659 "That Was Pathetic"

"I have underestimated you but I am no stranger to pure physical strength."

The words had just left his mouth when a loud explosion rang out from afar, accompanied by a loud whistling sound.

Before Artheston's words had faded, David had appeared before him like a flaming phantom, smashing his fist against his chest with strength that could shatter mountains.

A muffled sound echoed, sounding like pressure was been forcefully compressed into a tiny node in space as David's fist was forcefully halted with another. Compared to his gigantic fist, Atherton was like a broom stick compared David but he had managed to stop David's fist with his own.

As though their fists had been glued to each other, the forces collided against each other, creating a loud droning sound that increased violently along with the pressure in space.


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