Mrs. Lu, Let's Get Married Again Book

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Mrs. Lu, Let's Get Married Again

Lattice Bug

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Three years ago, to save her mother, Song Ruyi married the richest person in Cloud City, Mr. Lu. Three years later, Song Ruyi took a little kid as they sped along Jing City's streets. One day, out of curiosity, the little child turned the electric car's acceleration handle when Song Ruyi wasn't looking. She was horrified and quickly took control. Yet, they still rear-ended the back of the luxury car, and its lights were shattered. Song Ruyi was stunned. She had seen this luxury car in Mr. Lu's garage before, and he said it was extremely expensive. Even changing the light bulb alone would take her more than a couple of years of doing deliveries. Song Ruyi wanted to run. Her child hugged her and cried. "UWAAAHH, Mommy, you're not selling me off to pay for the car, right?" She was speechless. What is this child thinking? "Don't worry, Mommy won't do that." Song Ruyi calmed the child down, but at the same time missed the best opportunity to escape. A black shadow soon stood before them. "Ma'am, please get in the car." "…" The owner of the car is in the vehicle? Song Ruyi carried her boy jittery as she entered the car, and the moment she saw the person behind the car, she was dumbstruck and immediately fainted. Before she fainted, she could hear the child cry again. "Mommy! Don't die!" "Don't worry, your Mommy isn't dead. She just only fainted." Yeah, fainted out of fright. Mr. Lu did not put words to the last sentence. "Uh, she is not dead?" The child squirmed. "How would you know?" "Because…" Mr. Lu looked over as he stared at the fainted woman. "I want to know too." Is he, Lu Jingnan, that scary in this damned woman's eyes? So much so that she fainted the moment she saw him?


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