1 Reborn

I thought I would die. At least I did died once.

I remembered that day. The night was perfect, moonlight covered everything. This made me look lonely when standing alone on the City gate. My city was destroyed and all people here were killed, including my mother.

There were some robbers made a random decision to get money. Obviously, my city was the closet choice.

I could survive because my mother hid me under all bodies. She held me hand and whispered:"Ali, you need to be alive and find your mother for me. "

I promised her, even I barely knew my father. He left us when I was 7 years old. My mother spent all her life waiting for him to come back. Was she silly, I didn't know.

I didn't know how long I had been staying under those bodies, maybe 2 days. I waited until it was quiet and climbed out. It was red, everywhere was red.

When I arrived the city gate, I found these cruel robbers were actually still here, some of them saw me and then all of them noticed. I could see the desire on their eyes.

Where should I go? I asked myself.

I ran all the way up of the city gate and locked the entrance of stairs. I didn't know how long can the fragile door against all these robbers. I knew how miserable I would be if they get me.

I stared at my city, I heard the sound of dashing.

I knew there was only one option. "Mom, I am sorry. " I whispered to myself.

Then I jumped from the top.

I never expected I would wake up again.

But now, I woke up with strong headache.

"Good, let me tell master you are awake." Someone is saying something. I could't react at all. Where am I ?

10 minutes later, an old man comes to my room. "You finally woke up, when I found you, you were ....." I interrupt him, "Who are you, why I am here."

" You don't have to be worried, I am just a hermit. Two days ago, I passed by your city and saw you jumped from the gate. I killed all the robbers and brought you back."

"But I thought I was dead."

"You did." He stares at me,"But I put the Phoenix Ball in your body. "

"Phoenix Ball?"

"Yes, when the phoenix reborn from the fire, they will leave one part of their body and this part would convert to a crystal ball with all mysterious magic. Even some people consider this as a tale, but the Phoenix Ball is real. "

I can't believe what I heard, but the warmth from my heart, it keeps informing me it is true.

"Who are you."I can't help but ask.

"You don't have to know me." His eyes are emotionless. "But please remember, you heart is replaced by the Phoenix Ball. Please don't break it. Or, you will actually die."

I nod.

"Have some more sleep, you will find out your gift during you dream." He burnt the incense, "This could be help."

Even I am still so confused, with the aroma, I feel very peaceful and sleepy.

Few second, the background changes, I am back to my home, but people here are still alive.

I go to my home and find my mother. She smiles at me like usual, but my tears falls along my face.

"Honey, what happened." Apparently, I scare her.

When I try to hug her, the background changes again. Everything seems to be veiled in a white haze at this time. I could see a lovely young couple.

He says,"Please forgive me. I still have my mansions."

"I understand, but I will wait for you. Forever. "

I am shocked by the conversation, that woman just sounds like my mother. I start to be anxious, he can't leave, because I knew how cruel the situation would be to the woman." With this thought, the background changes again. It becomes lovely, the man stays eventually and had a family with the woman. Before I feel relief for them, the background changes back to my mother.

She looks like she is sleeping, her eyes are closed and her hands naturally hang from the bed.

But she is smiling.

I try to step out but I can't move. Then, everything disappears.

It becomes dark.

"NO!!!!" I screams.

"It's fine, no worries. It's just a dream." The master's voice peaces me, I just realize that was a dream."Tell me about your dream."

I share all the details and then the room is in a weird silence.

After a moment, he says,"This dream may disclosure you have the ability to make up a dream for people, and kill them in their dreams."

I don't know what to say. The silence comes back again.

Yes. I died, once. Now I am alive and with the power of dreams.

I feel the warmth from my heart.

I don't know what is waiting for me, but I know, my old life is gone.

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