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Read ‘Moved to a new link’ Online for Free, written by the author Little_North_Star, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, POWERFULCOUPLE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Do not read chapters are not completed


Do not read chapters are not completed

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Chu Hua realizes she has been living inside of a novel for 17 years when she discovers the secret dark side of the girl she likes. The novel was called 'Blood Garden' and resolved around a young highschool senior girl surviving in a haunted school. This senior was best friends with the minor BOSS until the start of the horror, since the minor BOSS had been affected mentally by one of the haunted school's monsters, making her lose control and become a ruthless two faced devil until her facade crumbled and died halfway through the novel going crazy. Before that, a dozen of students had died to her hand, including the character Chu Hua was playing. She was one of the MC's fans, the one who foolishly tried to reveal the villain's dark side and died horribly inside of the bathroom a few pages after the start of the novel. ''Even if i'm like this, I will not to hurt you.'' whispered the minor BOSS Hei Fan while Chu Hua rested in her arms. The 'sleeping' person fought with teeth and nails inside her heart not to tremble and let her red ears show. ''Chu Hua, I will do my best to protect you, just rest assured and hold my thigh as much as you want.'' the MC Hong Li and the villain found eachother's eyes as the first said those heartwarming words. Little Chu Hua could swear there were sparks of tension in the air as both her hands were held by both girls. 'Could I have...messed the script by accident?' --- The cover was made and drawn by me, don't steal it please.

Da_Hei_Tu · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
3 Chs
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From the first start, this is a nice novel Awesome at the best And also it's interesting 😃 Already added it to library right away!!! [img=recommend]


hi author your story is quite captive making it a great deal of time. An arranged marriage with a playboy and a feisty FL is refreshing to read. keep it up, author....,.


Nice start with an interesting premise. I like how the story gave a few small indents from the author themselves, truly made me enjoy the story even more. Keep it up!


Not my cup of tea but im sure someone will absolutely love this! And while it may not be my favorite, I can tell when someone has put effort into a good book such as this one!!


Interesting idea that has a lot of potential. Characters have depth and feeling with which the reader can identify. I do think that the author can convey emotions well, and it is certainly a strength of this book. Keep going! 🎉


Since I came here to swap~ I wanna put your story in my libraryy!~ Let's continue writing more and support in the future!!!! So jealous your already got 20k views about your story~


Great book, great writing and superb character development. This novel is captivating and gripping, I usually don't read this kind of book, but this one is attention-grabbing, with excellent Idea and plot.


Honest review here, the start was amazing, and honestly, I loved the plot and the characters, they are a few mistakes and that can be fixed easily, But I really enjoyed reading the 4 chapters I was reading.


Oh my God!!! this novel is a gem!, you've done well author. I really....really like it. I hope people will find this novel, wishing you a best of luck!!!!


Reveal spoiler


nice read really good book synopsis was great and the grammar was great.[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


I Really recommend this one! Story is interesting and definitely keeps you wanting more! Couldn't put it down! Love the characters and how they are portrayed!


A playboy and a feisy girl's story?? Sound interesting.....and that y l thought of giving it a vhamce to read and now l am getting obsessed with it kinda..... I mostly like the author's writting skill more..... So all the very best author....wish u very good luck with this novel...


From the chapters I've read so far, I find this book interesting. There hasn't been a dull moment and I really appreciate the author's effort towards that.


At the beginning, it touches my hearts and has real feelings. The article selection is novel as well, which makes me want to read it. Great. Update it soon please.


Good novel and the writing pace is easy to read. The plot is interesting and world play is good. Good work author. Go for it. We want more. This book has a great plot.


This book is amazing, I really really really loved it, I am gonna read this till the end, keep it up, I am enjoying reading the chapters, they're very well written ❤️❤️❤️


This is nice and addictive, I wanted to just skim the first 5 chapters but i found myself going further. You did a great job author, keep rocking it.


I enjoy the story and the originality it takes along. Hua Wumian was a character, who got herself in the mix. The story is an eye-opener. The writer's buildup to the story is fantastic and I am waiting to see how the story unfolds.


i can only say wow :O I envy the strenght and confidence she has really. i cant believe to read new chapters. its an amazing book. good job 😁


Interesting read! Loved it a lot, I've added it to my library. Although I've not read much, it's certainly a novel worth reading! Good job author!!


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