Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart Book

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Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart


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[COMPLETED] Starting from painting to becoming love? Jennifer Dean, a model student, majoring in art, one day met Daniel Alexander at an art gallery. Starting from their match of interest, Jenni, this innocent but smart girl, has a relationship with Daniel, who turns out to be a young CEO of K'D Corporation Company ?? Can an ordinary girl adapt to the luxurious environment of Daniel, the workaholic CEO? Can she defend Daniel when Kylie, her love rival, continues to chase Daniel? Not only that, but Daniel's father also made a deal with Jenni without Daniel knowing? What kind of agreement is that? Will it threaten their relationship? Est-Ce La Fin. Is this the end? The end of our relationship or is it the beginning of everything? Read-only in the novel "Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart." [Note: The sequel : Daddy’s Beloved Baby. If you wanna see the trailer of this novel, you can check my ig : @gldseya] ——


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