10 Papa dragon's daughter! (2)

"Don't run away, you stinky kid!" one of the burly men said while chasing the girl who wide behind Xiaojun currently.

"No! You will never catch me!" the girl stuck out her tongue and looked up at Xiaojun, "Brother, they are trying to catch me. They want to kidnap me!"

The burly men stopped in front of Xiaojun, whose gaze could kill. Xiaojun stood silent, glaring at the men, "What is happening here?"

'Oh god, oh god, oh god, what if these people want to beat me up. I don't even know how to fight!' Xiaojun cried in his heart.

One burly man awkwardly tried to explain the situation, "This… ah… this girl has been running away from home almost every week. She is not innocent!"

Another man called the girl named "Long Liling, return back to Long mansion now! Your father will kill us if we cannot catch you today!"

"Sir, don't be fooled by her weak appearance! She is the current champion of the underground fight club in Beijing! She has tattered clothes because she just won a fierce fight! Her alias is the Young Dragon!" the burly men tried to convince Xiaojun.

As much as Xiaojun wanted to just run away, she looked down at the short girl who hid behind him. She clenched the hem of his suit, "Is that true?" Xiaojun asked.

"B—brother, do you believe them? I'm just a small sixteen years old girl! That is just impossible!" the girl said. Xiaojun was considering the probability for a moment and then nodded. He glared at those four burly men and said;

"I will hold them, go run now," Xiaojun said heroically. Though, his leg was trembling in fear;

'After this girl run, I will throw money at them. They will be blinded by cash, and then I can run away… wait, did I bring enough money? What about a cheque? Credit card?'

Xiaojun kept thinking of the options to run away from the fight, 'Damn, I should have learned some martial arts instead of attending that manga con in secret back in high school.'

"Thank you, brother!" the girl said. She turned around and ran away. Though she didn't really run far, she only hid behind one tree and watched this random handsome man beat or getting beat by her father's men.

"Aaahh! She runs away again!" they were about to chase the girl, but Xiaojun blocked them with his body.

"I will not let you catch her," Xiaojun said.

"Aaahh! Brother, you don't understand! That girl is not innocent!" one man yelled, "Don't get in the way!"

Xiaojun boldly took out his wallet and said, "I demand all of you to stop chasing her. Tell me, how much did your boss pay? I will pay twice, no, three times!"

The four burly men were stupefied with the offer. They scratched their heads, "Handsome brother, this is not about money. This is about our life and devotion to our big brother, Long-ge!"

"If we cannot bring her back, then Long-ge will definitely chop our hands and legs!"

"Ahhh! This is no use! We are running out of time. Brother, we are sorry for being rough, but this is about our lives!" the men didn't hesitate any more and charged at Xiaojun.

"Ya… ya, don't come closer! Aaaaaahh!" Xiaojun was frightened, and he ran away from them. Xiaojun ran with tail between his leg, and he was chased by these men around the park, "Somebody, helpppp!"

The girl watched as Xiaojun being chased by her father's people. She thought she could see a showstopping, bloody fight. But turns out, this handsome guy was no more than a wimp with money.

"Sigh, why do I have to do this every time," the girl rushed to Xiaojun, and then she stopped in front of Xiaojun, "Get behind me!"

Xiaojun sensed that the girl was actually strong. But why would he hide behind a teenage girl? That would be humiliating, "Don't come near! Run now before they catch you!"

The girl rolled her eyes. She jumped high and did a somersault followed immediately with a mid-air kick to one guy's face. The guy who got kicked fainted on the spot.

Three remaining men were terrified, but they were more terrified with the punishment waiting for them in the Long mansion. Thus, the leader said, "It's alright! Miss Liling is alone and has been severely weakened after her fight. If we surround her together, then we may have the chance to win!"

"Yes!" they tried to surround Liling, completely ignoring Xiaojun, who was terrified on the side. What he saw was a little teenage girl who was surrounded by three big men.

"D—Don't hurt her, or I will call the police!" Xiaojun threatened. His hands were trembling, but he tried to call the police emergency line number.

Liling giggled as if she found something funny, "Handsome brother, you don't need to do that. Just watch me."

The three men attacked at the same time. But their intention was not hurting, they just wanted to pin Liling down, so they could bring her back to her father.

Liling scoffed and then jumped backward. She took a deep breath and did a perfect whirlwind kick three times nonstop in perfect succession.

"Arrgh! Ack! Ugh!" Liling had successfully beat three people in less than a minute.

Xiaojun almost dropped his phone after witnessing this impressive feat. His mouth was wide open, it turned out, he had trusted the wrong person.

He should've trusted those burly men instead of this teenage girl.

Liling glanced at Xiaojun and then smiled sweetly, "Handsome brother, don't be surprised. I wanted you to protect me before because I am still a bit tired after that deathmatch an hour ago."

Liling cracked her neck and sore shoulders, "But turns out, you are even weaker than I expected. Though, I must admit that you have a good heart."

"Don't worry, handsome brother. I am just a bit tired of them. They keep on pestering me to go back home and be a good daughter. Hmph, my father doesn't realize my potential. I am the unbeatable champion of the underground fight club for two years!"

Xiaojun once heard about that underground fight club. It was described as bloody, dangerous, and many deaths occurred during a match. It was the arena for the toughest men in the country.

Who would've expected the two years reigning champion was just a small teenage girl with a sweet face but a vicious kick.

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