1 Inna

A rupture in reality tore a hole through the air within a secluded part of a forest. A lone woman came from the rift and plopped unceremoniously onto the ground. Her jet black hair was as straight as an arrow and reached the middle of her back. Her deathly pale complexion contrasted her surroundings, which made her stand out.

Oddly enough, she did not move at all. Instead she laid face down on the ground, like she had died. If someone had witnessed her lying face down like that, they would have 100% thought that she was in fact, dead. About an hour had passed before she actually moved. When she finally did stand up, she released a yawn. Her black eyes made it hard to look away, and matched the color of her hair. Her skin complexion looked as if she hadn't seen sunlight her whole life, which really made her eyes stand out. Overall, she couldn't have been any older than 20. Before she moved a second time, she released another yawn. Only one thought had crossed her mind: "Food". Apparently, she was hungry and so she set off into the forest.


The woman groaned in displeasure as her stomach began speaking out in protest. She had been walking for about three hours, and she had not found a single living being. (Unbeknownst to her, she could have walked in the opposite direction and arrived at a small outpost on the edge of the forest.)

"UGHHHHH. Where can I find any decent... something... around here. It's so barren. I just want food and sleep, but no! I have to walk and walk and walk." She only wanted the simple things in life, food and shelter. Once again, she set off into the forest, or attempted to anyway. She didn't get very far before she spotted someone.


Alice had been stuck in the Luina Forest for about a day now. The forest was huge, and the lingering magic over every tree made it extremely difficult to navigate. One could be moving in a straight line and end up doubling back. Usually, people would stay far away from the area, but Alice had come in search of potion ingredients. She was navigating her way out, when a bizarre woman who looked half dead suddenly stood in front of her. Light surrounded Alice's arm, as a sword formed in her hand. She was obviously startled by the woman, yet she pointed her sword and spoke calmly.

"Who are you?"

The other woman yawned wide as her eyes began to droop. She looked extremely tired.

"My name? My name....My Name...Just call me Inna" (Pronounced:Ee-na). The girl suddenly looked at Alice with extreme ferocity, nearly startling Alice. "Hey! Do you have food?!"

Alice herself was stunned. The woman's voice was like the call of the void. It was calling to her very soul. It wanted to coerce her into doing everything Alice ever wanted. It wanted her to follow her deepest desires. Alice shuddered as Inna's voice finally registered. Alice was by no means a weak hearted individual. She was definitely above average in terms of strength. Immediately, she deemed Inna too dangerous. Her voice alone almost caused Alice to give in to her deepest desires. Alice rushed forward and stabbed her soul sword into Inna's stomach. The sword went clean through Inna's stomach.

Inna looked down and frowned as Alice looked at Inna shocked beyond belief. Blood was red, everyone knew that. Hell, it was a 100% proven and a known fact. Yet Inna's blood was milky white.

"This sort of hurts." Inna said in a slightly pained tone. Suddenly, Inna's whole demeanor changed. Her eyes turned sharp and her aura became extremely focused. Her next words were spoken condescendingly and in a different, much lower octave than she previously spoke in. "You have committed a grave error. The price is your life." Suddenly, Inna tapped Alice's forehead and she dropped to the ground. Alice's body went through the late stages of life. In a matter of seconds, she turned extremely old and in the end, the only thing that remained was Alice's skeleton.

Inna was now holding her head and groaning in pain. Her eyes were unfocused and half closed. She didn't see the ball of yellow light leave Alice's skeleton and enter her body. The next thing that Inna did see was the ground as she fell forward. Then there was darkness.

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