830 Nine Pulser Primal Monument (Fixed)

Even though David was weak, however he had entered the core of the Virtual Universe Corp. Hence, getting the opportunity to interact with the pinnacle of the human race and other unbelievable beings was not a surprise at all.

"Lord Destitute, Lord Destitute." A shout resounded.


With a gold band on his head and boots on his feet, an ape youth emitting a strong aura suddenly appeared at the entrance of the bronze door. He immediately bowed respectfully at Lord Destitute, and looking at David's group, he smiled from his eyes, "Lord Destitute, looks like my timing was just right. I'll be able to enter with them to participate. If I was a bit slower, I'd have to wait another 7 days."

"Ah, you've broken through?" Destitute smiled as he looked at the ape youth.

"Right, I've successfully passed the 6th level, thereby getting another 7 days to view and study the Monument." The Ape youth said.


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