Mr. CEO and His Brother Love the Runaway Bride Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Mr. CEO and His Brother Love the Runaway Bride


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Emma felt like the door was going to break at this rate from the way they banged it. Her heart started beating fastly. She looked at her uncle with her pleading eyes. Her uncle looked at her anxiously. He took his purse and took out all the money and stuffed it in her hands. "Child! Run! Run! He might break the door and force you to marry him! Run!! " Emma peeks from the window and glances down. She took note of the distance. She takes a deep breath as she tries to gather her courage and jumps from the window. The next moment, she is laying on the dust in the ground. Her leg is hurting badly. Tears are pouring down like a river. She wipes her tears and she rises from the ground and starts running with her limp feet. While running away, she stumbles with two mysterious men . When they meet the runaway bride, a spark raises in the mysterious men . That leads to a Triangle Love story. She is unaware of these men’s love as she is in the amidst of her past. When this happy going lucky girl meets different people, her past reveals some shocking things which makes her life upside down. And her triangular love line breaks. Leaving her alone. She is in a dilemma whom she should choose? Will she seek comfort from the one she loves and marry the person she loves? Or Destiny has other plans? Disclaimer: Don't own the photo. Just done a few editing and all the credits go to the photo owner.


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