Ms. Shen was Kissed Passionately by Her Rival Right After Reincarnating

Shen Bai's fiance cheated on her with her cousin! Not only did the two of them work together to kill her father, but they even tricked her like a fool by fully exploiting her and killing her in the end. After dying, Shen Bai's spirit remained in the same spot. To her surprise, she saw the man who had fought with her for a lifetime, the man she claimed to be crazy, exacting revenge on her behalf. He even held the urn that contained her ashes and said he loved her. Shen Bai was shocked. In the next moment, she reincarnated! She went back to the time before all these tragic events happened! Thinking about all the hatred and the hidden feelings the man had for her in the previous lifetime, she decided to seek revenge and also give the relationship an opportunity to flourish. Hence, Shen Bai looked for the man. "I've been cheated on, and I'm very upset. I want revenge. Can you help me? I can give you some reward in return." She smiled a little at the man. She was ready to accept his refusal. However, after a moment of silence, he replied in a devilish tone. "Sure. Sleep with me once." He thought Shen Bai was joking with him. That's why he intentionally made a request he knew she'd refuse. However, she was actually serious about it. When his dream came true, he held her tight in his arms like a prized treasure. "Shen Bai, you were the one who came to me first. You have to be responsible!"

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Bailey Shear was dead.

The girl's body was like a lifeless piece of white paper, hit by the truck that was out of control. She was thrown high into the air and then she gently landed.

She was originally prepared to settle the score with her beastly fiancé today. She had been deceived by his harmless and obedient appearance for a long time and believed him as if she was possessed. She even thought that this was the one she had been looking for for a long time.

However, he actually coveted her family's assets, killed her father, and got together with her cousin, Julia.

Bailey floated on the spot in silence, looking at the fireworks that kept blooming above her head and the figures of the playing children. The New Year atmosphere made her nose ache.

She rubbed her nose vigorously. She wasn't a girl who liked to cry. She had been strong-willed since she was young. Her father had never treated her as a girl and he gave her enough space and respect.

At the thought of her father, the girl's tears finally fell.

The sound of the siren gradually became louder, and the urgent buzzing of the ambulance shook Bailey until she was a little dazed.

The red and blue lights intersected and blurred her vision. In her daze, she saw a familiar figure.

It was Zachary, the youngest son of the Gaston family, the family who had been enemies with the Shear family for their entire lives!

She floated quietly in the air and looked at the man who usually loved to mock her. He pushed through the crowd and rushed to her side crazily.

Her body was already unrecognizable. It was so dirty that even she despised it. However, the man ignored it and hugged her body tightly, as if he wanted to rub her into his body.

Bailey saw that Zachary's light-colored high-end suit was dyed into a mess by her blood. She saw a few police officers come forward and pull him away. She also saw his red eyes and the tense veins on his neck.

The Shear and Gaston family had been fighting both openly and covertly for many years. Because they had business dealing with one other, they had never fallen out. However, Zachary had never looked her in the eye since she was young, and Bailey had never given this popular man, Zachary, a good attitude.

Even if the two of them brushed past each other, she only nodded at him arrogantly. Her impression of Zachary was only that of a mortal enemy and she was not very familiar with him.

Her ashes were brought home by Zachary.

Ever since the day of the car accident, he had lost his dignity for once. After going crazy, he returned to his noble and decent appearance.

Bailey really could not figure out what her arch-enemy was thinking. She could only watch as he touched her urn every night. At the same time, she felt a chill in her heart and an indescribable feeling.

In this world, he seemed to be the only one who remembered her.

Bailey floated gently and followed Zachary for a long time. She watched as the man set up the arrangements bit by bit. She watched as the man attended her funeral. He was rarely polite to Xavier, who was crying uncontrollably. She watched as the man entered Julia's family and business bit by bit.

Bailey had a bold guess, but she felt that she was overthinking.

It was until the day the man retracted his net, she watched as everything that Xavier and Julia had meticulously planned collapsed violently and quickly like a building.

Xavier died in the same place as her in the same way, but he died in the spring.

Branches with green buds, sparrows chirping and courting partners, and spring flowers everywhere, as if they were celebrating something.

Bailey had mixed feelings as she looked at the man who had curled himself up on the sofa with obvious exhaustion.

Zachary held her ashes in his hand and touched the ceramic urn in a daze. In a gentle tone she had never heard before, he muttered softly, "I love you so much, Bailey. Don't leave, okay?"

Bailey floated above his head. When she heard his words, she was thunderstruck and froze on the spot.

Bailey had always been a firm materialist.

However, what had happened recently had broken the view of the world she had built for more than 20 years.

Especially when the sworn enemy she had for her entire life, Zachary, not only helped her take revenge, but also hugged her ashes and muttered that he loved her. The shock of her world collapsing made her lose her focus for a moment. When she regained her senses, she realized that she had a feeling of stepping on solid ground that she had not felt for a long time. Not only that, but her surroundings had also changed.

"Bailey?" A familiar voice sounded.

Bailey was slightly stunned. She quickly turned his head and saw her father, whom she had missed for a long time.

Jeremy's hair was a little gray, and his lips curled into a doting smile as he looked at his slender daughter.

"Dad!" Bailey's voice was a little choked. She quickly walked towards her father, her high heels stepping out in a hurry. She reached out and gently wrapped her arms around her father.

"Sigh, what's wrong with you again, girl?" Jeremy was a little surprised, but he couldn't help but reveal a deeper smile.

"Bailey, it's time to leave." A thin hand pulled her.

Bailey looked over from the corner of her eye. It was Xavier, the hypocrite who had ruined her family.

"Is it?" Bailey followed his strength and turned her body. She was no different from the Bailey who had trusted him wholeheartedly. The only difference was her cold voice.

Xavier obviously did not hear it. He opened his round eyes and pretended to be innocent. "That's right! The Gaston family's banquet is about to start. Although Zachary doesn't like me, the Gaston family is still very useful to you. We can't be late!"

"Zachary…" Bailey was a little stunned as she said his name.

She could roughly guess that she had been reborn. God must have pitied her and specially given her another chance.

This time, she would definitely open her eyes and find the person who really treated her well, not give her heart to a beast.

"Let's go, Bailey." Xavier's urging voice brought her back to her senses.

"Dad, I'll go over then." Bailey bowed slightly and looked at her father, who was sitting on the sofa.

The woman was elegant and beautiful. The corners of her mouth and curved eyes were a little playful like a young girl.

"Bailey, if that kid from the Gaston family bullies you, come back and tell Dad. Dad will stand up for you!"

Jeremy's fierce expression couldn't help turn into a smile when he saw his daughter's playful and beautiful smile.

"Got it! Dad!"

She and Zachary…

The image of the man's well-defined fingers gently caressing the porcelain bone ash jar suddenly appeared in her mind. Bailey's emotions were a little complicated, and she couldn't help but purse her lips.

"What's wrong, Bailey?" Xavier's voice was filled with concern. "Did the driver drive too fast and got you carsick?"

Bailey's expression was dark. In her previous life, she had been completely deceived by this guy's thoughtfulness. Now it seemed that it was not easy for him. He even had to notice such a small expression on her face. It was a pity that he did not put his efforts on the right track.