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Mr CEO Chasing The Aloof Beauty


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[COMPLETED} "Overcoming her ugly past, she rose from ashes to start a new life." ====== Phoenix Li, an aloof, distant woman who has secrets, lay in the dark. Her past scarred her physically and mentally. But despite those setbacks in life, she refused to give up and is now willing embraced her future as a new person. When life gives you lemon, turn it into lemonade. Guided by her sister's words and wisdom, she lived the life that she thought was impossible. From his sister, she learned about friendship, from his best friend, she found a family, from him, she found….. Everything. A friend, a family and Love. This is a reborn story. But not the one where Phoenix Li literally died and was reborn to her past. This is a story of Phoenix Li, who was reborn as a person, discarding her tragic past. But did she really survive her past? Or will it come and haunt her? Jeopardizing her new life, friendship, family and love? **** This is my first novel, and first time writing. I never write anything anywhere before. I’m still learning and will try my best to write a good story. Your understanding and support are appreciated. Commissioned cover. Instagram: aleeqac_books TikTok: aleeqac_author Twitter: aleeqac_author Facebook: AleeqaC Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/aleeqac


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