666 Second Stage: Maestro Destroyer

As though every word that escaped his lips were laws, laws that even the world couldn't defy, an aurora like gasixed with massive amounts of energy and radiation shot out from him. 

Forming a violent storm that raged like a tsunami. The phantom image behind David was like a black hole, absorbing all of the energy, instantly solidifying into a real life image instead of just a phantom. 

This move had sucked every energy David had ever accumulated out from is body as the phantom image instantly solidified, turning into a real statue instead of the formation of light and energy of the past that it once was!!!

It's eyes were like headlights as they each glowed crimson and golden color with a slit at ten center of its eye brow.

Opening its mouth, the phantom spoke one word, giving a sidelong glance David.


All of a sudden, it waves its blade which was even taller than the surrounding mountains and swept it upwards! 


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