Cancellation Of Engagement

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Instead of getting furious or cursing at those people like before, this time around, she treated them as air. She kept her back straight and walked forward elegantly.

She did not even spare a look at Gu Xiuying as she passed her by. It was as if Gu Xiuying was a ridiculous clown in the middle of the path.

Gu Xiuying's face turned red with anger. She had intended to scorn Gu Chaoyan, but at this moment and in this place, she could do nothing but control her temper.

Gu Chaoyan ceased her steps as she entered the hall.

Three exquisitely dressed men were seated in the hall of the front yard.

On the top seat, was a man dressed in a snowy white robe with an auspicious looking belt around his waist. He had a great quality ink jade attached to the belt. A jade crown was nestled between his hair.

He looked so cold as if he had no interest in anyone in the room, not even in Gu Chaoyan, towards whom he showed no emotion. There was no disdain or loath in his eyes because of her appearance.

That made Gu Chaoyan feel a little bit better. At least, he seemed to treat her and everyone else equally, even if it was with indifference.

But as far as she could figure out according to the original host's memory, she had no idea who this man was. Judging from the way he was dressed and the air he gave out, he seemed to be a man with a noble status. Otherwise an arrogant man like Lu Jiming would not have allowed him to occupy the highest seat.

Before Lu Jiming could speak, Gu Zhenkang, her father, stood up impatiently and bellowed at Gu Chaoyan with his out-stretched fingers. "Greet Lord Huai and Prince Lu Jiming now. Are you trying to bring more shame to the Gu Mansion?"

Gu Chaoyan ignored her father.

She greeted Lord Huai and Lu Jiming in a proper and calm way. Her manner was elegant, resolute, and sharp. "I am Chaoyan, a commoner. Please accept my greetings, Lord Huai, Prince Lu Jiming, and father."

After she finished the salutation, she stood there motionlessly.

Zhou Huaijin could not help but take another look at her. She might be a bit overweight, but her eyes were clear and she had a poise about her. Even if she got to know that he was Lord Huai, she hadn't lost her composure while greeting him. This behaviour was different from that of the usual noble girls of the city. She was quite unlike how the rumor had described her. Interesting!

Chaoyan's unusual reaction didn't go unnoticed by Lu Jiming, who was a bit surprised as well. Yet that feeling went away in a moment.

He had wanted to cancel his engagement with Gu Chaoyan for a long time and today was the final chance. He could not possibly give up the idea because of her slightly better behaviour. During the past few years, he had been mocked enough due to his engagement with Gu Chaoyan. He was the Prince of the Duke Changning, and had all the rights to marry a better girl.

Why must he marry this hideous girl?

Obviously, he had totally forgotten about how he almost lost his life, but for Gu Chaoyan's mother.

He showed absolute disdain on his face and said, "Gu Chaoyan, I am here today to cancel my engagement with you, with Lord Huai as my witness here. Don't start with your emotional blackmail again. I know you love me deeply, but you have to look at yourself in your own urine before aspiring for me!"


He continued speaking in a raised voice. "This engagement has to be cancelled today, whether you like it or not."

Gu Ruxue gestured to a maid to bring a paper and pen immediately.

Lu Jiming grabbed the pen and started to write. It was as if he could not wait for even one more second.

Before he could write anything…

Lu Jiming suddenly thought of how Gu Chaoyan might possibly do something crazy again, so he said to two servant girls, "Both of you go and hold her down, in case this ugly weirdo plans to do something stupid."