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Actually the previlage has to be cancelled but I couldn't cancel it on time. 

When I asked the management, they notified that it was already past the cancellation date and that I have to cancel it next month. 

As my main exams are about to start....I can't write any epilogue chapters right now. 

But I will slowly write those ans replace the chapters which has this content! 

That is the reason I requested you guys not to take previlage because book is already at end. 

But I assure you that I will give you epilogue before previlage chapters gets cancelled. At least like this I can make it little fair for you guys. 


In meanwhile, you can start my second book 'The devil's little Villainess'. 

I alreay had enough stock pile to it and I might update it everyday. And whenever i will be free of exams I will write epilogue and change it. 


Guys.... this is the first chapter of my second book... Hehe


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