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Murder, arson, crime, drugs, assassination, betrayal, dishonesty, espionage and death are not new concepts to Noah Gurnald and Harold Clusten. The two mutual best friends are members of a ruthless international gang know as 'The Royal Princes (T.R.P)'. A gang originating from the ancient city of Venice, Italy. This criminal body dates back to the dark times when crimes were an inevitable heart of all daily activities. Seven ruthless men had arose to wield the sadistic and prejudiced power of corruption and injustice for the good of their clan and their members. They carried out these duties with brutal force and savage means. This Power and title, they passed down to their male offspring who then passed it down to their first sons who took up the responsibility of continuing to uphold their beliefs and strong ideology. Michelle Nella Hudson is the daughter of the present President of the United States of America, President Clyde Hudson. After a heart wrenching term of dismay and disappointments at St Catherine High School for Michelle. She decides to transfer to a different school with a new and well hidden identity. Her one goal is to stay hidden and most importantly avoid 'Bad Boys'. What happens when two bad boys pick interest in her while a bounty is placed on her head? Would she be forced to side with the bad boys who seem to be her only raft out of this brewing storm? Or would she rather fight alone than side with those 'bad boys'?


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