7 Wait For Me Tonight

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Chenyan glared at Yuan Xuan coldly with an emotionless look on her face!

A feeling rose from the bottom of her heart and she wished that the man right in front of her could just disappear so that they will never, ever have to meet again!

"Do you want to burn me into ashes right now?"

Seeing how she stayed silent, Yuan Xuan sneered and his abnormally handsome face seemed extremely malicious!

He caressed her lips with his rough fingers and his dark eyes were like little stars in the sky.

From the reflection of his dark eyes, Mu Chenyan saw her pale face and she felt the dangerous aura around him!

"Yuan Xuan, did you think that I would still be obsessed with you like how I was before?"

Mu Chenyan's voice was hoarse and trembling. However, the look on her face was extremely vicious!

"You killed my father and ruined the Mu Family. Now you expect me to leave the past behind and remained the Mu Chenyan from before?

"I've died once, and now I won't be that dumb!"

After saying that, Mu Chenyan attempted to push the man away with a determined look on her face!

Yuan Xuan strengthened his grip on her to prevent her from escaping.

Seeing how he shamelessly held onto her and both of them did not have any clothes on...

She swung her hand furiously and a loud slap was heard. Her palm landed right on Yuan Xuan's face!

A slap mark could be seen clearly on his face!

For a moment, Mu Chenyan thought that Yuan Xuan would strangle her to death!

In Luo Hai City, the Southeast Coast, and Country Z, there were only less than 10 people who dared to hit Yuan Xuan.

Mu Chenyan, the woman who was once so obsessed with him actually slapped him after not seeing him for such a long time!

Yuan Xuan smiled oddly, his dark eyes hinted a murderous intent.

"Slap me? You will need to pay the price!!"

He moved closed to her ears and continued saying in a ghostly soft voice, "The Mu Family has fallen already. Do you think you can escape from me?"

Mu Chenyan shivered and glared at Yuan Xuan!

"So what if your father is still alive? Don't forget that I was the one who hired a lawyer for you during your two years in prison!

"If the Mu Family treated you like their daughter, would they just let you rot in prison all by yourself?

"Do you still hate me because of them?

"I think, even in prison you should have known that your parents met with an accident when they tried to escape with their money!"

Mu Chenyan's body trembled uncontrollably. Yuan Xuan saw how weak she was and he said sarcastically,

"Pfft, look at you, how pitiful. While you were in deep trouble, they were planning to give up on you and run away. Do you still think that the Mu Family cares about you?

"You seemed as though the top socialite in Luo Hai City, but I'm afraid that you know the truth very well, right?"

Mu Chenyan was shocked. She had no choice but to admit that each and every word that Yuan Xuan said was true!

All these years, she had been in denial of the truth. While she was in the Mu Family, she did not actually live like a true socialite!

It was something so private, how could Yuan Xuan expose such a bloody truth just like that?

The man saw the anger in her eyes and he pressed his lips against hers without any warning!


A pointless struggle!

Feeling the warmth on her lips, Mu Chenyan felt as though she was burning from the heat.

She clenched her teeth, refusing him the opportunity to take things a step further. But the man grasped the back of her head with one hand and held her butt with his other hand, directly forcing both of their bodies to get intimately closer together.

As her mind got distracted, he forcefully pried open her clenched teeth and pushed his skillful tongue into her mouth!

Her breath was taken away and the volcano in the depths of her heart started exploding with hot lava!

Yuan Xuan kissed her fiercely, as though he was taking revenge on her for slapping him.

Inch by inch, step by step, until she had given up on struggling. She leaned against him weakly in a bid to regain her rights to breathe.

Yuan Xuan looked at her bright red face from being out of breath. Probably because her features were too exquisite, even if she did not take care of herself properly during the two years in prison, she still looked better than those who wore a face of heavy makeup.

He caressed the hair resting on her forehead and whispered in her ears,

"After you're done taking a bath, eat something and wait for me tonight!"

Yuan Xuan's devilish smile caused Chenyan's entire body to tremble.

She understood what he meant!

Ridiculously, even though she was already married to Yuan Xuan, the kiss that they shared just now was actually their first kiss...

Nonetheless, the meaning behind Yuan Xuan's words was clear, he wanted more than just a kiss!

He wanted all of her!

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