511 A Time From The Past

As soon as the car got off the highway, San Shun, who was sharp-eyed, found at a glance that the driver who just paid the money for the gas next to him, seemed to be the long-lost Boss Zhang. The man who disappeared with their hard-earned money.

Even though the man was wearing a disguise, he recognized him from the tone of his voice and manner of his speech. He pulled the other two, and shouted. "It's Boss Zhang. He's using a disguise."

"Are you sure?" Wang Wei asked curiously.

"How do you know?" Xiao Yu looked questionably at San Shun, and asked.

"It's him. I saw him. You two must believe me."

"Ok, let's follow him then. He must not escape us again."

"We'll collect our money today."

After paying their own gas fare, Wang Wei stepped on the van's accelerator, pursuing Boss Zhang's Audi car.


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