1 A Chance Encounter

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In April, a moderate spring rain had just fallen upon Jing City. The spring rain was continuous and soaked through the dry ground.

Song Ruyi loaded the takeout orders onto the back seat of her electric tricycle. After making sure that they would not fall off halfway, she turned around and carried her daughter, Song Wanwan, who was waiting beside her.

"Mommy." Song Wanwan, who was not even three years old, hugged her neck and called out sweetly.

The little girl loved spending time with her mother the most. No matter what her mother did, as long as she could be with her, the little girl would be satisfied.

"Ruyi, it just rained. Who knows if it will still be raining when you come back later? How about this? You put Wanwan down, and I'll watch over her. It's not mealtime yet, so the shop isn't very busy. It'll be faster if you go alone."

Just as Song Ruyi was about to set off, the shop owner, Zhao Xiaoxiao, ran out of the shop. She had always felt sorry for Song Ruyi, a woman who was divorced and had to care for a child alone. She had never experienced the hardships of it, but she could empathize with Song Ruyi.

That was why Zhao Xiaoxiao agreed without a second thought when Song Ruyi brought her child along for the job application.

The base salary for other workers was 2,000 yuan plus commission, but she gave Song Ruyi a base salary of 3,000 yuan plus commission.

The child was young, so she would need to drink milk. No matter how cheap milk powder was, it would cost at least a few hundred yuan per tin.

Adults could maybe skimp when it came to basic needs, but they could not let a child suffer.

Song Ruyi was hardworking and had a good attitude in attending to customers. In the past year, she had almost zero negative reviews.

The lady boss was extremely satisfied with her. She had also watched Song Ruyi grow up, so she doted on her.

However, before Song Ruyi could reject the offer, Song Wanwan was already unhappy. "No, I want to be with Mommy. Mommy told me that I can go wherever she goes when I don't have to go to kindergarten."

Song Wanwan tugged at Song Ruyi's clothes tightly, afraid that she would carry her down from the bike.

"That's not necessary, Sister Xiaoxiao. I'll bring her along. It probably won't be raining for a while. This job is very convenient anyway. I can just send these to the front desk of their company, all at once." Song Ruyi declined Zhao Xiaoxiao's kind offer.

She knew that Zhao Xiaoxiao and her colleagues in the restaurant had always taken good care of the two of them. Her job was usually easy, and she was given the convenience of not having to climb the stairs.

Moreover, the advertising company that had placed the order was not very far away. It would only take her about ten minutes to get there by tricycle. The lunch boxes were also packed very well. It would be very convenient for her to take her child there.

Wanwan was also very sensible. Whenever Song Ruyi delivered takeout to others, she would usually walk or jog beside her. She would not let her mother carry her.

Song Ruyi's obedient daughter was very considerate. For her, it was worth all the hardships she had to endure.

"Alright then. Wanwan, you have to be good. You have to take care of your mother," Zhao Xiaoxiao reminded the little girl.

"Yes, I will. Bye-bye, Aunt Xiaoxiao."

Song Ruyi let Song Wanwan hold onto the handles properly before she started the tricycle.

Zhao Xiaoxiao's tireless exhortation could be heard. "Since you have a child with you, ride slowly. There's no need to rush."

"Got it."

After Song Ruyi delivered the lunchboxes, the people from the advertising agency knew that it was inconvenient for her to bring her child along, so they took the initiative to follow her outside to sign the receipt.

Song Ruyi was very grateful to them. After signing the receipt, she tore off a copy and handed it to the other party. "If there's a problem with the takeout orders, give me a call. You can also write a suggestion on our platform. Thank you."

"You're welcome. We've been working together for so long. Our boss trusts Zhao Xiaoxiao and you. Goodbye, Lil' Wanwan."

"Goodbye, sister."

Song Wanwan did not even raise her head. She sat on the bike and studied the handlebars.

She kept turning tilted her little head and wondered, 'Why is it that the bike moves when the handlebars are turned?

'Isn't this too magical?'

Song Ruyi inserted the key and sat on the bike before putting the receipt into her fanny pack.

Every day, the company would order sixty takeout meals at noon. She would receive a one-yuan commission on each takeout meal, so the commission on this order would be sixty yuan. Song Ruyi was very happy.

Just as she was feeling happy, she did not notice that Wanwan had acted on her curiosity. The bike suddenly jerked. Song Ruyi could not zip up her fanny pack. She subconsciously grabbed the handles of the electric bike and extended her leg at the same time. She first protected Song Wanwan, then she immediately stepped on the brakes.

Even though Song Ruyi had reacted in the shortest time, it was still too late. With a bang, the tricycle crashed into the obstacle in front of them.

Song Ruyi lowered her head to look at her daughter. She found that Song Wanwan was fine, but her little face was pale from the shock.

She reached out to pat her daughter's back gently as a form of silent comfort.

Then, she raised her head to look at the 'obstacle' in front that their bike hit.

At the next second, Song Ruyi widened her eyes in shock.

It was a luxury car. She had seen that logo before.

Once at a workshop, someone had told her that it was best to stay away from those extremely expensive cars and not touch them.

That was because once she hit them, she would not be able to afford it given her abilities.

Song Ruyi hoped that the car would be fine. After all, such an expensive car should be of very good quality.

Nonetheless, she was wrong.

She saw that the tail light was already broken.

She knew she could not afford it, so she could only run away.

Just as she held onto the handlebars again and was about to ride away, Song Wanwan suddenly turned around and hugged her, crying loudly.

"Wah... Mommy, are you going to sell me to someone to pay for the damage?" Song Wanwan asked while crying. That was how it was played out on television.

She did not want to be sold to someone to compensate for the car. She wanted to be with her mom.

Song Ruyi just looked at her daughter.

'What does she think about all day?'

"I won't, I won't. Don't worry."

Song Ruyi patiently comforted the little girl. Even if she had to pay for the damage, she would use the money she earned from work. She would never think of selling her daughter to someone else to pay for the damage.

If it still would not work out, she still had one last resort.

This silly girl was making things up in her head.

After knowing that Song Ruyi would not sell her, Song Wanwan immediately stopped crying.

She sniffed and asked in disbelief, "Really?"

After all, it was said on television that bad and disobedient children were sold by their parents.

Her mother had said that she was not allowed to turn the handlebars, but she was disobedient and did it anyway. If she was disobedient, was she not a bad child?

"Of course," Song Ruyi said with certainty.

At this moment, a black silhouette stood in front of them. When Song Ruyi noticed the person, he said solemnly, "Miss, please get in the car."

Song Ruyi. "..."

"Our boss wants to talk to you about the compensation for the accident," the person continued.

Song Ruyi. "..."

'The owner is in the car?'

Song Ruyi lamented. 'Why are we so unlucky? Couldn't we have crashed into a luxury car where the owner isn't present?'

If that was the case, she would definitely choose to escape without a second thought.

Now that she had been caught on the spot, it was certainly impossible for her to escape.

Song Ruyi carried Song Wanwan and followed the man shakily. The man walked to the car and opened the car door, motioning for Song Ruyi to get in.

As such, Song Ruyi carried her child and got into the car.

She lowered her head and apologized without looking at the person. "I'm sorry. It was my fault. How do you want me to compensate you? Just tell me."

Song Ruyi felt what the other party wanted to see was her humble attitude.

At that moment, she felt that since something had happened, she should be brave enough to face it. If she escaped, she could have dodged it for a while, but the matter would always remain in her heart, making her feel uneasy.

Moreover, the road was full of surveillance cameras. If the owner wanted to investigate this matter, he would surely be able to track her down.

"When you speak, shouldn't you be more polite and look at the other person?" Lu Jingnan crossed his arms in front of his chest. He did not look good.

Song Ruyi. "..."

'Why is this voice so familiar?'

Next, she raised her head and looked at that person.

Instantly, she felt like she was struck by lightning. Her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

Song Wanwan saw that her mom had fainted and started crying again. "Mommy, Mommy, don't die..."

"Don't worry. Your mom isn't dead; she just fainted," Lu Jingnan said and thought, 'Out of fear.'

He did not say the last few words out loud.

"Uh, she's not dead?" The little girl rubbed her eyes. "How do you know?"

"Hmm..." Mr. Lu leaned over and stared at the unconscious woman. "I want to know too."

'Am I really that scary to her?

'This damn woman!'

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