Mr. Moon Rabbit, I'm Not Yours! Book

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Mr. Moon Rabbit, I'm Not Yours!


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Chan Lee inched away from him as she tried to find better words than yesterday, she had to let him know why this wasn't exactly good, “You’re starting to get comfortable being in the same bed as me, you know?” “I recall that you once felt bad for me always sleeping on the floor.” Xue tilted his head at her, his expression told her that he couldn't understand why she was even asking about it.  “So I decided to sleep on the bed.” It was the simplest decision for him. It seemed that his childlike innocence was still there—added with a dose of childish whinings. Although his requests as of late weren’t exactly that childlike, at least if you asked her. Asking for kisses, wanting to shower in the bathroom together?! . . . Taking in a legendary spirit is no small matter as they attract a lot of attention. And that's something that she doesn't thrive in. Chan Lee is an ordinary university student living a rather quiet life—if not a lonesome one. Until he arrives. He's the peculiar man who ends up on her roof one fateful night. The so-called Moon Bunny, who mistakes her for Chang'e. It may seem like all fun and games, but hiding from cultivators, secret societies and other interested individuals is harder than one may think. This is their story. ... It starts out with a relatively slow pace first and will be quite a slow burn romance. Volume 1: His Arrival ( Primarily Romance ) Chan Lee's life changes when Xue, a legendary spirit from the moon arrives and turns her life upside down with his gentle smile and all the troubles that comes along with hosting such a spectacular spirit Volume 2: Her Choices ( Drama ) The two of them are now living together and are at a new stage in their relationship, however, danger and troubles come at every corner and her decisions will make or break things . . . "Even if you no longer remember, I will always search for you." A love through multiple incarnatations and ages. This is the third time. The Official Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Coffee for Sleepy Author: https://ko-fi.com/cheldv Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020


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