3 Engagement

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"How dare you! Are you questioning my decision now? I'm still the head of the Zhou family. That's my decision." After saying that, Liu Huan looked at Zhou Yun and snorted coldly. "Zhou Yun, you have to get married either way."

Chen Shu lowered her head and mustered up her courage. "According to tradition, the marriage of a child should be arranged by the parents. Yun's father is still alive, so he should be the one making the decision."

Liu Huan did not expect Chen Shu, who usually did not cause trouble, to dare interfere with her decision. She casually grabbed the teacup beside her and threw it at Chen Shu's head.

Zhou Yun's gaze instantly turned sharp. Although she still did not know what was going on with the engagement, looking at the situation, there had to be something wrong with the man, right? Otherwise, her father wouldn't have refused to agree.

Seeing that her stepmother had just spoken up for her, Zhou Yun nimbly pulled Chen Shu to the side. In the next second, the teacup smashed into pieces behind Chen Shu.

Chen Shu looked at the shattered teacup behind her with lingering fear. If Zhou Yun had not pulled her back just now, she would have been bleeding on the spot.

Chen Shu looked at Zhou Yun gratefully.

Zhou De quickly stood in front of his wife and daughter to protect them. He said angrily, "Mom, if you're angry, come at me."

"Come at you?" Liu Huan snorted coldly. "Are you threatening me? Zhou De, don't think that I won't dare to attack you. You should think clearly about the consequences of going against me. I'm putting it out here that, if Zhou Yun doesn't marry, your family of five can forget about surviving in Deer City."

Zhou De did not expect his biological mother to be so cruel to him. His eyes were red as he said, "Then I'll leave Deer City with my wife and daughter. In any case, I won't let Yun marry into that family."

When Zhou Yun heard that Zhou De was going to take her away from Deer City, she instantly came to her senses. She had not investigated the matter of her mother suddenly choosing to commit suicide, so she could not leave.

It was just getting married. There was still room for discussion after first agreeing to it. Although she was not afraid that the old lady would make it difficult for her family to survive in Deer City, she really did not want to drag this problem on.

Taking a step back, even if they got married first and then divorced, it wouldn't be a big problem.

Hence, Zhou Yun hurriedly pulled Zhou De back and said, "I accept this engagement. Since I'm the eldest daughter of the Zhou family, I'll recognize it."

Zhou De had a look of disapproval on his face. He wanted to persuade Zhou Yun, but Liu Huan smiled and said, "Then this matter is settled. If there's nothing else, you should leave quickly. Seeing your family gives me a headache."

Zhou Cha immediately went behind Liu Huan and gently massaged her temples. She said with a pained expression, "Grandma, you worry too much about this family. I feel so heartbroken seeing all this."

Liu Huan patted Zhou Cha's hand and said with warmly, "You're the most filial one, unlike some people who almost make me burst a blood vessel."

Zhou Cha looked up slightly and gazed at the three people standing in the middle of the living room, her eyes dancing.

Zhou De snorted angrily and left with his wife and daughter.

When they got home, Zhou De and Chen Shu couldn't hold back from trying to persuade Zhou Yun.

"Yun, you just came back. You might not know about Young Master Fu. He used to be an ignorant and incompetent playboy. Now he's also crippled. I heard that he has a bad temper. Your father and I are really worried that you'll be bullied if you marry into the family." Chen Shu's eyes were filled with trepidation.

Zhou De, who was standing at the side, also advised earnestly, "Yun, listen to me regarding this marriage. Don't agree to it. I'll find time to personally go to the Fu family to decline it for you. Your grandmother and the others are coveting the Fu family's resources and betrothal gifts, so they planned to sell you in exchange for benefits."

Zhou Yun looked at the two middle-aged people before her and said, "Then what if we offend the Fu family?"

Zhou De sighed. "Even if we don't, I would've still lived like this. I don't have much to offer in this life. I'm already old, but still rely on my family's salary to support myself. At most, our family will leave Deer City. The world is vast; there'll always be a place to stay."

Zhou Yun was a little surprised to hear Zhou De's words.

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