42 Mommy Xiaojun! (5)

Liling dodged Xiaojun's eyes and shrugged, "It's not my problem. My dad is really serious about marrying you. I'm probably going to call you Mommy Xiaojun in the future."

"That's not how you—" Xiaojun finally stopped nagging when he saw this hopeless mafia boss and his nonchalant underground fighter daughter. Both of them were just too stupid to realize common sense. The more he mingled with this pair of father-daughter, the more he would go crazy and became stupid just like them.

"Alright, alright, let's just… forget this stuff, and let's go to Liling's school," Xiaojun said. 

"Wait, before that—" Long Shan glanced at the ladies-in-waiting. He signalled something that Xiaojun didn't understand. Soon after, he realized what Long Shan planned. 

"Wait, wait, wait!" Xiaojun panicked as he saw few photographers were entering the room with a big camera, lighting, and few props for a photoshoot. "What is this?!"

"Obviously, this is for our family photo!" Long Shan answered excitedly. "We are all in hanfu right now. We are ready for a family photo, right, Liling?" Long Shan looked at his daughter for support.

"Yep! I'd love a new family photo with my mom!" Liling said as he hugged Xiaojun's arm like a lady… except that lady gripped his arm so tight, it might actually break. She didn't want Xiaojun to run away. 

The photo crews started preparing the chair and the property that resembled cherry blossom season. Xiaojun looked nervous, especially when there was an underground fight champion holding him on his left hand, and a handsome mafia boss with bear-like strength, holding him on the right. 

Long Shan patted Xiaojun's hand gently, "Are you nervous? Don't worry, it's just a short photo session before you go with Liling to the school, okay?"

"B—But it is a family photo session, and I'm not even part of the family…" Xiaojun reasoned, hoping Long Shan would concede. 

But instead, Liling replied first, "Do you want my dad to come to Feng Group company tomorrow with his entourage to propose?"

"N—NO!" I refused. "T—That's too fast…"

"Then, stay still and take a photo with us," Liling said. "I will hang the photo in my room since you are my new mommy."

Feng Xiaojun nodded weakly. As long as it could appease the big bear and his ultra strong little girl. 

After the property has been set and there were two chairs for Xiaojun and Long Shan to sit, the photographer ordered them, "Please sit, Master Long, Master Feng."

Long Shan sat on the right chair, while Xiaojun sat on the left. Long Shan held Xiaojun's hand gently and rubbed his hand, "You know, this is the first time I ever do a family photo for Liling."

"Really?" Xiaojun frowned. "How about her—"

"My mom and my dad were politically married. They don't even live in the same mansion after marriage, let alone after they got divorced," Liling replied nonchalantly.

Long Shan still had a smile on his face, as if it was something that he had come in peace with for a long time. "Her mother is an adventurous woman, so I take care of Liling since she was two years old."

"I—I'm sorry to ask about it…" Xiaojun apologized. It must have been hard for both Long Shan and Liling. "You did a great job raising him, Long Shan. Liling is a good girl."

"Well, it would be better if I have a family photo. You can be my handsome mom, Brother Feng," Liling said. 

Feng Xiaojun looked at Liling. This girl was a true fighter, both physically and mentally. She was a strong girl, but in every child's heart, there must be a wish that they could have a proper family. 

'Maybe… it is okay, just for Liling…" Feng Xiaojun looked at Long Shan, and their eyes met instantly. Long Shan's loving gaze did not fit his intimidating face and posture, albeit handsome. Xiaojun bet children would cry when they saw Long Shan. 

'Okay, Long Shan also has worked hard to raise Liling. Maybe they do deserve this family picture…" Xiaojun took a deep breath. Although he looked cold and domineering from outside, he was not a coldhearted man. 

Since Long Shan and Long Liling had treated her well, it was time to show some gratitude. It was just a family picture anyway. 

"Okay, eyes to the camera… smile…" the photographer directed them. 

Long Shan and Feng Xiaojun sat on the chair with Long Shan holding Xiaojun's hand. Meanwhile, Long Liling stood behind them with a bright smile on her face, which was very rare as an underground fighter.

Feng Xiaojun could feel Long Shan's hot hand gently rubbing his hand lovingly. Xiaojun took a deep breath, and showed his sincere smile. 

'So this is how it feels to have a husband and a daughter…' Feng Xiaojun pondered while the camera blitzes few times. 

"Okay, done! Great picture, Master Long, Master Feng!" the photographer said. 

Long Shan checked the picture immediately and was delighted.

They looked so good together. Long Shan wore a black-red hanfu, while Xiaojun wore a white-sky blue hanfu, and his daughter Liling wore a peach pink hanfu. He was so happy that he hugged Xiaojun and Liling together in his big arms.

He kissed their cheeks in front of everyone and said, "You two are my precious daughter and wife. I will protect you two at all cost."

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