20 Chapter 20

It turns out that the moment you join the game, you will be given 1 hour of protection from any battle invitation sent to you by other Players.

The game probably did it upon taking into consideration that there's a high chance that newbie Players might faint and be vulnerable to more experienced players after the snake biting happen.

Though it seems that this completely went over my head since I admittedly, embarrassingly, overslept quite a bit. I know that the situation has a high chance of being dangerous and the moment I regained consciousness, I need to wake up immediately.

In my defense, I woke up. But after seeing how cold it has become and that it's raining strongly outside... I said "fuck it" and became unconscious again.

Well, I indeed am aware that this is such a careless action on my part but, can't really blame the man for choosing the sleep option in such a heavenly condition. Not sleeping in such a condition is actually more of a disgrace to the natural law of the man itself.

Overall, the moment my eyelids opened up again, it was already morning and a day has already passed. Well, throughout those past hours nothing major happened so, I guess that in the end, it doesn't really matter that I fell asleep.

In any case, upon waking up and checking my phone, and seeing Darwin's app already installed in it... I guess that confirms that I am an official player already. That sooner or later, whether I like it or not, I gotta participate in this deathmatch of a game as well in order to survive too.

Anyways, speaking of being an official player already, well... it seems that what I did for my preparation to hide my true identity was quite useless since the game decided to ignore all that and publicized my personal information anyway.

I'm quite unhappy about this development but I guess there's no more I can do about it. Well, I tried changing it immediately upon finding it out but it seems that not only do I need to waste my precious points to do it, but I also need to unlock that certain feature that allows me to do that very thing.

In the first place, other than my profile, I really can't access anything in the app. It seems the game itself was telling me to go out there first and play the game before it allows me to have the actual good shit. Probably to test if I'm even worth it.

Well, I don't mind doing that. I planned to do that very thing anyway... just not now. Probably be tomorrow or later. I mean, I have to learn my Sigil first, don't I? It would be unfair to go out there and encounter a battle without fully comprehending what my Sigil can do.

For me, a guy that doesn't possess such a magical thing called plot armor, that's just outright suicide.

In any case, unto the Sigil training arc I go, hence the reason why I am in the place I am currently in. An empty big port with no people in sight. Probably the most ideal place for doing such a thing.

Now, as how it was depicted in the manga, using sigils for Players should be as easy or natural as breathing air in and out of your body.

Not gonna lie, the moment I heard that for the first time, I thought it was bullshit. But now that I am experiencing it beforehand, as surprising as it is, I guess it really works that way.

Cause the moment I regained my consciousness last night, despite me just going back to sleep again, I actually found out that in my head, there was this one lingering sensation going around now. The first time I noticed it, I found it weird cause it wasn't there before but, for some reason, I did not really mind it.

Now for the sensation itself, well, I can't really explain how it feels or how it works but at the very least, I seemed to know what is it for.

To make the long story short, thankfully, I already know how to use my Sigil. Or at the very least, know how to activate it.

Though, I am aware that knowing how to activate my sigil is massively different from knowing how to use it. The exact reason why I am doing what I decided to do right neow.

Now going onto the topic of my own Sigil.

What I got is called, Spell Book.

As much as I want to be proud and brag about it, in the end, in scaling potential, it's really nothing to be hyped about.

In practicality and sustainability, I guess it's pretty decent, but if you think about it... in the canon, there's literally a guy here that can cut the space itself and teleport almost indefinitely. Hell, there's even this random girl that got the ability that everything she touches explodes.

All of that compare to mine, it's just plain embarrassing.

Now to explain what my Sigil, or what Spellbook can do, well, it's pretty obvious what it does just by looking at its name.

I can summon a book. And that book is supposed to be a book that contains spells. Spells that I can obviously, cast. Hence making that book... a Spellbook.

Though here's the thing. I actually disagree with how the game system itself called my sigil a "book". Cause usually, a book is supposed to be composed of many pages.

But this Spellbook of mine only has a whooping three pages inside it, making it more of a pamphlet than an actual book. Fuck it, some pamphlet probably has more pages than this. And to make matters worse, per page of this book, contains only one spell.

Now to summarize it all, this supposedly Spellbook only gave me 3 spells to use.

Goddamit, so much for a fucking book.

Well, to be fair, the Spellbook itself is kinda neat since it can just float around me and I don't need to hold it in hand. I can even control it just by using my mind like I have some kind of telekinesis or something.

Also, walking around with a floating book circling around me is pretty badass. Just imagine the sick-ass intro I could make with this piece of garbage.

In regards to the pity spells it gave me, well... they were pretty okay too I guess.

Fireball, Ice Thorn, and Light Barrier. Simple spells and pretty straightforward at that but definitely usable for battles if used skillfully.

Anyways, overall, I am quite aware that compare to others out there who probably got nothing but a bullshit radar, mine was clearly better by miles.

But can't blame me for being frustrated and salty about it, especially with how they advertised my sigil, which is completely full of misunderstanding. If they called it differently I would have been fine, but they just have to make my hopes up and then step on it with no remorse.

In any case, just like how I have been always doing it, at the end of the day, I will decide to just live with it no matter how shitty it feels. Besides, it's not like something will change if I kept going at it, that's why I got over my frustration as quickly as some fathers out there left their newborn children and decided to pour all my attention into the current training arc.

To which I would like to say, has been going on pretty well.

This training that I did was really fruitful and allowed me to deepen my understanding greatly and answer some important questions of mine regarding my sigil.

Actually, It didn't even take me that long to completely understand it all. Or at the very least, I think what I did was already all of it and that there's nothing more to learn.

In the first place, it's not like there's a lot to learn from.

In any case, I was already done before the night even hits, and is currently... still in the port. All while I was looking down at my phone.

Oh well, I actually planned to go home first and take a shower at least before "playing" the game but before I could even do that, a notification popped out on my phone.

It was a message notification that came from Darwin's game, and it says that... someone decided to fight me.

How foolish of them. Looking at the fight invitation, I couldn't help but laugh. It seems that someone out there is begging to see blood this early.

How cute. Goodness.

Oh well, at the very least, let's see who this sacrificial lamb that stumbled in my way.

[ Gutter ]

"Hmm, what a cute name."

[ B rank ]

"... I- Impressive."

[ 32 Battles 32 Wins ]

"Hmm, I see."



[ Would you like to accept your match with "Gutter"? ]

"Interesting indeed..."

[ You declined ]

[ Sorry. You cannot decline your first match ever. ]

[ The match will automatically start in 5 seconds. ]



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