1 It's okay, I'm Sorry (1)

" You mean the position that you are applying is the front desk?" The chief interviewer lift his glasses and reviewed He Qihong's resume. He QiHong nodded without hesitation: " Yes, didn't you hire the front desk position?"

" It's the front desk but our creative department is also short of people. I think you're an experienced working at front desk." The corner of the interviewer's mouth rose up, as if laughing at her for not recognizing her own positioning and goals.

"You graduated from a prestigious school and you have done a lot of outstanding art works and creative project during your school. We know these two projects and you have been on the screen for a while. You are a rare creative talent, and our company this department is the most rigorous in recruiting people. I suggest you reconsider your own development direction."

Oh my god, I got the wrong resume. I forgot the salted fish resume I made last night on the table. He Qi's felt her blood flow and she screamed inwardly, but her face is still calm: "No, I am a person who can bear hardship and it's doesn't matter if I have more money or less. The most important thing is to live less and stay close to home. It is too hard to be creative. Although, there was nothing wrong with my work, but I also got no problem if my hair fell out like a late-stage cancer. I haven't married myself yet, and I can't maintain love through air transplantation, so after careful consideration, I decided to apply front desk."

"Well, it turns out that Miss He is still single..." The chief interviewer thoughtfully looked at the expressions of the two people around him, and said to He Qihong tactfully: " That's it. We prefer to hire a married woman and have skilled working at front desk. Unlike other companies, we do not required that the front desk be young and beautiful and must be accurately answer customer questions about service items. It is better to hire a stable job for this position. At your age now, you will immediately face marriage and childbirth, which will inevitably affect your work, so you won't be hired."

I have seen it for a long time. This is first time I heard someone say that the front desk should recruit stable staff. This is simply not in line with the human nature of loving the new and disgusting the old. Isn't this a carrot pit? The front desk has already found good candidates, and these interviewers are just going through a process. Besides, what's the matter with this company? Also engage in sex discrimination? If it weren't for your company's proximity to my home, I would have left. But do I really just give up the front desk position? Alas, I don't want to spend any more time interviewing other companies...

When He Qihong was about to get up and leave, she suddenly saw a figure passing by the door, and she immediately called him by his name: "Ling Yunhao, where are you going?"

The man outside the door was originally still looking at the file in his hand, and when he heard someone calling him by his name, he raised his eyebrow and glanced at her slightly. He seemed to understand her intention immediately: "I'm still busy, wait for me and we will get off work together. "

This answer surprised both the interviewers and her. The main interviewer even went gossiping on the spot: "May I take the liberty to ask, what is your relationship with President Ling?"

He Qihong immediately gave him a meaningful and inexplicable smile: "This...I'm not convenient to say, it's an old acquaintance anyway."

"Well, maybe you can work at front desk of our company creative department for an internship for a period of time, and experience our company culture firsthand. It will not be too late to make a choice at that time." The chief interviewer put aside his tough attitude and gave her a room for choice. He Qihong naturally understood that the scene just now worked, so she answered as she came down the stairs: "Okay, thank you for the opportunity provided by your company. I will cherish this opportunity."

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