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Morphing Iniquity

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You have a way with words that is very descriptive and almost seamless. All the words flow together flawlessly in each passage, it makes it hard to look away. I love the immense description of both Julia and David. We get this sort of twisted and almost metaphysical description of these two individuals. You describe them with questions and bulleted formats and the use of vivid imagery. You can see both characters right in front of you. I like how your synopsis is also an excerpt from your Prologue, very clever. The writing style is strong making this novel powerful and worth the read. Great work author.

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So interesting story, the summary was amazing. It got my attention, actually. I'm hooked and looking forward to the next chapters. I'm waiting hahaha. Nice job, author.


This is kinda new to me a start of very strong unknown feeling for the characters. Nice way on bringing the troubles of each of every teens had especially depression on how they would feel or how they would think as of the moment they felt alone. I love on how you construct mathew's character where he was fighting his depression and urge of having suicide because of his reason to lice was his mother. As i want to continue it further more i have so much to do as a student i want to get back at it as soon as i finish the things i have to do in my online class.


Hello author! Good writing skills! I have read this book and it is very different And unique concept to the other novels I have read about fiction. This can surely hold readers interest. here are some of my suggestions That I like to recommend So your book can be more appealing ; -you can use Grammarly For improving your writing.(webnovel also suggest you to use that!) It would be good if you have wrote more chapters. That ‘s it. I hope you can take into account my suggestions regarding your work. Here is my 5 stars not only for your plot but also for your courage to write. As an author I also know it’s Hard to take first steps so I wish you to be a successful Writer. Keep it up!


I love this book!!!! ❣️❣️❣️. This book addresses the problems faced by youths now a days. People expect more from us than we could do and when we couldn't do it, they will be disappointed in us. We have to keep up with their imagination and standards. Why would we do do that? . This book is a gem. Loved it❤


The story swings a lot to the contemporary side, and I felt like it was more of a philosophical documentary than a story with a plot. However, there are emotions, and feelings and ideas the author has brought out beautifully in this piece that an average human wouldn't grasp quickly. And for that, I like this story. The characters have life, but it is hard to follow them as too many characters are introduced at once. Hopefully as the story progresses, this will be fine. If you want to read something thought provoking, realistic then this is your book. <3


This is a book like people will hardly find in this site, however, it has its flaws, a lot of them. First of all I applaud originality but I wasn’t able to read past the first two chapters, the way I see it, it’s a philosophical book In which the author lay down his beliefs, however, the manner in which this is done is rather abrupt, characters although strong, don’t have any background to substain that strength. One of the characters is seen berating an English teacher in an assignature that’s purely grammatical and hence shouldn’t have any philosophical junction, whether those are his internal beliefs or not, an English teacher is not the best person to berate for those assumptions, which leads me to believe that rather than strong the character is arrogant and subversive. Although I’d like to give this more points due to the originality it holds and the themes it tackles, I can’t as its simply too confusing and difficult to read, hold a continuity and place the pieces together. The author moved from first person to third person in the same scene multiple times, inconsistent and bewildering. Supposing this is a summary of the entire art, even more so. A book like this needs to be greatly polished and I personally don’t think that it’s going to be popular in a site filled with nigh-illiterate readers incapable of accurately judging this type of art that’s not just about the background of a character or the building of the world but also the accuracy behind the beliefs and arguments shared, the quality of the metaphors, so on and so forth. If the approach is changed and rather than impose your beliefs, they’re shared through the delivery of an interesting story filled with themes of depression and aspirations, that’s another story. Best Regards.


Wow!!.. The storyline is captivating and I love the author choice of words, it just makes you wanna go back and digest every word one after the other. This book is definitely worth it.


The use of words compliment with the story very much. The characters are awesome. The settings are different to the other stories I have read.


The plot is different yet interesting. I've never read something like this before. It is informative and yet describes everything beautifully. Looking forward for more such stories. :)


Beautifully written literature. The characters are so well presented and the events so vividly portrayed. This is indeed a jewel in the making and kudos to the author.


This story totally got me. It is so captivating and I could not stop reading it. The author did a great job, he has a unique way to put into words every emotion and it is really important for the readers to feel what he felt while writing. I love this story!


This story is so captivating, I couldn't stop reading it's really interesting. The way the characters changed was really amazing. Continue your great work.


A storyline within storyline. Whoah! Beautifully crafted. And those thoughts and phrases is stabbing inside my creative mind. You did it well. Great job!


The story line is Interesting. Great descriptive work. Author's way with words is quite impressive. The characters are well introduction. In all good work keep it up author.


I loved this book so much. I thin my mind has been open in many different ways. I've learnt so much and the writing is just amazing. you've done well on this book author. totally captivating. you seriously have a way with words. Overall, this story just hit differnt.


Woah! I mean the way this story is written.. Amazing it's like it hit close to the heart. The author has very philosophical way of describing the plots and characters. I absolutely love this. But still I want to give a little suggestion.. You might wanna alert the readers about the trigger warning part of the story. I am not saying that it's bad in fact it's opposite to it but still writing it in synopsis or even before the paragraph starts... U can alert the readers so you and them both remain safe. Other than that, it's beautiful. Kudos to the auther. All the best.


Genius work here, the way the story is embedded deep within the lines of the teaching is absolutely unique, it has a strange way of pushing you out but drawing you in, I love this like actually love this I'd definitely recommend it


Your synopsis feels soo true... And your use of words? Let's just say I have to take my time, like I'm holding on to your every word, it's a really intriguing book, well done :)


Using great characters: Mathews and Lance as starters was a great start. They are captivating. Describing a character on each chapter is a unique strategy of writing. Way to go author! It was a good read, indeed.