'm not that affected.

Why? Because this is probably my 15th rejection already.

No, it's not because I'm not good-looking, definitely not the case believe me. I'm at least in the mid-class in that criteria.

If there's a reason, It's probably because all the girls that I'm confessing to are the most popular ones. Yes, those that were too out of my league.

Why? Well, I'm just trying out my luck. I'm trying to see if I have some of those Romcom MCs kinds of luck... You know, A pretty average guy confesses to a beautiful girl then for some reason, she suddenly accepted it.

Yeah, unfortunately, it seems that I don't have that, but still, can't blame the man for trying...

"Oh well... Looks like Mishima-san is the next one on my confession list."

And yes, I'm not giving up. Cause just as a wise man once said, Try and try until they succ seed.

Now someone might ask me what am I doing this for? And my answer to that is pretty simple. Cause I want to get laid.

Yeah, just for that sole purpose. But still, Fate might play its strings and I might fall in love with the girl and take it seriously, I don't know. If that happens then it's a good thing, but right now, I just want nothing but that.

People might call me a Scumbag for having these kinds of thoughts but... I don't care.

Is it that bad that I want to at least touch a live-breathing pussy before I f*cking die again? I already experienced how short life is. Helicopter-chan doesn't give a single sh*t.

But hey, that is my sole reason, but that doesn't mean I am desperate. Because if I really am, then I should have approached a random mob-looking girl instead... that way I could have had a high chance of succ seeding.

But no. I have my own standards. If push comes to shove, any kind of girl that has a decent face will do.

But that wasn't the case yet... Right now, I'm just merely testing the waters. It's still all about my chance and luck.

Ding~ Ding~

I continued grumbling to myself until I heard the bell ring, signaling that our break is almost over. I then quickly finished drinking my soda before walking back to my classroom.

*Opening door SFX*

I entered the classroom without even batting an eye. Some glanced at me and some didn't, I don't care that much actually as some of them are just nothing but nosy people. They keep whispering to themselves... if they like to call it that.

Cause even a deaf person can hear their so-called whispers.


They might be talking about how I got rejected again. Yeah, I'm pretty known for it. Probably.

I grabbed my chair and sit.

Over time, seeing that I gave zero f*cks about them murmuring about me, they all stopped caring and goes back to whatever they were doing before.




"... Did I come too early, or our teacher is just late?"

Right now, as usual, I'm doing nothing but fiddling with my phone. As much as I like to fiddle more, I started to notice that our Teacher is late. Well, that's kinda new since usually, before even the break ends, she is already standing in front of our door. Like some athlete sprinter waiting for the gun to fire.

Well, not that I mind if this happens but, I just can't help but wonder...

"Oh well, this is good too. At least I can take a... Hmm?"

But, as I was planning to do my sacred act of napping, something outside the window managed to catch my attention.

Our school is a pretty big building you see, and it was located in a highland district so just from my window, I can almost see the entirety of the city nearby. Not to mention that our classroom is on the somewhat highest floor.

"... A tower?"

Yes, and from there, I saw a tower.

From the normal-looking buildings I saw, there, stood a massive tower in the middle of the city. It's pretty far from here but I can make a wild guess of its exact position.

But that particular tower is weird... Do you know why? Because it's too f*cking TALL. Its height is thrice the height of the buildings beside it. Its shape is also a bit weird, if I can compare it to something, it looks like the edgier version of the Eiffel Tower.

But that's not all, I didn't see that tower yesterday, nor heard it on news... there's no way a project like that wouldn't gather attention from the media.

It literally came out of nowhere.


I'm not sure what that tower is but that looks oddly familiar. I already realized that this is an Anime World, so that tower is probably the "trademark" I was looking for. But...

My thought was cut off when I noticed something weird.

"It's quiet..."

The sound of the screeching chairs, the music from a nearby speaker, and of course, my nosy classmates... all of that disappeared.

"Too quiet."

Suddenly, the classroom turned silent. It's so sudden that I barely even noticed it.

I immediately looked back, just to see why everything and everyone had gone silent... but when I turned my head, I saw that I'm not even in my classroom anymore.

"... Did I just get isekai'd again?"

I looked at my surroundings and see that, I'm in some office-like room. The same room where office workers tend to do their job. The window near me changed too, and the same for the scenery outside. As I said, it was too sudden that I barely even noticed it. I look away for a second and everything changed.

"... That tower, me being isekai'd again, and this eerie room."

I said as I then took a peek outside the window.

"Hmm... No people on the streets."

I then glanced at the nearby buildings...

"... The buildings look pretty empty too."

Hmm– Now where have I seen this kind of plot before?

This scene for me is oddly familiar. I'm pretty sure that whatever this story is, I have read it before. Now, I just need to remember what it is.

But there is one thing I know for sure. I have read and watched too many thriller series already for me to guess that this is not your ordinary happy-happy story.

This kind of setting usually involves some killings. Maybe some superpowers or weapons, if not then, zombies? There might be some kind of death games too.

"... Hmm~"

But as I was in the middle of my thoughts, I suddenly heard something outside the room I was in.


I slowly stand up, avoiding making any sort of noise, and slowly find cover at one of the tables in this room.

I then slowly made my way toward the door and listen more carefully to the sound.

I know that what I'm doing is probably dangerous, but I'm not going anywhere by just hiding here.

*Kruuuuuu- kang!*

Listening carefully, I recognize that the noise is probably coming from some sort of metallic item... that was getting dragged across the floor.


The sound keeps getting louder... indicating that it's getting closer to my location.

Knowing that I slowly go all fours on the floor and then peek at the small gap beneath the door.

The sound is so close, meaning, it's already in front of the door.


It was then, that I saw it. The source of the loud noise.

It's someone. And that someone is dragging some kind of sledgehammer. But what made me perked up is that... on the sledgehammer, a thick and red fluid was flowing, leaving a trail behind as that certain "someone" dragged it with seemingly no care at all.

"... Blood" I muttered.

That "someone" seems to have not noticed my presence here. He just passed by and continues walking until I can't hear him anymore. But I didn't relax as I stand as slowly as possible and avoid making any kind of noise as I walked towards a certain corner.

Yep, as I go, I avoided the window's line of sight.

Why? Since right now, I finally managed to figure out the world I was in.

Call it as some sort of enlightenment due to the extreme adrenaline rush I'm feeling.


As I sit on the floor, I finally managed to calm down and get a breather.

"... Haa~ That tower and this setting. No wonder I didn't manage to realize everything immediately."

It is a story I know, I have read it, but not until the end. I only managed to read until chapter 30 or something close to that before dropping for a reason I don't remember.

It's been a while since I saw that manga but I'm pretty sure that I still remember some important events and information from it. But since I only managed to read till around 30, my information is lacking. Greatly Lacking. Heck, I don't even remember the name of that Manga.

But the important thing is, now I know where I am, at least I know to some extent the level of danger I will face and some rules of this world.

But there is one piece of information I know that brings light to my darkest world and made me casts a smile on my face.

And it is about the fact that...

"... This world is full of idiots."


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